English: Main distribution board in old apartm...

Main distribution board in old apartment building, build in 1949. Lot of metal conductive parts are not insulated, so it is danger to work there without rubber (dielectric) gloves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few weeks ago I replaced two distribution boards for an elderly lady living about two miles away on the other side of town. As with anything I do I give a guarantee which means that anything I have fitted or installed will be covered for twelve months thereafter, this applies to my workmanship too. Without making any boasts I can say I very rarely get called back to correct mistakes or replace faulty components. A couple of days after I had done the work there was a problem with her cooker circuit and because repairing the fault was fairly simple to do I didn’t make any charge, after all I had been paid handsomely for the work I had previously done and I didn’t wish to charge for this service even though the problem was not of my making. I assured her that I would respond if she was to discover a fault whether due to the work I had done or not done. Work done by myself within the guarantee period would be carried out free of charge and other work would be done by agreement but at a charge of course. Well the lady called me a few nights ago explaining that she had a shock when switching on a table lamp and could I investigate. I assured her I would be there the following morning to check things out. She gave me the impression that the fault had something to do with work I had done in replacing her distribution boards. When I arrived at her house the first thing I had to do was to inspect the lamp itself and all seemed visually normal except that the flexible cord wasn’t fixed into the plug properly. This however wasn’t the cause of the fault, that lay inside the lamp holder itself where a wire had become loose and had blown apart. I carried out the simple repairs and she asked if the work was covered by my guarantee! I thought that was a little cheeky for the fault had nothing to do with anything I had done, it was simply an isolated event. I charged her very little for repairing the lamp nevertheless and I think she was happy about that. I could have charged twice as much but I am not that mercenary. Again I assured her of my prompt services should she need them in the future. That much I can guarantee.

Shirley Anne

Not satisfied

Easter egg

Easter egg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you were to be asked to indulge in something which went against your principles or your beliefs do you think you would do so anyway? If it were to partake in some ritual perhaps or something in which you thought stupid and pointless would you still resist? How about joining a witches coven? A devil worshiping group? Perhaps these things might be of interest to some but I’ll wager not the majority of people. Suppose you were asked to think about becoming a Muslim or a Christian, a Buddhist or a Hindu if you don’t have any religious convictions, would you refuse? Well of course you would, each of us have our beliefs and when confronted with something totally against our desires and wills we resist. We may be persuaded or not depending upon our openness to such things. For instance those who are not Hindus probably wouldn’t observe Hindu festivals, those who are Muslims not Christian festivals and so on. There are those however who would celebrate festivals of faiths not their own, you have only to see what happens on and around 25 December! Christmas is celebrated by those who don’t believe in Christ and have even gone so far as to demand that Christ is left out of the celebrations. They misunderstand what Christmas is all about and have turned it into something completely different. In the western world this has become the standard, the way people behave, yet it doesn’t stop there. Not satisfied with corrupting Christmas their thoughts now turn to Easter and in a few years I can see that festival going the same way. It all starts supposedly innocently with the introduction of the Easter egg, then the Easter bunny and chicks. I wonder what next they will think of in the name of commercialism and it is all fueled by commercialism. Look at the advertisements on television on the approach to Easter. Special foodstuffs are now being promoted just as they do at Christmas. In fact every known gift is being advertised, things such as perfumes and aftershave lotions. What these have to do with Easter can only be imagined. These sacred festivals become something they are not meant to be and their message is lost to those who might otherwise hear and believe. How many children will be stuffing their faces with chocolate this Easter and not hearing the message about Jesus dying for them? How many parents couldn’t care less? They say secularism and Christianity should be kept poles apart. Try telling that to those in commerce. Where there is money to be made they will never be satisfied. As for me I believe that Jesus died for me, took my punishment for all my sins upon himself thereby setting me free. He didn’t come with a chocolate egg!

Shirley Anne

Really mixed-up

English: The Lanes, Brighton

 The Lanes, Brighton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My oh my was I tired on Monday evening but I waited as long as i could before going off to bed. If you remember, I had gotten up very early the previous day. I had two jobs on that day and later went for a meal at the pub. I didn’t stay long after the meal as I might have done had there been any of my acquaintances there. I went home and did a spot of relaxing. As the afternoon wore on I was beginning to get tired, the effects of the meal, my work and the lack of sleep the previous day all taking their toll. I almost slept through the whole night but as usual these days I end up needing the toilet and wake up in the middle of the night. Monday night was no exception. I don’t remember if I dreamed during the first half of the night but I know I did in the second half, which I now describe. I was at a seaside resort which was remarkably like Brighton (on the south coast of England for those not living here). Brighton has an area in the town called ‘The Lanes‘, a close community of shops, restaurants, bars and cáfes linked by small streets and passageways, presumably the origin of the name ‘The Lanes’. In my dream I was attending a course of some description though I don’t remember what the course was for. I had to be in attendance at 9 o’clock in the morning or be locked-out and I found myself late and desperately trying to get to the venue on time. However many things in the dream thwarted all my efforts to do that. It was as if obstacles had been placed there deliberately to prevent my being there on time or even at all. I knew the location of the venue but despite my efforts to get there I couldn’t find it. I would enter the street that I knew was right but found that people in my dream kept redirecting me as if they knew I was wrong in my assumptions. I knew I wasn’t wrong but was obliged to follow their directions but when I did follow the instructions I had the same problems in the next location. I ended up rushing here and there trying my best to reach the venue on time and the clock was against me. In the end I got to the venue and was faced with a strict telling off. I woke up and it was still two hours before the time I had set on my alarm. I managed to get to sleep again and woke up fifteen minutes before the alarm but switched it off  before it sounded. I only use the alarm as a back-up for I am usually awake before it goes off. My dreams are seriously mixed-up.

Shirley Anne

For a reason


Porridge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After such a nice day on Sunday things started going downhill in the evening. By that I mean I found myself getting a little bored and unusually tired. I decided to have an early night and started upstairs at around 9.30 but by the time my head hit the pillow it was around 10.15. I had the television on whilst I was getting ready for bed, something that has become a habit over the years and there was an interesting program on the channel I’d switched to so I watched it until 11.00 and then nodded off to sleep. I awoke about three times after that until finally at 0430 I had to get out of bed and stay out. I just couldn’t sleep any longer. After my ablutions I dressed and went downstairs but decided not to apply my make-up until I had eaten a breakfast, something I was determined to have that morning having skipped breakfast for a few days. I wanted to wait until daylight to put on my make-up which would have been after 6 o’clock. I prepared some porridge with sultanas in it. I poured on the milk then added some blueberries. This is how I eat porridge. I had the last of the fruit and vegetable drinks I wrote about yesterday (Sunday), this time it was beetroot, cucumber and lemon! Just as I placed the bowl on the table I noticed E had written a short note telling me that a leak had developed in the airing cupboard upstairs in our new bathroom. I ate my breakfast then went to investigate thinking to myself all the possibilities where a leak could occur and hoping it was accessible. I opened the door to the airing cupboard and saw that E had placed some containers beneath a dripping valve but they were now full. The leaking valve was part of the pipework supplying the towel rail/radiator on the bathroom side of the wall and it was accessible. What do I do now I thought? First, go into the loft and shut off the water supply to the header tank supplying the radiator system. Second, go into the garage for some tools stored in the van. Third, switch off the heating controls (though the heating doesn’t switch on until 8 o’clock), Fourth, fit a length of hose pipe on the boiler drain cock in the cellar and drain off half the system. Fifth, remove the faulty valve and replace it. Finally, carry out all the previous stages in reverse then going around each of the radiators to bleed off any trapped air. I had started the process at 0640 and when I next looked at the clock it was 0720. All this before setting out to do my electrical work, though the first job wasn’t scheduled until 9 o’clock. Still, I never expected to have to do all that on a Monday morning before work! I suppose my going to bed early was for a reason.

Update: Although the leak was fixed the radiator now doesn’t get hot and I will have to leave it that way until we have finished using the central heating (usually sometime in April). I hadn’t realised that the way the pipes are arranged in the airing cupboard there is always the possibility of air becoming trapped and preventing water flow to the radiator, the cause of the present problem. The reason for this decision is that whilst I have the system drained down again to alter the pipe in the airing cupboard to prevent an airlock in the radiator supply pipe in the future I plan to replace some radiator valves around the house and make provision to install a small towel rail heater in the wet room too. I will be better to do everything during one drain-down rather than draining it all down just to cure the airlock in the bathroom radiator supply pipe.

Update 2: It is Thursday morning as I write this. The radiator is now working so I guess the air found its way out of that part of the system. The other work will still get done as and when I can get to it.

Shirley Anne

A better day

English: Cucumber, celery & apple juice

English: Cucumber, celery & apple juice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After yesterday’s feelings of disinterest,  boredom and a couldn’t be bothered attitude I woke up on Sunday morning feeling more positive. I went for a shower, got dressed and was downstairs by eight-thirty. I had a simple breakfast of one large pear and a drink of natural fruit and vegetable juice. Yes you read that right, the drink consisted mostly of carrot juice with smaller percentages of apple and orange juices. The ingredients are squeezed under a high pressure to produce the juice. Nothing else is added, nothing at all and it is then sealed in an airtight plastic jar. I have to say the flavour was something to get used to but unless E can source some more I doubt it will be on the menu in future. She obtained a couple of free samples of these new drinks a few weeks ago but we left them refrigerated without trying any of them. We normally have similar drinks but they are solely made from fresh pressed fruit. Anyway that was breakfast. I wanted to get out into the lovely sunshine again but left doing that until late morning. I played guitar for some time and messed about on my computer, though I did spend some time reading The Bible on the computer and not just reading emails and such. My Bible sits on the coffee table in the lounge but most of the time I read it on-line as it is easier. Anyway by eleven-thirty I had put on my coat and was out of the front door to start my walk. This time I walked much further than I had done the previous day and I was beginning to feel a little hungry around one o’clock. I could have dined out somewhere but Sunday lunchtime in Southport is not my idea of an enjoyable meal whenever it is a warm and sunny day as most everywhere is packed with day-trippers and their children, something I prefer to avoid. I decided to head off to the pub on my way back home and I could have dined there but they were showing football on the television in the only place available, the bar area. I had a non-alcoholic beer and left for home. Surprisingly by the time I reached home I was no longer feeling hungry so I left-off eating until late afternoon. The first three days of the week would see me busy doing my electrical thing so I was glad I’d had the opportunity to take some quality leisure time for myself.

Shirley Anne

My heart wasn’t in it

The Douglas Squirrel (Tamiasciurus douglasii) ...

The Douglas Squirrel (Tamiasciurus douglasii) is an example of wildlife. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another way of saying I just couldn’t be bothered! As many of my readers will know, I sometimes go through these phases of not being interested or not being bothered about things. Saturday was one such day though I have to be honest and say it happens a lot more often these days than it used to. It was such a lovely day on Saturday, brilliant sunshine and blue skies, the kind of day that beckons you to be outside. I had deliberately stayed in bed longer than I normally do, I just didn’t want to get up. I wasn’t that tired but there was nothing really desperate to get up for. However, as I sleep with my curtains left open I could see the clear blue sky and a few fluffy clouds and I just had to get up. Before I could do anything I noticed some movement in the garden and was stopped in my tracks. There were two wood pigeons waddling along the path totally oblivious to the squirrel following them. They continued along unaffected whilst the squirrel hopped here and there searching amongst the shrubbery and plants. Eventually the squirrel disappeared and I got on with what I had to do. By the time I had finished getting dressed and applying my make-up my phone rang. It was someone asking if I could do some work for them on Monday. I wrote down the details and went downstairs ready to go out. I skipped breakfast as by this time it was eleven o’clock. I locked up the house and I walked to the train station. I had just missed the train but another came along fifteen minutes later and I climbed aboard. I was on my way to Liverpool for a spell. I had almost forgotten that it was Saturday.

Where Did Your Heart Go?

Where Did Your Heart Go? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The train carriage was packed with people, most of them going into the city themselves. I don’t usually travel to Liverpool on the weekend because the trains are often full whereas during the week they aren’t at these off-peak times. I spent only an hour there but got so bored I decided to return for home, maybe stopping off or taking a detour to the pub for an hour or so. By the time I reached my station I found I couldn’t be bothered with a pub visit so I walked home instead. The journey home on the train was a little irritating as a guy sitting behind me was chatting continuously on his phone for the whole forty minute duration never stopping for a minute. Why can’t people just sit quietly once in a while? A woman about my age or slightly younger came on board with her two grandchildren (I learned later when chatting with her), one, a boy about eight years old and the other a girl whom I was told was five. The boy was very well-behaved, even letting his little sister sit on his knee. I could tell he was fond of her. She however was a proper little madam and a little cheeky too. I was teasing her during my conversation with her grandmother. They were being taken to Southport for a few hours whilst the sun was shining. I left the train and walked home to an empty house. E had gone out to her monthly meeting with her group. They meet on the third Saturday of each month. She had gone out prior to me leaving the house, in fact prior to my coming downstairs earlier. Evidently she had been visiting her mom but she must have returned home for her lunch whilst I was out before then driving off to her meeting. I had thought about walking to the pub after I’d had something to eat but I found my heart wasn’t in it.

Shirley Anne

Tiding me over


I have always had a steady flow of work since becoming self-employed back in September 1997. Prior to that time I worked for others and in my last job doing that the workload had become minimal and the routine checks I had to make on equipment became tedious and boring. My colleague and I were well on top of things and little needed to be done to maintain things. I left that employment at just the right time it seems. What actually happened was my employer was streamlining the industry (asset stripping) and encouraging those who were of suitable age and thereby could retire voluntarily to do so. I was of suitable age and because the terms were so favourable I chose to take early voluntary retirement on a full pension with the added bonus of a ‘golden handshake‘, a tidy lump sum. That lump sum and the fact that I was ensured a monthly income from my pension with immediate effect meant that I could continue working as a self-employed person. I have never looked back since that day and in fact my fortunes took a turn for the better. Over the years since then my workload has been steady and often too much at times for me to handle. Gradually I have wound things down and no longer take on projects I consider too much for me to do at my age.

The strange thing is there still is plenty of work I am able to do, small jobs that no-one else seems to be able to fit into their schedule or perhaps are not interested in doing. I did one such job on Thursday morning. I had to disconnect and remove a hard-wired bell circuit and replace it with a wireless type. Next, I had to replace a light unit on an outside wall and finally replace the base box (called a pattress) beneath a power outlet in the garage as it had been broken. Simple little jobs yes but nevertheless financially rewarding. I also discovered that a plug-in type of RCD unit they had been using whenever they used their electric lawnmower was faulty. They told me that they had used it for years and I asked if they ever tested it before use. It appears they hadn’t even though printed on the unit are instructions to do so. The test simply involves pushing the device’s test button! I thought to myself why have a safety device and never test it to see if it is working? As for the work I do, the way I look at it is this, if I am continuing to work I might as well get paid for it! Whilst at the house I received phone calls asking for my services. So despite there being no work on some days there is enough to keep me going, to tide me over as it were.


Shirley Anne


All by myself

English: Level crossing at Duke Street, after ...

Level crossing at Duke Street, after a Southport-bound train has crossed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s a song in there somewhere……but it isn’t about a song. E and I have not been speaking now for seven weeks. It is all about her stubborn heart but I am not saying more than that just now. It means all of my time is now spent alone, not that this is anything new for over the last few years I have found myself in this position quite often. At the moment I just think she doesn’t care. I on the other hand do care but this time I am not rushing in to smooth things over as I normally have done in the past, this time I refuse to give in to her indifference. I am not at fault as usual but it seems that makes no difference. Everything is well for me as long as I have work to do but I seldom work every day. That means I get bored unless I make an effort to stay occupied. I take walks when the weather allows and go shopping sometimes. I took a walk on Wednesday in order to make a deposit in my bank and took a roundabout route to kill time. I had been dressed for work during the morning in case I received a request but none came in so in the afternoon I got changed and headed off out. After visiting the bank I continued my walk but got stopped within a hundred metres at the railway level-crossing. I could have crossed the road and taken the underpass at the station but it was such a sunny day and I was in no hurry to get anywhere. I got chatting to an elderly lady whilst we waited for the trains to come and go then we crossed over and chatted some more before we went our separate ways. I then met the only other female electrician I know hereabouts who was just about to enter a shop where I presume she was either working or giving an estimate. We didn’t talk except to say hello then I carried on with my walk. I was wondering rather aimlessly for a while before deciding to go to the pub and have a very late lunch. I hadn’t eaten for eight hours since breakfast. This time the pub was rather empty. I sat alone and had my meal but was greeted by a couple of guys I know, one of whom stopped to chat for a few minutes. I think he fancies me to be perfectly truthful for he never leaves me alone whenever I visit the pub. I was allowed to continue with my meal. Another guy came in and sat at the next table to have a meal and in the meantime was drinking a pint of beer. He went to the toilet and returned a minute later looking as if he was about to drop off to sleep when he seated himself at his table. I asked if he was alright and he asked why I was asking. I said that he looked a little tired and I thought he was about to fall asleep. I just wanted to make sure he was OK. He thanked me and told me he was fine then he asked me if I was alone. I told him that whilst in the pub I was. That gave him the impression that I was in a relationship and he said no more. I had an idea he was high on something but not alcohol for his pupils were a little dilated. Maybe he was simply tired. I didn’t stay long after that and returned home. E had been out all afternoon with her mom and she returned an hour later.

Shirley Anne


Chip off the old block

English: Nissan GT-R Tachometer

Nissan GT-R Tachometer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I passed my driving test in April 1967 and soon after bought my first car, a Hilman Super Imp. It was maroon in colour and second-hand, though only a few months old. It lacked an interesting dashboard and I decided to make one and fit it myself. I constructed it from plywood and stained and varnished it to look like walnut. In it I fitted a rev.counter (or a tachometer) together with a voltmeter and an ammeter  to monitor the battery state and charging. I fitted lights to monitor other functions and a radio too and by the time I had finished it was quite a work of art. The project gave me a couple of weeks of something to do in my spare time and I was well pleased with the result. As I grew older and bought other vehicles I found I was no longer interested in tinkering with them probably because they were better appointed and also the fact that I had other things to do with my time.
The other day my eldest son paid us a visit but he wanted to use one of the garages so that he could tinker with his car out of the poor weather we had been experiencing and also because it was evening and he needed light. He returned a second time on Tuesday at lunchtime so he could carry on with his little project. On both occasions he mustered a little help from me as well as asking for some materials which I was able to supply. His project? He was installing some red LED strips in the passenger foot-well and around the glove compartment and other discrete places. The idea is to give a gentle background red light effect inside the car when it is dark. He has learned to do these things all by himself and with very little assistance from myself though I have rendered some help whenever he has asked. He shows an interest and is not afraid of a hands-on approach when tackling any manual work. His brother is much the same but I have yet to see him tinkering with the electrics in his car to the same extent. I wonder from where they got their aptitude and inclination?

Shirley Anne

Back to normal

Geometry of a Total Solar Eclipse

Geometry of a Total Solar Eclipse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the solar eclipse came and went but here in the UK it was less of a spectacular event than it would have been had it been a total eclipse. As usual for any astronomical  event it was cloudy but in fact that cloud was sufficient to allow direct viewing with the naked eye, something not possible in normal sunshine. The safe way to observe of course is to use a special filter or project the image onto a sheet of paper. At its peak at around 0930-0940 depending on your UK location the Sun was anywhere between 87% and 98% obliterated by the Moon. I say in my garden and watched as the Sun became approximately 70% covered, after which the density of the clouds made viewing impossible. At the appointed time everywhere became dark, though it was more like evening at twilight, not really that dark at all. An hour later it all returned to normal. The only eclipses really worth seeing are total eclipses but even they don’t last too long at total. The next one for this country will be in 2090. I somehow don’t think I’ll see it! There are of course other eclipses to be seen but travelling to other countries is necessary. I suppose for the really dedicated observer that isn’t a problem.

Shirley Anne

Brothers and sisters

Brothers & Sisters (song)

Brothers & Sisters (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For so many years I was an avid unbeliever, an atheist, stubbornly refusing to have anything to do with ‘religion’ and totally against the idea of a creator God. That all changed about twenty-six years ago when I began to study The Bible and finding myself reaching out to this god whom I had rejected. At that time I was writing poems and verses and most of them concerned God and my reaching out to Him. I became a Christian, born again of The Spirit of God or as many say a ‘born again Christian‘. Whatever terminology is used I became a believer and began to understand what it meant to be a Christian. The message was quite simple, is quite simple…..We are all sinners, helpless to pay the price for those sins and we need a Saviour, someone who would pay the price for us and thereby set us free. That Saviour is Jesus. We need to repent of our sins and accept Jesus as Saviour so that we can be saved from eternal punishment.
John 3:16 ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.’

God did it for us. How amazing is that? We have to reach out and take that gift though. I did that early in 1989 when I became a Christian believer. I learned that I had to tell others for it was and is incumbent on me to do so. A Christian believer who fails to witness to others is being disobedient to the One who saves them.

The great commission

Matthew 28:

 16 Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. 17 When they saw him, they worshipped him; but some doubted. 18 Then Jesus came to them and said, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.’

We are to tell others about The Gospel…..the Good News………..the truth that is in Christ Jesus and the salvation offered in his name. So brothers and sisters in Christ remember your obligation and witness wherever you are and as the opportunity arises.

Shirley Anne

Stone the crows or My arms are dropping off


My job sometimes takes me by surprise and though I expect the unexpected occasionally I am still surprised when it happens. I have similar experiences with my house or mobile phones. I often have them alongside me whilst at home in case business calls come in but ‘jump’ in reaction when they do. I know there is a chance that one will ring but because I am usually busy doing something else or simply relaxing I am taken by surprise. With my work I am asked to do certain tasks but find the job is nothing like I expected when I arrive. One such job I had on Monday morning. Someone had asked it I could raise a couple of power points from where they were in the skirting board. However that is not always as straightforward as you might think, especially if the wiring is coming up from beneath the floorboards for they are usually too short in length to be raised higher.

Sometimes there is some slack beneath the floor making it easier but those occasions are rare. When I arrived I discovered that they wanted four points moving and one of them also wanted repositioning a metre or so away from where it was. All this meant lifting floorboards of course but when I began doing that I also discovered the power points had been incorrectly wired and would be unsafe without altering it. There were also too many points on the one cable which meant protecting that cable with a fused unit. So the initial request wasn’t anything like what I ended up doing. Furthermore all the power points were to be changed to twin units to replace the existing single units which meant hacking out the walls to accommodate them. The bricks behind the thin coat of plaster were what we call ‘engineers’ bricks, they were as hard as nails and took quite some time to chisel out. My arms were aching by the time I had done them as was the lumbar region of my back! In all I was there four five and a half hours having initially thought the work would take two. Naturally t charged much more for the extra work. When I left the house I had to visit my electrical supplier to restock the van with certain items but by then it was three o’clock and I was feeling very hungry and tired. I dreamed about having a good soak in the bathtub but I left that treat until late in the evening before retiring to bed when I would benefit the most from it. I collected the purchases and headed off to the pub for a belated meal. I wasn’t in the mood for cooking as you might imagine. It was a further hour later, that is four o’clock before my meal was placed before me and I thought I was going to nod-off before I’d received it. I’m getting too old for this kind of work but it never ceases to amaze me that I can still do it. One thing I can say is that I work hard for my money and can take my rest with a clear conscience.

Shirley Anne

Haircuts and things

The Dream of X

The Dream of X (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No, I am not about to tell you that I have had my hair cut, trimmed, shaped or anything like that except in a dream I had a few nights ago. That wasn’t the only strange thing in my dream. As much of it I can remember follows but there was probably more that I don’t remember. The whole dream involved myself and a friend whom I rarely see these days as she moved out of the area to live on the south coast a couple of years ago. I actually cannot imagine why she figured in my dream but that’s dreams for you. It all started as she and I were driving off somewhere but in separate cars and to some unknown destination, though later it all seemed to make sense. We were in communication throughout the journey though I have no idea how for we didn’t have mobile phones. It seemed we simply spoke and were able to hear one another. At the end of the journey we approached a concrete ramp, the kind you see in multilevel car parks but larger. We drove down the first ramp and at the bottom there was a right-hand turn followed by another ramp that seemed to go nowhere. At the bottom of the ramp was a small concrete wall on its right-hand side on the other side of which were some cars and a guy standing by the wall. In a moment I was standing opposite him but on my side of the wall and I called to my friend who was having difficulty in finding a space. I found myself in my car, though it didn’t seem to be the one I had just driven, it was much smaller, like one of those ‘town vehicles’ that seem so popular. I showed my friend how easy it was to park but she decided against it and drove down the ramp to where the guy was standing but carried onwards across a main road as if purposefully. I followed in my car to her destination. I found her negotiating the purchase of what I thought was a car. Then I found us both standing next to the guy by the wall but I have no idea how we had gotten there. She turned to me and invited me to climb an open step-ladder and she demonstrated how it should be done. I was to climb up and sit down on the next-to-top step and I did so but then the guy told me that I had done it wrong. Finally I was seated and he proceeded to cut my hair though I didn’t feel anything. I knew he was doing it but even so I was surprised that he had. My hair was now short and black but it seemed as though he hadn’t done anything, it seemed that my hair had always been that way. The dream ended there and I awoke.

Dream added to ‘My Dreams’ page above

Shirley Anne

April 11 2442

English: Total Solar eclipse 1999 in France. *...

: Total Solar eclipse 1999 in France. * Additional noise reduction performed by Diliff. Original image by Luc Viatour. Français : L’éclipse totale de soleil en 1999 faite en France. * Réduction du bruit réalisée par Diliff. Image d’origine Luc Viatour. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Friday there will be a total eclipse of the Sun. Unfortunately from anywhere in the UK it will only be a partial eclipse though the further north you are more of the Sun will be covered by the Moon. The best place to see a total eclipsed Sun will be in the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic. The next time to see a total eclipse in the UK will be on September 23 2090 and it will happen in Cornwall. The next after then will be April 11 2442 over North Wales, Lancashire, Cumbria and Yorkshire. There are anything up to five total solar eclipses each year and can be almost anywhere in the world. The opportunities to see it in the UK are very rare as you can see. Even if it is cloudy on Friday the effect should be very noticeable.

Shirley Anne