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Open your eyes

Posted by Shirley Anne on January 27, 2013

The distribution of the predominant Islamic ma...

The distribution of the predominant Islamic madhhab (school of law) followed in majority-Muslim countries and regions (English) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What does it take to get through to you? In a recent report there was a man in the UK being harassed in the street by Muslim men driving slowly alongside and telling him to leave the area as it was a Muslim area! They also shouted abuse accusing him of ‘looking gay’. I thought this country was ours, I thought this country was Christian but no, there is freedom for everyone to do as they please it seems, some to the good and some not. Do we want to live in a country that is run by Sharia law, becoming Islamic in the process? Be warned, it will happen if we do nothing about it. Click on the link to see what is happening in Europe…


Shirley Anne

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