She did it again

Schematic diagrams of Light Emitting Diodes (LED)

Schematic diagrams of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

E has an aptitude for winning competitions having won so many prizes she has lost count. Many of those prizes have been high value items such as a holiday for four in the Caribbean, a weekend break for two in Vienna with two concerts thrown in, televisions, cameras, king sized beds, computer tablets and phones and many other items too numerous to mention. She does however spend a lot of time on her computer on-line which is a bit of a drawback but she evidently enjoys it anyway. On Thursday afternoon we had a surprise visit from our eldest son and his four year-old daughter. E would normally have gone out shopping around the time they had called but she was in no hurry. Soon afterwards the front doorbell rang and it was a parcel delivery. She had won another Android phone together with an Android tablet which incorporates a projector. How things have developed in recent times. Impressive as these things are for some people they hold no such fascination for me, that is I have no use for them; the ones I own get minimal use. Anyway the four of us ended up in the cellar hallway where the walls, although exposed brick, are painted in satin white emulsion and one is large enough to test the projector. We played a video on YouTube, a song our granddaughter wanted to listen to and she stood there in awe while it played. I was impressed by the quality of the projection too I have to admit. It is amazing that such a bright light can be produced by a portable device but of course it is only because of LED technology that these things are possible. I remember seeing my first ultra-bright LED component more than twenty-five years ago when I was using them in the construction of electronic devices of one sort or another. It is only within the last five years that LED technology has really taken off. E will use her new-found tablet when it is her turn to run her group’s quiz, then she can project questions and pictures onto a wall instead of having to produce them on paper. In that respect I think the device is well worth having. I don’t know how she wins so many things. Now she tells me she is trying to win another bed so that we won’t have to buy one for the bedroom refurbishment! I said it would be nice to win one provided it met our preferences but I doubt even she could win one to order!

Shirley Anne

What a difference a day makes!

Market day in Ormskirk, Lancashire, England. T...

Market day in Ormskirk, Lancashire, England. Thursday has been market day in Ormskirk since at least 1292. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know, I know, it’s the title of an old song but Wednesday proved to be a totally different day and hopefully a sign of things to come. It was bright and sunny, so much so I was able to get into the garden to work. The early morning was cloudy but the sun was trying to break through as I drove eastward over to Ormskirk to do one small electrical job. On my return home less than an hour later it was already sunny. E wasn’t yet dressed though she’d eaten breakfast so I decided to make the most of the sunshine and finish off cutting the branches I had removed from the apple trees the previous day. I put on my overalls and boots and went into the garden. Once I had finished that work I pruned some of the lower branches and twigs from the trees standing in ‘the mound’ (see last year’s posts), most of which are damson/plum trees.129 Finally I dug out two of the plants in the flowerbed next to the patio and disposed of them. I am not sure of the names of the plants but  they were very difficult to maintain in that they grew in an unruly way and needed too much support to keep them standing upright. You can see them in this picture; they are the tall plants with purple flowers standing next to the wall on the left of the wall’s butress taken last summer.Pathway 2 I prefer plants which are strong enough to stand upright all by themselves, at least once they have matured. Unfortunately they were very popular with the bees and provided months of supplies of nectar. We will have to consider replacing them with other flowering shrubs to keep the bees happy. For a while the sun shone on the patio but it was low in the sky and in the breeze it was too uncomfortable to sit there. Snowdrops are flourishing and the tulips and bluebells are well on their way towards flowering later. I was tempted to stay out in the garden for longer but chose to return indoors instead as it was quite cold in the wind. My next plan is to set up the electric wood chipper we have and chop up all the branches which we will use to cover the soil in the flowerbeds or to replenish areas where we have it laid already. Nothing goes to waste except for things too small to go into the chipping machine. According to the weather forecast we are in for a few dryer days for a change. It has been wet and very windy too long.

Shirley Anne

Fairy cakes

English: Fairy cakes on an oven tray freshly r...

Fairy cakes on an oven tray freshly removed from the oven. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the second day this week I hadn’t any offers of work, that is work that I would take on for so many people have called asking me to do far more work than I am prepared to do. I am 70 years old and therefore don’t want to do much anyway. So on Tuesday I was once again at a bit of a loose end and looking for something to do at home. The weather looked as if it was going to be reasonably fine, between the showers that is and therefore the prospect of working outdoors wasn’t too good. I began nailing down some of the loose floorboards in the bedroom but soon had that done except for three which I want to screw down instead for they might need lifting in the future. Soon after I had done that E came into the room and began to paint the woodwork. I made us both a coffee and then I put on my overalls and went into the rear garden to make a start at pruning back the apple trees. I had to stop a couple of times and dash into the greenhouse to get out of the rain and hailstone showers. Finally I had all the branches that needed cutting laid out on the lawn and then I set about cutting them and stacking them against the wall. Unfortunately the weather proved too much and I left-off the work and returned indoors. My feet felt as if they were frozen but as I was wearing gloves my hands didn’t feel as cold. It was nice to step inside the boiler room out of the biting wind and get warmed up. I can always continue with that work as the weather allows but there are other trees which need the same treatment to some extent so it may take some time. It was now lunchtime and I prepared my lunch though E carried on painting and didn’t come downstairs until I had finished eating. I had prepared her lunch so there was nothing for her to do. We watched a little television but I got restless and went into the kitchen to make some cakes, fairy cakes. They don’t take long to prepare and bake so they were done in about an hour and ready for decorating with icing and whatever else took my fancy. I am turning into a rather experienced baker of cakes lately but what else is a lady to do when all other work is being kept at bay?

Shirley Anne

Four calls

English: All calls with trunking

All calls with trunking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Throughout Monday I received but four phone calls asking me to do some electrical jobs. However I accepted none of them for they were either too large, too far away for the job to be cost-effective or asking me to repair specialist equipment in hairdressing establishments and houses. I hadn’t any work at all to do on Monday and only one job in the pipeline at that time which was scheduled for Wednesday. I was contacted about that job and was asked if I could reschedule the work for the following Wednesday instead. Very little work could be done on the bedroom project except applying the top coat of gloss paint to the woodwork but E wouldn’t hear of it as she wants to do that work herself; she has after all done all the preparation and undercoating of the woodwork so is entitled to have first choice. The only other work left to do besides perhaps changing the radiator control valve which requires a drain-down or partial drain-down of the system in order to do it, is screwing down the loose floorboards. That will only take an hour at most so as far as the project is concerned for me it is finished until the furniture has been constructed in a few week’s time. The weather has been wet and windy, though not as bad as it has been in the south of the country but nevertheless not nice for working outside. There are one or two jobs I would like to get done in the garden before the onset of Spring, pruning back some of the trees and digging out a few plants or resiting them. The weather is too poor at the moment so I have to wait. Things haven’t worked out as I had planned last year in one or two areas and had they done so I would have something to do in my at-home spare time, things like the outside toilet project which as yet has not really been started. The only thing preventing that work from getting underway is having a new opening for a door to be knocked out and an original doorway blocked up. That work could have been done in the Summer had E’s nephew found the time to do it for us. Maybe this year it will get done if all goes well and of course we have the funds to do it. At this moment all I want is four calls for work which I am happy to undertake. I have the rest of the week for it to happen!

Shirley Anne

It all started in innocence

Victoria sponge cake

Victoria sponge cake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As is usual I take Sunday for my day of rest, that is I do no work other than perhaps a little gardening, weather permitting, or some minor tasks about the house. I suppose that will be the same for many people too. I had made up my mind to bake a cake of sorts, anything that I had never baked before just for the experience. Over the last couple of years especially, I have gained an interest in baking when once I did very little of it. Obviously I never had much time to bake for I was always too busy doing something else, some domestic project or at my electrical work. These days I am finding I have more time on my hands which allows me to bake if the fancy takes me. Since my new-found hobby began I have baked scones, rich fruit cakes, rich butter cakes and have made doughnuts too, not much in the way of pastry, though I have done some. Ealier in the week I had baked two rich butter cakes, one with coconut and one without. I love coconut but E doesn’t. I decided I would make ‘Parkin’ so I went to the cupboard to sort out the ingredients and discovered I had everything except some mixed spices. Rather than make something that lacked one of the ingredients I opted to bake a Victoria sponge cake instead as I hadn’t made one beforehand though it is quite similar to the rich butter cake but far lighter and using fewer eggs. Whilst looking for all the ingredients I ended up clearing out one cupboard of its accumulated packages, jars, tins and oddments and sorted them into plastic containers. This makes for easier storage and location and better use of the cupboard space. You have to remember I live with someone who is not noted for her tidiness when it comes to storing things away and everything gets mixed-up. Finally I got all things sorted and found all the ingredients for the sponge cake and set about making it, actually two cakes for I was making a layered cake with a jam and whipped cream filling. I had to make a square cake for we don’t have small round baking tins, something I shall have to correct in the near future but square or round I was going to make the cake! I am getting used to the new cooker now and setting the temperature to suit the recipe’s recommended temperature has become easier. Temperature controls on domestic cookers are never that accurate, as an electrician I am aware of this but on the whole they are accurate enough. There are so many variables to contend with when baking and straying too far from the recipe’s weights, measurements and temperatures can change everything. In everything we do, experience counts. So I made the cakes and left them to cool off before removing them from their containers. I poured some double cream into a bowl and whipped it up using an electric mixer until it was stiff and spreadable. I chose one of the cakes to be the base and spread it with strawberry jam them topped it with a thick layer of cream. I spread a little jam on the other cake before placing it on top. Finally I gave it a dusting of icing sugar and ‘hey presto’ a Victoria jam and cream-filled sponge cake.

Shirley Anne



Most of my life is centred around work of one type or another. I am either working at my electrical jobs for others or I am doing something at home, presently involving the refurbishment of a bedroom. It is nice to do some painting for a change, it is easy albeit a little monotonous but there is no hurry especially in this instance. Nevertheless all the emulsion painting is now completed as far as it needs to be; I will continue with it once the furniture has been fitted for it has to be a different colour. Anyway my Saturday was basically taken up painting for most of the daylight hours. I sometimes think about my lifestyle and about life in general, in fact I think about these things a lot each day. I think on these verses from Scripture…….

Ecclesiastes 9

A common destiny for all

 So I reflected on all this and concluded that the righteous and the wise and what they do are in God’s hands, but no one knows whether love or hate awaits them. All share a common destiny – the righteous and the wicked, the good and the bad, the clean and the unclean, those who offer sacrifices and those who do not.

As it is with the good,
    so with the sinful;
as it is with those who take oaths,
    so with those who are afraid to take them.

This is the evil in everything that happens under the sun: The same destiny overtakes all. The hearts of people, moreover, are full of evil and there is madness in their hearts while they live, and afterwards they join the dead. Anyone who is among the living has hope – even a live dog is better off than a dead lion!

For the living know that they will die,
    but the dead know nothing;
they have no further reward,
    and even their name is forgotten.
Their love, their hate
    and their jealousy have long since vanished;
never again will they have a part
    in anything that happens under the sun.

7 Go, eat your food with gladness, and drink your wine with a joyful heart, for God has already approved what you do. Always be clothed in white, and always anoint your head with oil. Enjoy life with your wife, whom you love, all the days of this meaningless life that God has given you under the sun – all your meaningless days. For this is your lot in life and in your toilsome labour under the sun. 10 Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom.

11 I have seen something else under the sun:

The race is not to the swift
    or the battle to the strong,
nor does food come to the wise
    or wealth to the brilliant
    or favour to the learned;
but time and chance happen to them all.

12 Moreover, no one knows when their hour will come:

As fish are caught in a cruel net,
    or birds are taken in a snare,
so people are trapped by evil times
    that fall unexpectedly upon them.

You see, no matter what we do in this life it will all come to an abrupt end one day. These thoughts are in my mind every day but I am not focussing on the futility of what I am doing, for everything we do is futile if you really think about it, no, I am thinking about what comes after. Life has nothing to do with what we do for each of us does something different but life does have meaning. Why is there life at all? What is the source of our being? Well I can tell you if you have a listening ear. We are not the by-product of the forces of Nature, the Universe or anything else but we are the product of our Creator, created by Him for His good pleasure. Jesus Christ is the source of our being. We will all die one day and we will all face our Creator God some to everlasting shame and some to everlasting life. So be cheerful and live life the best way you can for one day it will all end. Think therefore not only about this life but the one to come…………remember your Creator while you still can.

Shirley Anne

Time is never my own

English: Royal Palace of El Pardo. Painting in...

Royal Palace of El Pardo. Painting in ceiling. El Pardo, Madrid, Spain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being able to work at my age is a blessing; many folk my age have retired already and some sadly are unable to work because of health or other reasons. I consider it therefore a privilege if you like that I am still fit enough for work, which I suppose is just as well because I like it, it keeps me occupied, it is always productive and I get paid to boot if the work is for somebody else! I started this past week with almost nothing in the way of electrical work but as the week passed that changed though  I was unable to work for anyone else on Thursday morning at least because my van was off the road being serviced and having its annual test. Strangely enough nobody at all called me on Thursday aside from the service depot telling me my van was ready for collection. I was able to do some work at home, painting the bedroom ceiling. E went out to Manchester with a couple of friends early on Friday morning and because I had no electrical work I was in no hurry to get out of bed but did so anyway just as she had left the house around 8.40. I had just about finished getting dressed when someone called me to ask if I could connect her cooker to its supply switch. I got there thirty minutes later and did the work but as it wasn’t as straightforward as it might have been it took me that bit longer to do. I got back home around 10.30 and decided to eat the breakfast I had missed and then get on with painting the ceiling. I must say at this point that it isn’t just the ceiling which is being painted but a deep freeze beneath it too and because both the ceiling and the walls are covered with an embossed paper and the fact that a brush is being used rather than a roller it takes far more time to do. Filling in all the spaces in the embossed paper would be far more difficult using a roller. Fortunately though it isn’t as involved as the picture above! It would be around 11.00 when I went upstairs into the bedroom but I didn’t start painting right away, I moved all the unnecessary paraphernalia out of the room first such as the rolled-up carpet underlay and other things. I had donned a pair of overalls and had just started to paint when someone else called me to help them with a garage circuit problem. I put the paint and brush away and drove there in my overalls. I don’t usually wear overalls for doing my electrical work unless it is absolutely necessary when I get to the job. The house was a mere three-quarters of a mile away and the work didn’t take me long to do before I was off again home. This time I was determined to do what I could do in the bedroom before it got too dark. I don’t like painting under artificial light because sometimes it is difficult making sure I don’t miss places. I spent about two hours at most before deciding I’d had enough for one day. I put everything away until the next day. Fortunately the next day was Saturday, a day I don’t do electrical work for anyone unless it is an emergency so I knew I would have several hours at my disposal do finish off the painting, plenty of time without interruption from anyone.

Shirley Anne

Top of the hill


I had to get up early on Thursday morning in order to take my van to the service depot for its annual MOT test and at the same time give it a birthday present in the form of a full service too. As the odometer only read 26747 miles it hadn’t really been in need of a major service, the last one was when the odometer read something like 15000 miles I suppose but I thought it best to have one done. It is a diesel-engined vehicle and as you can see the mileage is low. I have had it since new and I bought it in 2008 so you can see my annual mileage is low at around 3200 miles. I therefore expected it to pass the test which thankfully it did. I had to get it to the service depot which is around 1.3 miles away, before 8.30. E followed five minutes after and picked me up to return home. I’d eaten breakfast but she hadn’t so I sat with her over a coffee whilst she ate. I made the decision to begin painting the bedroom ceiling and freeze with the partially used container of paint, the same colour we used when redecorating the kitchen a couple of months ago, ‘Victorian Lace’ which is best described as dusty white, a little like mushroom perhaps. You can just about see the colour on the area nearest the windows. ( By the way the magnolia on the walls will be changed when we get the paint to suit the furniture.)Bedroom 4We had bought another container of it the day before for we knew what we had wouldn’t be enough for the job. I managed to cover probably just over a third of the area before the opened container was empty. As I write this late in the afternoon I am not sure if the new full container will be enough to complete the area and we may have to purchase another. Here are some more pictures. Bedroom 3Bedroom 2Bedroom 1During my stint up and down the ladder I received a couple of phone calls, one from somebody seeking my electrical skills and one from the service depot. The electrical work was scheduled for the following Wednesday. The service manager told me that the van had failed the test but the minor problems could be easily dealt with and he continued to say that on the previous test last year that they had cured one of the problems very easily so there was nothing to worry about. I had to interrupt him by telling him that this was my first visit to his depot for an MOT test. He then realised that he had called the wrong customer! He apologised and said he would call later regarding my vehicle, which is what he did ten minutes later to inform me that my van had passed the test but that they were proceeding with the servicing and would call again when it was done. He would have saved himself the embarrassment had he spoken to me using my name but he made the assumption I was the one he wanted to speak with. Anyway he called back less than an hour later to tell me the van was ready for collection. It was 11.30 and E drove me there to collect it and make payment. I had just finished painting what I could with the opened container which was now empty as I didn’t want to open the new container so near to lunchtime and knowing I had to go out anyway. The timing had been perfect. So that was another of the tasks before me which has been sorted. I feel as though I am at the top of the hill now ready to go down the other side. I only wish the leaking roof would be sorted soon but nothing has happened so far and we are waiting for our roofing guy to make a move. I left off finishing the ceiling for another day.

Shirley Anne

Decisions, decisions

English: What a difference colour makes! A pai...

What a difference colour makes! A paint swatch of maisonettes in Bishops Avenue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It shouldn’t be too difficult to decide which colour of paint to use for the bedroom walls but E and I just cannot make up our minds. On Wednesday we went to see what was available in the retail park stores and even saw sample shades that can be mixed by the computer-controlled mixing equipment but ended up just purchasing the paint for the ceiling. The ceiling, which at the moment is painted white, will be painted with another shade of white called ‘Victorian Lace’ and can be done immediately. We are thinking of leaving the painting of the walls until the furniture is fitted so that we will have a better idea which colour to use. One problem though is that we wish to paint the walls where the wardrobes are to be fitted because the wardrobes will not be fitted with rear panelling; so we may paint a dark colour there to match the colour of the furniture instead. As it happens the furniture will be delivered a week in advance of its construction which will give us the opportunity to get the colour right. Decisions, decisions, life is full of them isn’t it? You might think by now that E and I would be well versed in decision-making considering all the home projects we have undertaken over the years and you would be right. My line of work requires decision making all of the time! However it is the small decisions we all have to make from time to time that are often the more important for getting things right. Deciding to refurbish a bedroom as we are doing starts off with the idea of refurbishing the room in the first place, the easiest decision of all. Next comes functionality, what will be needed in the room and where to put it, for example the power outlets and how to accommodate them into the wiring system. Design of furniture and placing of it, colours, fabrics, lighting, all these things need consideration and thought. When we really take a look at what is involved in any project a lot of decision-making has to be done throughout the work. Decision making is a part of everyone’s life, something we cannot avoid even if we wanted to.

Shirley Anne

Attitude problem

U.S. Patent by Thomas Edison for an improved e...

U.S. Patent by Thomas Edison for an improved electric lamp, January 27, 1880 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a phone call from an elderly lady on Monday evening asking, even pleading that I go along and replace several light bulbs of various types in many of her lighting fittings. Now I don’t usually take on such work and in fact many electricians don’t do so either. I asked if there was a neighbour or a friend, maybe someone in her family who could change the bulbs for her because I would have to levy a charge if I did the work. I was trying to save her the expense but she seemed not bothered. I gave in to her wishes and told her I would be there the following morning at 9 o’clock. Her house is about six miles from home. I sorted out some lamps from my own stock which I was prepared to supply free of charge as in fact they are no longer of use to me anyway. I arrived at her house on time and she began to show me around. She told me not to worry about the dog as he wouldn’t bite. The house reeked of stale tobacco and as I was about to take an inventory she lit up a cigarette. I asked her if she would be so kind as not to smoke indoors whilst I was there. She took objection to my request and telling me it was her house and she wouldn’t be told (I’d asked) what she could do in it. I was asked to leave, which I was only too pleased to do. I, like anyone else, have the right to refuse to work in hazardous conditions and this house was hazardous to my health. I had only been inside the house for about five minutes but when I went outside to leave I could smell the stale tobacco on my coat. Fortunately Tuesday had been a very windy day, one of several continuously windy days recently so the smell soon disappeared. I drove back home but had to make a stop in order to secure one of the ladders on the roof of the van. It took me quite some time to secure it because of the high wind. As I was doing so I received a call from one of my regular customers who asked if I could do a small job for them, change bulbs! It was kind of on my way home and I drove there to do it. I had however to drive off to the supplier to buy a special lamp. What a difference their house is to the first, clean, fresh and free from stale tobacco smells. Their whole attitude was different too!

Shirley Anne

Rolling along

English: Four 1 (single) pole circuit breakers...

Four 1 (single) pole circuit breakers fitted in a meter box. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was sitting having my evening meal on Sunday and had almost finished when i received a phone call from a lady living a half-mile away and for whom I had worked twice previously. She told me that she had lost power to her lighting circuits and cooker but that all her power outlets were still working. I didn’t think it sounded like an emergency as she did have some power but I decided to drive there anyway. As is usually the case in many homes she had to empty out the space to enable me to get at the distribution board. I don’t know why people do that but it is often the case that they do. As I was removing the front cover in order to check all the connections the lights suddenly came on. Obviously there was a loose connection of some sort and I discovered that it was the connection between the main switch live conductor and the bus-bar it supplies. That meant all the circuit breakers connected to the bus-bar would be without a supply. I tightened the terminal screw and all was fine. I went back on Monday morning to find out why her fridge wasn’t working and discovered it was switched off!
I had no other work scheduled for the day and indeed for the week at that point so I donned a pair of overalls and did some repair work on the bedroom ceiling and then I patched up the walls where I had channelled in the power cables to the outlets I had installed a week or so ago. E did a little painting. Progress is slow but rolling along in the right direction at least. In a couple of days time we hope to get the ceiling painted and some of the walls as well as nailing down all loose floorboards, though one or two will be screwed down where access to cabling might be required some time in the future in order to make lifting them easy.

This week I have my van serviced and an MOT test done, in fact today, Thursday, so I won’t be doing electrical jobs for anyone but maybe I will be working at home instead.

Shirley Anne

No walks

Heavy Weather (album)

Heavy Weather (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been some time since I went out walking, especially on a Sunday morning. There are two reasons for that, one, I have been so tired at times that all I wanted to do was rest. Two, the weather has been awful with high winds blowing and heavy rain accompanying. Who wants to go out in such weather when they don’t have to? Last Sunday I arose just as E was about to drive off to one of her outings, events held by various commercial enterprises promoting their wares where she often secures samples for the group she belongs to. Their group run competitions with the samples as prizes and give the money collected to charity. It meant that she would be out for most of the day and I would be home alone. I sometimes think I should get involved in some similar group though not necessarily of the same type but I am not really that interested. I didn’t take a shower when I arose but decided to go for a run on the treadmill instead. I have been using the treadmill more often lately because of the poor weather. Once I had finished my exercising I had breakfast whilst cooling off. I was then able to take a shower in the wet room before returning upstairs to get dressed. It is great to be able to wander around the house semi-naked without the worry of other people being there. Not that I am in the habit of lounging about semi-naked at home but there is no hurry to get dressed for any particular reason. There are things to do around the house at the moment, not least of all continuing with the bedroom but these things don’t get done on a Sunday. Sundays can get rather boring if I don’t find something to occupy myself with so that usually means reading, watching television but most of all going for walks……..sadly the weather is still lousy so no walks for the time being. Not long to wait until Spring arrives and then I will get more opportunities, the temperature is already on the rise.

Shirley Anne



I knew I ought to have done but somehow it wasn’t in me to do it! That old time-waster lethargy had taken control but it was all due to ‘tireditis’ that I found myself on Saturday not wanting to do anything. For someone who likes to work and put her hand to something constructive this is foreign to me but if I am tired I am tired and so it has to be that I take time off. I actually got the opportunity to have another extra lie in bed but was abruptly woken by my mobile phone ringing. It was my next-door neighbour but I refused to answer her call. She sometimes calls me whenever she has a problem of one sort or another and I usually lend a helping hand but I was still half asleep in bed! I put the phone beneath my pillow and waited for it to stop ringing. After what seemed an endless wait it stopped. I lay there in that dreamy state we get where we are in two minds as to whether we should jump out of bed or roll over for a spell longer, then the phone rang again! It was my next-door neighbour. Surprise, surprise but I was having none of it and let the phone ring on. This time it ended sooner and so I had to get out of bed. When I finally got downstairs at around ten-thirty I mentioned to E that our neighbour had called and had awoken me. She told me that she had been contacted by our neighbour too and that she had gone next door to lend a hand with our neighbour’s problem. Now our neighbour lives with her son who is I think about forty years of age, a policeman but who is not known for his practical skills and thus he had not been able to solve the problem. The problem? The top shelf in the dishwasher had jammed because it had slipped off its track. The rear retaining bracket had fallen off and all it needed was to be put back in place! Not exactly an emergency but E sorted it out in minutes. I missed breakfast and waited for lunch but ate a banana to tide me over. I asked E if she would like a coffee and we sat and chatted about things in general and about the bedroom refurbishment. We had the afternoon to ourselves and every opportunity to do some work in the bedroom but neither of us felt like doing so. A wasted day? Not really, we both needed the rest. There would be plenty of time to do what was necessary in the weeks ahead. Later I got in touch with the guy who will do the roof repairs so that we can get the ball rolling in that direction. Saturday was therefore a day of rest as was Sunday too.

Shirley Anne

Payment due

English: Repairs to the roof Repairs to Horsle...

Repairs to the roof Repairs to Horsley Church roof. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve spent a lot of money lately having things done at home by others or will be done by others soon. I have worked hard to earn the money to pay for it all too and there is still more work to be done yet unaccounted for, the roof repairs. The roof repair is probably the most important of them all but as I write this on Friday afternoon  it remains undone. As my readers will remember, the insurance company will not pay for the roof repairs so I contacted the guy I use for such works. At the moment all he has done is look at the problem from inside the house. No arrangements have been made to erect scaffolding and we are now waiting again. The other building works are almost completed and payment is due. All I will say is that the bill was a little more than expected so it means I have a little less at the moment to spend elsewhere. Time hopefully will change things. For everything we have there is a price to pay, for everything we do that we ought not do there is a price to pay, even if we think we’ve gotten away with it! Ultimately we will pay the price for our wrongdoing for we will be judged by our Creator God. Being a Christian will not alter the fact that I will be judged too. So why be a Christian if judgement remains? Jesus has paid the price we owe for all our sins, we have been set free because of this if we believe but nevertheless God must maintain justice as He is a just God, righteous in every way and therefore sin has to be dealt with. Believers in Christ Jesus have had their sins paid for and dealt with but those who refuse to believe their sins remain not dealt with. The result of not paying what we owe results in us paying in other ways, maybe for all eternity! All debts must be paid for both in this world and the next and if not in this world most definitely in the next! Pay your earthly debts to others but remember there is a higher authority to whom we must pay our debts too. Remember too that no amount of money can pay off our debts to God, only Jesus can pay off our debts so believe in him and be debt-free!

Shirley Anne