Home alone 37…..

You and Me at Home

You and Me at Home (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…..or probably more! I find I am left alone at home quite often these days, unless I am out working. When I have things to do that isn’t a problem for I usually work best when by myself. I just get more done! Today, Wednesday, E went out around 8.30, presumably either paying her occasional visit to the NEC (Birmingham) with her group’s friends or going to another town within the county as she sometimes does also. I wasn’t told and so I am guessing. Anyway I had no scheduled work for the day as it happened so I spent the day at home. I kept busy doing routine things like the washing and such and spent some time on my treadmill trying to keep fit. I am surprised how I can, after a brief warm-up, still run when I don’t spend that much time doing that. I can’t just sit down and do nothing though, it hurts my bum! Seriously I spend more time on my feet, restless if you like, wanting to do something, anything to relieve the boredom. Usually when I have the free time at home I might do some baking, cakes, scones and things but over the past couple of months I haven’t bothered doing that, as with all the other things I could be doing they are being left undone.

Oneroom bathroom

One room bathroom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My next-door neighbour phoned me on the house phone and asked how I was. She does that from time to time rather than call at the door. If I am making the same inquiry I usually go to her house. She conveyed her sympathies regarding my relationship problem with E. She knows about similar problems I have had along the same line with E over the last few years too, like the time I wasn’t invited to my son’s wedding, which I discovered later was due to E’s attitude. Yet I don’t bear a grudge, I never have but still it hurts to be mistreated. Anyhow my neighbour was telling me about the new bathroom she has planned to be fitted at the end of next month. I think she was encouraged to refurbish her bathroom, which needs doing by the way, after seeing what we had done with ours. She has spent a considerable amount of money getting things done outside the house since the death of her husband eighteen months ago and I guess she now wants to spend some cash refurbishing the inside too. Over the last six years we have done exactly the same. Had I enough energy and time I would willingly have lent a hand with her bathroom but she is having everything done by a professional bathroom fitter. Even if I had been asked I would certainly have left the plumbing and tiling to others! Plumbing at home is one thing but I wouldn’t do it for anyone else partly in case there are problems later and partly because a plumber would be faster! I think tiling should be done by a professional too as they would make a better job of it and would also be faster. I didn’t do the tiling in our bathroom for the same reasons, though I did the tiling in the wet room.

Shirley Anne

Against the wall

Face sculpture embedded in wall in Cuba

Face sculpture embedded in wall in Cuba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my home life I am between a rock and a hard place and my face is up against the wall. Sometimes I feel like bashing my head on that wall too out of sheer frustration. It is all to do with my ex who is completely indifferent to what is going on between us. I shall say no more on the subject save to say that I am fed up with it all. Speaking about having my face up against the wall, that has been exactly the case these last three days (I write this on Tuesday). All the electrical work I have had at each of the three separate locations I have worked in all involved wall lights, either re-fixing them to the wall or in some cases repairing them beforehand too. I am not complaining. I was paid well for my efforts. The first house I visited on Monday morning was in response to a call from an old lady of 83 who didn’t know where to begin in explaining the problems she wanted me to help solve for her. After a few minutes I managed to get her to tell me her address so that I could pay her a visit. Her house is located about 8 miles away in the township where I once lived. She was actually waiting at her front door for my arrival and when I approached the door she was overjoyed. She reached out her hand to take mine and gently squeezed it like I was a long-lost friend. She was so excited that I was there and she took some time to settle down. She insisted I sit down and have a coffee, which I did, and she began to tell me about her problems. Nothing was said about the electrical work. She explained the problem she was having trying to clear away and remove what must have been tons of paper in the form of magazines, newspapers, files and other things from her house. Coupled with that she had other things to remove too. All this material had been collected by her husband who had hoarded it in their home. Now that was only part of the story. She and her husband had been married for 60 years but it seems that he had recently decided to become a recluse in his own home, locking himself in the front lounge with its curtains drawn closed, a gas fire and lights left on during the day. All he did each day was to sit in the room reading or watching television. He refused to help his wife and wanted no part or showed no interest in her at all or what she was going through. She really needs professional help, they need professional help for something had gone drastically wrong between them. She however was the one suffering. He was completely disinterested. I met him not long after I had completed the work I had done there and he came across as a completely normal and level-headed person. He had only left the room in order to visit the toilet and after speaking with me he returned to the room and closed the door behind him. The work I was doing involved re-fixing walls lights and making the connections safe. One set of lights had to be disconnected for the old rubber insulation on the wiring had perished. It was wired in metal tubing and could not be accessed. I disconnected the wiring behind the control switches and cut it out so that it could never be used again. Other wiring behind those switches was PVC coated so it appears the rubber wiring was not replaced when last the wiring had been replaced. It took me some time to get away from the house once the work had been done for the lady was reluctant for me to leave. The second job was on Monday afternoon and that too involved wall lights, old wall lights that needed repairing and re-fixing to the walls. The lady in that house was a widow for whom I had worked on previous occasions and who for some reason has taken to me. On Tuesday morning I had yet another job involving faulty and loose wall lights in an apartment on the other side of town. That too was a lady who simply wanted a female electrician rather than have a man do it for in her words, they just don’t turn up! So I don’t mind working on wall lights, the work pays just as well and I am used to being up against the wall.

Shirley Anne

Things change

Various Listerine products

Various Listerine products (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a very recent post I talked about my toothache and how it affected my eating. One lower incisor was the problem as it had become very sensitive to the touch. I mentioned I might make a visit to the dentist but as things turned out the pain has lessened dramatically, to the point where I can hardly feel anything. I surmised the problem was simply a sensitive tooth that could be treated by switching my toothpaste to one specially designed for sensitive teeth and so I did that. I didn’t expect it to work but evidently it has. I had purchased a few tubes of ‘Oral B‘ toothpaste some months ago thinking at that time I ought to be using the brand considering I use a ‘Oral B’ electric toothbrush. The brush itself is a top of the range item which has a ‘Bluetooth‘ (how coincidental is that?) system connecting it to a special timer. The timer pictures four thirty-second quadrants with a sounder that lets you know which quadrant has been reached with each quadrant representing one-quarter (one-fourth) of  the mouth. This ensures that each quarter gets a high-speed thirty-second clean. After the two-minute period I usually stop but I could do it all again if I wished to for it will happily continue indicating thirty-second intervals. Once the brush is stopped the timer also stops via the Bluetooth connection. There are also speed controls on the brush itself if they are needed. With that sort of ‘designer’ brush I feel it best to at least use their brand of paste. The paste itself  claims to reduce the effect of sensitive teeth by filling in the microscopic holes in the tooth enamel and it appears to have worked for me though the problem might have lain elsewhere. Once upon a time I used ‘Listerine‘ antiseptic mouthwash but I was told by my dentist that the liquid was too strong and in fact could cause more problems than it cured. I had a couple of those bottles unopened in my bedroom so I thought I might open one and use it but watered down. I mixed about one unit of the liquid to four of water and used it at that strength. I could still feel its effect but it was very mild diluted. It is possible that a gum infection beneath that single tooth was causing the pain and that the mouthwash cleared away the problem. Anyhow I shall be using both the mouthwash and the new toothpaste from now on in the hope that they will keep things in check. Naturally I will visit the dentist should it be necessary but hopefully it won’t.
In my post I also talked about the lack of work at the beginning of the week but on Monday morning I received a request for my services and then again in the afternoon, both jobs done that same day! It is Monday evening as I write this and I am wondering what the rest of the week holds in store. There are a couple of interesting things about those two jobs, or rather the women who called me but I will save that for another time.

Shirley Anne

Terrible weather

Isn't Life Terrible?

Isn’t Life Terrible? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It all started on Saturday, though that day presented us with bright sunshine all day long. However it was also very windy as was the following day, which was also wet at times. They told us the temperature was about average for the time of year but because of the wind it felt quite cold. I stayed indoors over the weekend. The whole of this week promised to be little different, not a bit like Spring at all. As I write this on Sunday evening I have no electrical work scheduled but if my readers will remember my saying that is often the case at the beginning of the week. Pottering about in the garden or going for walks is less attractive a pastime when it is wet, windy and cool so if the lack of work continues away from home I shall be very bored indeed! Because of my unfortunate circumstances at home I have reluctantly ceased continuing with my domestic projects. I feel I am just being taken for granted so the work has stopped for the present at least. I don’t wish to be housebound though despite the bad weather so I will have to venture out sometimes won’t I? I make it sound like being in a prison and in fact it sometimes feels that way. Perhaps I need an interest outside of my home but I’m not sure what that could be. The problem is that I am still available for electrical work so I have to be free to do it. I have either to retire completely and be available to do something else if that is what I desire but I cannot see the point in that idea. So I bide my time and simply wait to see what develops and hope the weather gets better in the meantime!

Shirley Anne

My favourite pain!

Taste the Pain

Taste the Pain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are things in life we have to bear occasionally because a solution is not always readily available at our fingertips. We live in a nine-till-five Monday to Friday working week by and large though many will and do work Saturdays and Sundays too. Most doctors’ surgeries are not open at the weekend but there are emergency treatment contingencies set up for those in need. Similarly most dental practices are closed for the weekend too, again, emergency treatment is available for those who are in need. Late on Friday afternoon, more like early evening to be truthful, I began to feel a tenderness on one of my front teeth, to be precise one of the lower incisors. Only when the tip was touched did I feel any pain, elsewhere was fine and no other teeth were affected. Typically I couldn’t receive routine treatment as it was so late in the day and even the week. I couldn’t telephone and make an appointment either for the practice would be closed. Messages on an answer phone just don’t work do they? It meant I would have to grin and bear it until Monday morning when I could arrange for treatment. If there is one pain that is most irritating and persistent it is toothache! Fortunately this particular time I have been very fortunate in that I am only aware of the problem if I accidentally touch the tip of the tooth. As you can imagine that is very difficult to avoid whilst eating. Biting into food becomes very difficult too especially as the incisors are used for this process. I have been forced to cut everything down to a smaller size in order to avoid that problem. Thankfully the pain has been limited on this occasion for in the past I have had to endure the constant pain that comes with most of the instances of toothache I have experienced. Painkillers really have no effect either so it is pretty much a waste of time taking them I feel and in any case I try not to take medications of any kind unless they are absolutely necessary. By the time you are reading this I should hopefully have seen the dentist or am about to do so. What a pain.

Shirley Anne

Deceiving day

Waking Dream

Waking Dream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I awoke on Saturday morning it was still before sunrise but I was still tired and went back to sleep. Normally I would remain awake but occasionally I can revert to sleep if I am that tired. I think the reason I awoke in the first place had something to do with the dream I had just experienced. Unfortunately I cannot remember much of that dream so I can’t add it to my dreams page above but I remember waking up with the last few seconds of that dream still in my thoughts. My curtains remain open during the night so I can see what the day is like as I wake up. It was dark and cloudy though at that time the sun was still below the horizon but even so it would have been bright had there been no clouds. When I again woke up a couple of hours later the sky was blue and the sun shone into the room. It remained that way for most of the day, bright and sunny. However, though it looked nice outside it was quite windy and cool which kind of spoiled it a little. The day before had been slightly less sunny but much warmer and I had taken a walk into the village to deposit some cash at the bank and continued the walk which took me down to the sea front via an indirect route. I had nothing else to do so I thought I would make the most of the fine weather and take some exercise at the same time. I had it in mind to do the same thing on Saturday afternoon. E would be out at her monthly meeting and I didn’t fancy just sitting at home but after I had checked the conditions I thought twice about it. It looked nice but it was too windy for me. Don’t misunderstand me here, I don’t stay indoors just because it is windy but I simply didn’t fancy fighting against the wind just for the exercise. I took some exercise on the treadmill instead and later spent a little time in the garden until I’d had enough of the wind.

Shirley Anne

Frightened to use it!


I’ve mentioned many times in this blog how much I hate adverts and although I know they might be necessary, for me they are a pain in the proverbial! When television adverts appear on the screen I have the choice to mute the sound for as long as they are showing and they cease to be a distraction if I do something else for the duration. If I am tuned to a commercial radio station in my vehicle the only option I have it to either switch off the radio, try to ignore the adverts or just bear them! Reading a newspaper isn’t a problem, I simply read the news items and ignore everything else, though I will add that I seldom read newspapers anyway. Now when it comes to my computer, that is something different. Wherever I do my browsing I can be certain that I will be faced with adverts on the same page. The worst offender is my main email provider, AOL. There are so many adverts on their front page it is unbelievable and many of them are dynamic so that if my cursor accidentally drifts over them I am immediately taken to another page. Others follow my actions when I am scrolling up and down the page I am reading and form an irritating mobile panel to the right as if saying ‘you can’t get away, I am following you’! Others flash on and off in order to attract attention. It’s getting so bad I am frightened to check my emails!

An animated TV advertisement

An animated TV advertisement (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If there is one thing I really hate about this form of advertising it is the way they are being pushed under my nose and into my face. Even if I was remotely interested in whatever was being advertised that sort of behaviour will always have the opposite effect upon me. This is the same kind of behaviour I am faced with by ‘cold callers’ too and why the calls either don’t get answered or if found to be such a call will be immediately disconnected. Leave me alone, your efforts are wasted on me. I have just seen a program on television about Oxford Street in London and the frantic attempts to oil the wheels of advertising in order to keep sales high. The whole street is geared to make people part with their money (as with any other high street in the land). There isn’t anything wrong in keeping the economy running of course and for those who don’t mind being bombarded with sales pitches that is fine. Not for me, no, not for me.

Shirley Anne

Still plodding along

English: A download symbol.

A download symbol. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was looking for a nice dry and not windy day in order to mow the lawn. That day was Wednesday but I was also expecting requests for my electrical services which might have prevented me mowing the lawn at a convenient time. At this time of year the grass grows quickly, as do all the weeds! I had intended to mow it on Tuesday which was also a sunny day and I wasn’t at work but it was also a very windy one so I left off doing it then. I had gotten up very early but not for any particular reason, I’d simply had enough sleep. I was downstairs and dressed by 6 o’clock and had finished breakfast by 6.30. I decided to go on-line to check my emails but the computer was so sluggish due to it uploading an enormous amount of data. I should point out that it wasn’t so much the computer being slow but more the particular email provider (AOL) I was connected to. I eventually gave up with the idea of returning to my emails later so I thought I would switch the computer to ‘sleep’ mode. However when I attempted to click on the ‘sleep’ button it was indicating that the computer should shut down. This obviously was due to a large Windows update which needed the shut-down so it could be implemented when switched back on. One of my pet hates with computer data uploads is that you cannot tell what is being uploaded, it might be a Windows update (as in this case) or a browser update (I seem to get a few of them) or it might be Norton Security or a Driver update. I discovered later that it was a Windows update and when I switched the machine back on an hour later it took 70 minutes to install the changes! Some update! Anyway I finally got to read my mails and then switched the computer off again. I was keen to get the lawn mowed and at 9 o’clock I had gone into the street to see if my next-door neighbour’s son was at home or at work. He is a police sergeant and often works nights and I didn’t want to start the mower if it meant disturbing him. His car was on the drive so I waited an hour and checked again later. His mom told me that in fact he had just gone to work and she herself was about to go somewhere. It only takes me 15 to 20 minutes to mow the lawn so I was able to do it just after 10 o’clock. By 10.30 I got the call I was expecting and I went off to do the small job. I decided to eat at the pub on my return home for by that time it was way after 1 o’clock. About 3 o’clock I got another call whilst at home and went off to do that job some 12 miles away for a lady who was desperately seeking assistance with a lighting problem. It turned out that her husband had deserted her a month ago after 18 years of marriage. She was left to look after her two teenaged boys. The guy was himself an electrician but refused to help her. What a mixed-up world in which we live eh? The job didn’t take me long and soon I was driving home. I got more calls during the evening.

Shirley Anne

So fast


Weeds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I sometimes potter about in the garden without the initial intention of doing that for as I have often said, I am not a gardener, not in the true sense of the word. I like gardens and I sit looking at the plants and allowing my thoughts to drift. My on-hands involvement however is limited, so I think but in reality I find I am doing things anyway. Most usually I will be sitting down out on the patio and something catches my eye, a few dandelion flowers perhaps, something that wasn’t there a day or so back. Weeds grow so fast don’t they? Perhaps they realise that time is short and they have to produce seeds before their heads are chopped off! Unless the whole plant is removed, weeds will most certainly return within days. So I will be sitting there one minute and in the next I will be up and removing the odd weed. However it doesn’t stop there with me because whilst removing one I discover another, then another and before too long I am all over the garden digging out the weeds by hand. Sometimes I will fetch a few gardening tools and the green waste wheelie bin trying my best to tidy up what I see as a constant pest. Some weeds are more prolific than others I think. My gardening usefulness is in mowing the overgrown grass and removing weeds but I guess that is a major part of any gardener’s work. I have been known to plant the garden borders with shrubs or move plants when the season is right, as I did a few months ago with some of the gooseberry bushes. They are now thriving in their new spot a metre from where they had been next to the laurel shrubs. The laurel shrubs are better off too and have grown a few centimetres over the last month or so. They are sited where they are with the intention of forming a natural screen from the wind in that part of the garden. The screen will hide a less attractive part of the garden, that area we call our vegetable plot between the patio and a garage. I find it difficult to relax on a bench sometimes when out in the garden for I know that if I don’t keep the weeds down or cut the grass they will overtake everything else. As I write this on Tuesday afternoon on what turned out to be a day free from work, I had planned to mow the lawn but it is so windy a day I have decided to do it on Wednesday when the forecast is better. An extra day’s growth shouldn’t be a problem…………I hope.

Shirley Anne

What part?

The white flowers of an almond tree, after whi...

The white flowers of an almond tree  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What part of Creation is lost to you?
What part don’t you understand?
What part of being a sinner falls on your deaf ears?
What part of forgiveness and reconciliation is yours?
What part of ‘I died for you’ don’t you accept?
What part of everlasting life isn’t your ‘thing’?
What part of the truth is a fairy-tale and why?
What is the point of your existence?

Have you ever given thought to why you are here, why you are ‘you’? There is only one ‘you’ and forever will be. You are unique, a one-off if you like and you are special in the eyes and heart of your Creator. You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.)
God created you and put your spirit in you too (Zechariah 12:1 ….The Lord, who stretches out the heavens, who lays the foundation of the earth, and who forms the human spirit within a person…..). Where did you think your spirit came from? Your flesh? A chemical reaction in your brain? Think again, it has nothing to do with any of them. When you die your spirit will leave your body to return to the one who made you. Will ‘you’ then still not believe? (Ecclesiastes 12:6-7 Remember him – before the silver cord is severed, and the golden bowl is broken; before the pitcher is shattered at the spring, and the wheel broken at the well, and the dust returns to the ground it came from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.) For…

Ecclesiastes 12

12 Remember your Creator
in the days of your youth,
before the days of trouble come
and the years approach when you will say,
‘I find no pleasure in them’–
before the sun and the light
and the moon and the stars grow dark,
and the clouds return after the rain;
when the keepers of the house tremble,
and the strong men stoop,
when the grinders cease because they are few,
and those looking through the windows grow dim;
when the doors to the street are closed
and the sound of grinding fades;
when people rise up at the sound of birds,
but all their songs grow faint;
when people are afraid of heights
and of dangers in the streets;
when the almond tree blossoms
and the grasshopper drags itself along
and desire no longer is stirred.
Then people go to their eternal home
and mourners go about the streets.

Remember him – before the silver cord is severed,
and the golden bowl is broken;
before the pitcher is shattered at the spring,
and the wheel broken at the well,
and the dust returns to the ground it came from,
and the spirit returns to God who gave it.

‘Meaningless! Meaningless!’ says the Teacher.
‘Everything is meaningless!’
The conclusion of the matter

9 Not only was the Teacher wise, but also he imparted knowledge to the people. He pondered and searched out and set in order many proverbs. 10 The Teacher searched to find just the right words, and what he wrote was upright and true.

11 The words of the wise are like goads, their collected sayings like firmly embedded nails – given by one shepherd. 12 Be warned, my son, of anything in addition to them.

Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body.

Now all has been heard;
here is the conclusion of the matter:
fear God and keep his commandments,
for this is the duty of all mankind.
For God will bring every deed into judgment,
including every hidden thing,
whether it is good or evil.


Remember your Creator before it is too late!

Shirley Anne


English: Electricity supply building and pylon...

Electricity supply building and pylon. View looking south from Westbury Road. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Emergency, which service do you require? I was sitting at my computer having a drink of coffee after my lunch and my mobile phone rang, The caller’s number had been hidden and it was marked as Private Number. I am always a little wary of unidentified numbers for often they are used by cold callers and they are a nuisance. Sometimes cold calls will be made using known premium numbers and those I will never answer. Some are actually labelled Unknown Number and those have no chance whatsoever in getting a response! However, the private number was simply from a local lady who perhaps had forgotten she had set her number as invisible. I found out later that she had been unable to use her house phone because her electricity supply was at fault, and that is why I got the call. Okay, it was Sunday and I don’t work Sundays except that this was an emergency and those I will take if I am available. Normally I try to talk the caller through the process of reinstating the supply if it is possible and if they are capable. This lady had tried resetting the supply but to no avail. Her house was about one mile distant and I arrived within minutes. After a preliminary check I discovered there was no supply at the incoming main cable at all. The incoming cartridge fuse wasn’t at fault, it was the supply to it and we later discovered that her house wasn’t the only one affected. This now meant contacting the supply company and therein lay the problem. The numbers we called turned out to be the wrong ones and we were passed from pillar to post before eventually being connected to the correct one. I didn’t know myself which company was responsible for the distribution of electricity in this area. Things have changed quite dramatically since I once worked in the supply industry, then it was much simpler. I was informed by the operator that the fault lay in the high voltage system and repairs were already in hand. When I passed my phone to the lady so that she could pass on her details to the supplier, for I had to do the calling for her, they told her to unplug all her appliances and switch off all her lights until after three o’clock. By that time they hoped the supply would be re-instated. I had already advised her that I had switched off the main circuit breakers and I had already showed her how to switch them back on later. The reason for this procedure is to reduce the load on the system whilst the supply is switched back on. Ideally one light should be left switched on as an indicator to the supply returning. She asked me how much she owed me for the call-out but I declined payment. She did however insist I take something and paid me for my time and assistance. I returned home to my cold cup of coffee and wrote this. I had been thinking about mowing the lawn but decided I would leave that until another day during the week.

Shirley Anne


Which is worse?

English: Mimi & Eunice, “Viral Patent”. Catego...

Mimi & Eunice, “Viral Patent”. Categories at the source website: Economics, IP, Suffering. Caption: Transcript: Mimi: ACHOO! Eunice: I’ve patented the cold virus, & you’re infringing! Mimi: Your patent won’t stop anyone from getting colds! Eunice: You just think you should get everything for free! . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t often complain about my health and considering my age I think I am pretty fit so there’s not much to complain about, which is a good thing. As with all of us there are times when even the healthiest succumb  to some marauding bug eager to make itself at home in your body, reeking havoc and causing misery in the process. I have been host to such a bug, or should I say bugs, specifically ones which prefer my nasal passageways and my throat! Since last weekend I have been suffering with a head cold, sore throat and a constantly runny nose. I don’t catch many colds but this time I feel I am paying the price for the infrequency! The sore throat, now eased off, was something I could live with for the duration and though painful in its way was eased with medication but the runny nose was simply annoying and inconvenient. I don’t think I’ve sneezed so much in years! Tissue after tissue was just a waste of time, the nose remained wet. I have to say though that the symptoms remained in my nose and throat and they were the only places under fire and as such I was still able to continue with my work. Now a head cold is one thing but I have also been suffering lately with acid reflux. I have discovered certain foods to be the main source of the problem but not always. I will need to not only watch what I eat but the amount too. The right diet to reduce the onset of reflux is essential else I might aggravate the condition. Having read much on the subject I am inclined to think one of the reasons I suffer with reflux has been to so with my diet. There are foods to be avoided of course. Some days I will be more or less free of the complaint and on other days I suffer. I don’t know which is worse, the head cold or the reflux? When however I am attacked by both I feel I just want to lie down and die! That has been my lot this past week. I know the cold will eventually ease and release me but the acid reflux needs a visit to my doctor so she can prescribe a suitable medication. I have been using over-the-counter medicines such as ‘Gaviscon‘ which though effective most of the time is not a suitable remedy in the long-term. A guy in whose house I worked recently had the same problem and he was prescribed tablets. As I was suffering that day he offered me one to ease it. Normally I would never take a medicine prescribed for another but in this instance and for the one tablet it would be safe to do so, especially as the tablets are used specifically for the relief of acid reflux. I will ask my doctor about prescribing something similar. I am writing this on Friday evening and I am beginning to feel a lot better after an afternoon of misery. I had been working all morning and had actually dined out at my local pub for lunch and was just feeling a little tired on my return home around one o’clock but as the afternoon wore on I began to feel worse. It is the weekend and I intend to take things easy.

Shirley Anne

Wonder foods and health


I show the following article as it was written……….Shirley Anne.

(Picture) Dr. Warburg

Why They Didn’t Tell Us? A Beverage That Is 10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemotherapy!
By Ivan Andreevski

We continue using chemotherapy even though there is no need!

This drink saves lives and it has been proven in hundreds of studies, yet few people know that the drink is so amazing. People simply do not believe, probably because it is a very accessible and cheap food, but it really is so. Did you know that lemon and baking soda can be stronger than chemotherapy?

Why They Didn’t Tell Us A Beverage That Is 10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemotherapy!
The combination of lemon and baking soda are proven stronger “killer” cancer than chemotherapy for about a whopping 10,000 times. Why no one told us anything about this? Well, because there is no profit from healthy people.They spend nothing. It’s that easy. Billions and billions of dollars that the pharmaceutical industry gets in their budget would no longer exist. Lemon is a proven anti-carcinogen. On the organism it produces a strongly alkaline environment in which cysts and tumors simply cannot dwell.
Specifically, cysts and tumors feed on substances that create acidic environment in the body, and as long as the body is acidic tumor can grow. But as soon as you stop the flow of acidity in the body the tumor has no food and becomes stagnant. Therefore, soda combined with lemon is an exceptional fighter against cancer because of their effect is quite alkaline. Namely, combining it with coffee should be avoided and of course all the other ingredients of the body that creates an acidic environment and the result is certainly warranted. This magnificent fact discovered back in 1923 a German scientist Otto Heinrich Warburg, who for his cure for cancer even got the Nobel Prize, but nevertheless, people do not know the truth.

What was discovered by Dr. Warburg?

Dr. Warburg discovered that cancer is the result of anti-physiological lifestyle. Anti-Phuspt diets (with food that is acidifying) and physical inactivity of the body creates an acidic environment poorly oxygenated. Acidity cell displaces the oxygen from the cells, and the lack of oxygen in the cells creates an acidic environment. ‘If you have too high acidity, automatically will be missing oxygen in the body; if you lack oxygen, you will have acidified organism. The acidic environment is an environment without oxygen, spoke Dr. Warrburg. ‘And if you subtract 35% oxygen, cancer cells can create in just two days. Thus, the cause of cancer today is acidified organism and cells without oxygen. In his work “The metabolism of tumors,” Dr. Warburg showed that all carcinogenic forms fulfill two basic conditions: blood acidity and hypoxia (lack of oxygen). He found that the tumor cells are anaerobic (do not breathe oxygen) and cannot survive in the presence of high concentrations of oxygen. Tumor cells can survive only with the help of glucose in the environment without oxygen.
Therefore, cancer is nothing but a defense mechanism, which our cells use to survive in an acidic environment without oxygen. What affects the acidification of the body and the occurrence of cancer?
The answer is very simple: food. Most people today, unlike twenty years ago, are eating food that is acidifying the body so it is not surprising that the occurrence of this disease is in the systematic increase.

What to eat in smaller quantities?

Refined sugar and all its derivatives. It is the worst, because there is no protein, fat, vitamins, minerals not only refined carbohydrates, which damages the pancreas. Its pH is 2.1 (very acidic).
Meat (all types), animal products – milk and cheese, cream, yogurt etc.
Refined salt, refined flour and all its derivatives such as pasta, cakes, biscuits and so on.
Bread, butter, caffeine, alcohol, all industrially processed and canned foods, which contain preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, stabilizers, etc.
Antibiotics and generally all drugs.

What to eat more?

Baking soda and lemon

All raw vegetables. Some are sour in taste, but in the body the change and become alkaline.
Almonds. They are very alkaline.
Whole grains: the only alkalizing grain is millet. All other grains are slightly acidic, but the ideal diet should be a certain percentage of acidity and should eat some crops. All grains should be eaten cooked.
Honey. It has a very high alkalinity.
Chlorophyll. Green plants contain chlorophyll which is very alkaline.
Water. It is important for the production of oxygen. Always stay well hydrated, drink small sips of water throughout the day.

Exercising. Exercising helps maintain the alkalinity of the body because it gives oxygen throughout the body. Sedentary lifestyle is destroying the organism.

Chemotherapy is death!

Although medicine has break thorough knowledge of the research scientists, cancer is treated with chemotherapy.
Chemotherapy often means death. It is acidifying the body to such an extent that the body reaches for the last alkaline reserves in the body to neutralize the acidity of sacrificing minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium) that are embedded in the bones, teeth, nails and hair, and as a result of chemotherapy we have physical changes in patients. Chemotherapy acidifies the body so much that it promotes the spread of cancer, rather than cell destruction.

Therefore, if you are suffering from this disease, start alkalizing the body, in which baking soda that you can buy in any store is very helpful. It is known in the world of alternative medicine as a very good and effective cancer killer, primarily because of its alkaline properties.

NESARA- Restore America – Galactic News
Source: http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2015/05/why-they-didnt-tell-us-beverage-that-is.html

Well there’s a surprise! Did anyone know this?

See also http://beforeitsnews.com/health/2015/05/%E2%98%85cancer-the-forbidden-cures-stage-4-healed-with-baking-soda-2572660.html

Shirley Anne

No sense of humour

Smiling can imply a sense of humour and a stat...

Smiling can imply a sense of humour and a state of amusement, as in this painting of Falstaff by Eduard von Grützner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To my American friends….’Is you in humour’?…well that may take some time  for some to realise the meaning in the pun. For a laugh I might have written ‘To my American friends and anyone else who cannot spell’ but that might have been taken the wrong way. It all depends on the recipient’s reaction. It is all intended as a joke, a humourous intention. I consider myself to have a good sense of humour and I feel that those who don’t are sadly missing something in their lives. I was lying in bed a few nights ago waiting to nod off to sleep and I found myself laughing so hard at something I’d heard that day. I had been watching a game show called ‘Pointless‘. I remember writing about the show in this blog some time ago. One of the contestants had been asked during the preliminary introductions about his hobbies and he replied that one of his hobbies was riding a unicycle. The host then asked how long he had been riding a unicycle and the guy proceeded to tell him the period in years but at this point I was laughing my head off thinking to myself the answer I’d have given, ‘Ever since the front wheel was stolen from my bicycle’. I wondered why the guy hadn’t thought of that as his answer but obviously he was less quick-witted as me I suppose. Either that or he just didn’t have a sense of humour. Like the guy who was asked by his friend, ‘How long have you been wearing women’s underclothes?’ when he had been discovered wearing them. His answer was given as, ‘Ever since my wife found them on the rear seat in the car’! On Thursday this week the country went to the polls in order to vote not only for their local Councillor but also for their chosen MP (Member of Parliament). the polling stations were open between the hours of 7am and 10pm to enable everyone to have the opportunity to vote outside their normal working period. I chose to arrive at 7am just as the station opened. One or two others had decided to do the same. The polling station is less that a quarter-mile from my house, a local church building, and I thought I would go there before breakfast. Two other ladies were there and I greeted them with a ‘Good morning’. I then said, ‘Gosh I didn’t realise there were two 7 o’clocks in the same day’!  One lady immediately smiled but the other just didn’t get the joke. She turned to me and said, ‘I thought everyone knew there were two’. The first lady then said to her, ‘She’s telling a joke’. I couldn’t stop laughing to myself. How could anyone think I was being serious? Obviously the second lady, else she just didn’t have a sense of humour. I don’t think I would like my life to be empty of humour, it must be awful going through life with a sombre look on your face not knowing what a joke is. I want my life to be filled with laughter, life is too short don’t you think?

Shirley Anne

Wasting my time

Result improperly joined aluminum and copper w...

Result improperly joined aluminum and copper wires in old USSR apartments, done by qualified electrician (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well I pottered about on Tuesday with nothing to do but come Wednesday some work came my way. The first job was to refit a fan unit in someone’s sun-bed. Now I had already told the customer over the phone that I do not carry out repairs to appliances as a rule (I once did) but because her description of the fault made it sound such a simple task I said I would call in and have a look. A little after the phone call someone else phoned for my services, someone for whom I had worked previously on a couple of occasions. Most of their household lighting was out of action through a fault. I told them I would call after I had done that first small job. Now when I arrived at that first job I remembered that I had been there previously too, a couple of years ago when they had moved in and wanted some outside power outlets and other things fitted. I looked at the faulty fan and discovered it was unserviceable,  the fan blades were broken and the fan bearing had worn dramatically because of that. Instead of getting the fan repaired immediately they had continued to use it making the fault even worse. A replacement fan should be easy enough to order over The Internet and I offered to fit it once they had bought the replacement unit, though in fact it could be done by themselves it is that easy. In some respects my journey there was a waste of time though I could end up returning there at a later date. That job, or non-job, was more or less en-route to the second, though the second job was twelve miles distant so although it had been, if you like, a waste of time, it wasn’t an inconvenience. Tracing a fault in a lighting circuit is far more of a challenge, especially where the circuits were installed some time ago when under the floor junction boxes were used. Fortunately this house wiring had been installed in more recent times so that all the connections could be found inside the ceiling roses or behind the ceiling light fittings. No need to lift floorboards. That was just as well for they had laid new oak flooring over the old floorboards in most of the rooms! I discovered a faulty cable inside one of the roses and disconnected it. I was then able to switch on the power. To my amazement all the lights worked despite my disconnecting that cable. Evidently someone had installed a replacement cable from the distribution board to the lights as the original one had been faulty perhaps because a nail had been driven through it. Unfortunately when the new cable was installed they had forgotten to disconnect the faulty one! How it had managed to continue to work is a wonder in itself. Perhaps the original fault had temporarily disappeared only to reappear again later. If the fault was caused by a nail in the floorboards for instance, walking on the boards might cause an intermittent recurrence of that fault. It had to be disconnected completely. In this instance it appears not to have been. I was paid well at this job which more than compensated for the first where I wasn’t paid at all, though I wouldn’t have accepted a payment in any case. I joked about my fee which didn’t include a basic lesson in electricity generation and distribution for they had asked why we now have in this country, brown and blue wiring. I had to explain some of the history behind it too. Actually (for those who are not electricians) there are three ‘live’ conductors or supplies, brown, grey and black and a blue neutral. Those colours used to be red, yellow and blue with a neutral in black. For domestic simplicity and safety the basic colours chosen within a house would be red and black (with a green earth) in the old system but brown and blue (with a green or green and yellow earth) in the new system. Electrical generation and distribution is far more complicated that this of course and I cannot expound any more here. I arrived back home and had put the van in the garage around two o’clock. A message awaited me on the house phone (why people insist on calling me on the house phone during working hours is beyond me), it was from an old lady who lives about three-quarters of a mile from my house and for whom I have done several jobs in the past, though I hadn’t been there for two years. During that absence her husband had developed cancer of the bladder and had died. One of her grandchildren had been playing inside a cupboard where an electrical cable was exposed and she wanted it disconnecting thinking it was still ‘live’. I decided to go there immediately but found that it had actually been out of use for many years and in fact had already been disconnected at source. I made the ends safe just in case and pushed the cable beneath the floor out of harm’s way. Whilst there I saw her deceased husband’s collection of cast metal toy vehicles, cars, buses and other things all inside display cabinets. They were all in pristine condition and she told me that their original cardboard boxes were stored away and were also in pristine condition. Furthermore he had a large collection of silver teaspoons in display cabinets also in pristine condition. In total there must be many thousands of pounds worth of collectables in the house. She told me they were insured to a value of £20,000. That is probably a conservative estimate considering what these things sell for at auction. I advised her to have them evaluated so that she can sell them at a fair price. She intends to do just that.I am sure her departed husband would encourage her to sell them rather than just have them taking up wall space. That would be a waste of time and money!

Shirley Anne