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Hearing things

Taijitu within a frame of trigrams and a demon...

Taijitu within a frame of trigrams and a demon warding mirror, these charms photographed above a window in in a residential area of Harbin Road, are believed to frighten away evil spirits and to protect the dwelling from bad luck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had been out in the garden for a while on Monday and E had gone out. It was around one o’clock and I had ideas of dining out sometime later in the afternoon. I ended up not dining out as you will have read in yesterday’s post. As I came into the house through the cellar I could hear quite plainly the muffled  sound of voices above my head and seemingly from the lounge. As I continued to walk across the cellar room I began to think that E was back home but the voice sounded more like that of  our youngest son. All this happened in the space of a few seconds, the time it took to walk across the room. When I opened the door to enter the small hallway in the cellar where the stairway to the upper floor is located the sound of voices disappeared. I still thought E was at home but when I checked it was apparent that she wasn’t. Now it may have been that I was  ‘just hearing things’ as some people might say but the voices sounded so genuine when I heard them. A similar event happened two years ago and I wrote about it in a post. which you can read here http://minkyweasel.com/2013/03/12/spirit-world/ . It is possible that there are roaming spirits in the house but I still have reservations about that. As a Christian I am well aware that houses can be occupied by evil spirits and if I thought that the case I would certainly be seeking help to get rid of them. I certainly wouldn’t be relying upon an artifact nailed to the outside of a window as in the picture shown. I do not think myself to be in any danger though for I believe Jesus Christ is my protection. Nevertheless it is weird to hear things yet not know for certain if the sounds were just in my head or if they came from an unseen force.

Shirley Anne

If not now, when?

Debate between Catholics and Oriental Christia...

Debate between Catholics and Oriental Christians in the 13th century, Acre 1290. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember years ago being challenged by my (then) friends regarding my lack of faith and belief in God. As it happens these friends were Catholics and regularly attended their local church like most Catholics do. They often urged me to think about the possibility of God’s existence but in those days I was still very much an atheist. Never once did they preach to me though. When one day in 1988 I casually picked up an old Bible belonging to E from the days when she went through the Church of England communion process. She was made to go to church by her mom and I guess that is why she is strongly against the faith now. She has always been a stubborn person and takes after her late father in that respect. Getting back to the good book, I read it through from beginning to end though at the time I didn’t know what drove me to do it. Long before then I remember seeing a card somewhere with the following verse printed on it, a tract, the type given out by Christians as an outreach. The verse was this: Matthew 16:24…. If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. I didn’t exactly know what the verse meant but it stuck in my mind. Having read the Bible through completely it sparked an urge to learn more and I pursued that desire for I had to know one way or the other if this God was true. Although I had been an atheist for many years I found myself reaching out to God through my poetry and later I found that rather strange. However I didn’t even think about it being strange at the time for my thoughts were focused on the one thing, getting to know God, His gift of life through Jesus and the power of The Holy Spirit. So often I read comments from unbelievers who think all religion is false and unnecessary and in fact I actually believe the same! I believe however that we can have a relationship with our Creator God and that we can have salvation through Jesus Christ but these things don’t come automatically, we have to reach out and take the gift and we have to believe both in God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son. We also have to repent and take up our cross and follow him, just as the verse says. Our whole life changes in that we look upon things differently and our attitudes change, we steer clear of evil things and seek always God’s ways. We don’t always succeed but we persevere asking forgiveness when we get it wrong. God looks at our hearts, what makes us tick and whether we place our trust in Him or not. Our reward is in Heaven and for those who still don’t believe in anything beyond the grave I think I prefer an eternity in Heaven to a short life in the flesh, no matter how great we might think our present lives are. There isn’t any reason  why we cannot have a great life now as well as a greater one in eternity but we must desire and seek after God’s will or neither will be ours.


Shirley Anne


Not satisfied

Easter egg

Easter egg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you were to be asked to indulge in something which went against your principles or your beliefs do you think you would do so anyway? If it were to partake in some ritual perhaps or something in which you thought stupid and pointless would you still resist? How about joining a witches coven? A devil worshiping group? Perhaps these things might be of interest to some but I’ll wager not the majority of people. Suppose you were asked to think about becoming a Muslim or a Christian, a Buddhist or a Hindu if you don’t have any religious convictions, would you refuse? Well of course you would, each of us have our beliefs and when confronted with something totally against our desires and wills we resist. We may be persuaded or not depending upon our openness to such things. For instance those who are not Hindus probably wouldn’t observe Hindu festivals, those who are Muslims not Christian festivals and so on. There are those however who would celebrate festivals of faiths not their own, you have only to see what happens on and around 25 December! Christmas is celebrated by those who don’t believe in Christ and have even gone so far as to demand that Christ is left out of the celebrations. They misunderstand what Christmas is all about and have turned it into something completely different. In the western world this has become the standard, the way people behave, yet it doesn’t stop there. Not satisfied with corrupting Christmas their thoughts now turn to Easter and in a few years I can see that festival going the same way. It all starts supposedly innocently with the introduction of the Easter egg, then the Easter bunny and chicks. I wonder what next they will think of in the name of commercialism and it is all fueled by commercialism. Look at the advertisements on television on the approach to Easter. Special foodstuffs are now being promoted just as they do at Christmas. In fact every known gift is being advertised, things such as perfumes and aftershave lotions. What these have to do with Easter can only be imagined. These sacred festivals become something they are not meant to be and their message is lost to those who might otherwise hear and believe. How many children will be stuffing their faces with chocolate this Easter and not hearing the message about Jesus dying for them? How many parents couldn’t care less? They say secularism and Christianity should be kept poles apart. Try telling that to those in commerce. Where there is money to be made they will never be satisfied. As for me I believe that Jesus died for me, took my punishment for all my sins upon himself thereby setting me free. He didn’t come with a chocolate egg!

Shirley Anne

Brothers and sisters

Brothers & Sisters (song)

Brothers & Sisters (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For so many years I was an avid unbeliever, an atheist, stubbornly refusing to have anything to do with ‘religion’ and totally against the idea of a creator God. That all changed about twenty-six years ago when I began to study The Bible and finding myself reaching out to this god whom I had rejected. At that time I was writing poems and verses and most of them concerned God and my reaching out to Him. I became a Christian, born again of The Spirit of God or as many say a ‘born again Christian‘. Whatever terminology is used I became a believer and began to understand what it meant to be a Christian. The message was quite simple, is quite simple…..We are all sinners, helpless to pay the price for those sins and we need a Saviour, someone who would pay the price for us and thereby set us free. That Saviour is Jesus. We need to repent of our sins and accept Jesus as Saviour so that we can be saved from eternal punishment.
John 3:16 ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.’

God did it for us. How amazing is that? We have to reach out and take that gift though. I did that early in 1989 when I became a Christian believer. I learned that I had to tell others for it was and is incumbent on me to do so. A Christian believer who fails to witness to others is being disobedient to the One who saves them.

The great commission

Matthew 28:

 16 Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. 17 When they saw him, they worshipped him; but some doubted. 18 Then Jesus came to them and said, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.’

We are to tell others about The Gospel…..the Good News………..the truth that is in Christ Jesus and the salvation offered in his name. So brothers and sisters in Christ remember your obligation and witness wherever you are and as the opportunity arises.

Shirley Anne

The real meaning of Christmas


For some time now I have not celebrated Christmas as I once used to. As a child I was brought up in the traditional ways of Christmas celebrations, decorations, trees, lights, tinsel, presents, Christmas fayre, festivities, and the like and when I became an adult, alcohol and parties too were all part of what Christmas was about. It was simply a time of year to do these things and ‘live it up’. It was only after I became a Christian that I began to question many of these traditions. Why do we do these things? What is it really all about especially if Christ is left out of it all? The real answer to these questions is that Christ wasn’t in them in first place! All of what we do, if we do these things hasn’t anything to do with Christ or the celebration of his birth, they are all simply man-made traditions and are the ways of the world. If people wish to celebrate in this way then I say let them but don’t pretend it is a celebration of  Christ’s birth, it isn’t that. So I choose not to be a part of it but am encouraged to comply wherever I look.


Thank God for Jesus Christ but we have to thank the ways of the world for all the rubbish that is supposed to be for His birthday celebration.

Shirley Anne

School bans Christmas tree

January 3, 1863 cover of Harper's Weekly, one ...

January 3, 1863 cover of Harper’s Weekly, one of the first depictions of Santa Claus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently there was an article posted on Vine of Life about an American school banning Christmas trees and the colours red and green as part of their policy not to allow any religion to be promoted for fear of offending those who may be anti-Christian. The link to the whole article is below.
One respondent’s comment follows…

Even though a school would have no right to shove God Jehovah
Jireh down the throats of anyone – This school does not realize just how
‘Biblically’ correct they are being with banning the
‘Christmas/Anti-Christ tree of Satan and the ‘Satanic colors of red and
green. Christians refuse to listen to the truth because they want to
play Christmas and be involved in all of the shopping and gifts and the
garbage so they have to somehow justify what they do by pretending as if
Christmas is about Jesus Christ, when Christmas is about the
Anti-Christ. They worship the death of Christ by celebrating Christmas –
and they justify it in their minds so they can believe that they are
‘Biblically’ correct.

Even the name, “Christmas” is pagan! “Christi” meant “Christ”, while
“Mas” meant Mass. Since all pagan Masses are commemorating “death”, the
name, “Christmas” literally means the “death of Christ”. A deeper
meaning lies in the mention of “Christ” without specifying Jesus. Thus,
Antichrist is in view here; the pagans celebrate “Christmas” as a
celebration of their coming Antichrist, who will deal a death blow to
the Jesus Christ of Christianity.

Consider the pagan roots of our popular symbols of Christmas:

(1) Christmas Tree – The sacred tree of the winter-god; Druids believed
the spirit of their gods resided in the tree. Most ancient pagans knew
the tree represented Nimrod reincarnated into Tammuz! Pagans also looked
upon the tree as a phallic symbol.

(2) Star – Pentalpha, the five-pointed star. The pentalpha is a
powerful symbol of Satan, second only to the hexagram. The star is the
sacred symbol of Nimrod, and has nothing whatsoever to do with

(3) Candles represent the sun-gods’ newly-born fire. Pagans the world
over love and use candles in their rituals and ceremonies. Certain
colors are also thought to represent specific powers. The extensive use
of candles is usually a very good indication that the service is pagan,
no matter what the outward trappings might be.

(4) Mistletoe is the sacred plant of the Druids, symbolizing pagan
blessings of fertility; thus, kissing under the mistletoe is the first
step in the reproductive cycle! Witches also use the white berries in

(5) Wreaths are circular, and so they represent the female sexual
organs. Wreaths are associated with fertility and the “circle of life”.

(6) Santa Claus – Former Satanists have told me that “Santa” is an
anagram for “Satan”. In the New Age, the god, “Sanat Kamura”, is most
definitely an anagram for “Satan”. The mythical attributes and powers
ascribed to Santa are eerily close to those possessed by Jesus Christ.

(7) Reindeer are horned animals representing the “horned-god” or the
“stag-god” of pagan religion! Santa’s traditional number of reindeer in
his team is eight (8); in Satanic gematria, eight is the number of “new
beginnings”, or the cycle of reincarnation. The Illuminati views the
number “eight” as a symbol of their New World Order.

(8) Elves are imp-like creatures who are Santa’s (Satan’s) little helpers. They are also demons.

(9) Green and Red are the traditional colors of the season, as they
are the traditional pagan colors of winter. Green is Satan’s favorite
color, so it is appropriate it should be one of the traditional colors
for Christmas; red is the color of human blood, Satan’s highest form of
sacrifice – for this reason, Communism adopted red as it main color!

(10) December 25 is known as the “nativity” of the sun. This date is
the birthday of Tammuz, the son, the reincarnation of the sun god.
Traditionally, December 21 is known as Yule. The Roman Catholic Church
moved the celebration of Yule to December 25.

(11) December 25 is also known to the Romans as “Saturnalia”, a time
of deliberate debauchery. Drinking through repeated toasting – known as
‘wassail’ – was a key to the debauchery of this celebration. Fornication
was symbolized by the mistletoe, and the entire event was finished with
a Great Feast, the Christmas Dinner.

(12) Even the name, “Christmas” is pagan! “Christi” meant “Christ”,
while “Mas” meant Mass. Since all pagan Masses are commemorating
“death”, the name, “Christmas” literally means the “death of Christ”. A
deeper meaning lies in the mention of “Christ” without specifying Jesus.
Thus, Antichrist is in view here; the pagans celebrate “Christmas” as a
celebration of their coming Antichrist, who will deal a death blow to
the Jesus Christ of Christianity.

Early American Christian Pilgrims refused to celebrate this day.

And you thought you were celebrating the birth of Christ by following the traditions of men? Well those of you who are Christians. For those who are not it means nothing to them anyway but in my opinion they are siding with satan by going along with it all.

Shirley Anne

A simple message

Česky: Kříže - symbol utrpení Ježíše Krista a ...

Česky: Kříže – symbol utrpení Ježíše Krista a jeho ukřižování (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I believe in God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Once I did not. In my life I have been an atheist far longer than I have been a Christian. I wanted to know about God, I wanted to know if He really did exist so I searched for Him. I wrote poems about Him and I asked if He would reveal Himself to me. I started to read The Bible. I knew there was a message to hear and I wanted to know what it was. For some time I had an idea of what it meant to be a Christian and to follow Jesus but my doctrine was a little off-course. I was encouraged by a friend to speak to the pastor of the church she attended so that I could find out more. I was a little reluctant at first but plucked up the courage to make the appointment. It was a very relaxed and informal meeting I had with this pastor and later his wife and we chatted about my beliefs. I was under no pressure and was simply encouraged to read certain passages from my Bible at my leisure. The pastor explained a few things about Scripture, about religion and about the message of salvation as I recall and after an hour I left for home. Many ‘born again’ Christians will tell you they had an experience of some sort, a revelation, an encounter with God and I can tell you they are not making it up for I had such an encounter if you will. Three days after that meeting whilst lying in bed, I felt an overwhelming sense of love engulf me and I instinctively knew it was God, The Holy Spirit. My whole body was cocooned in a loving embrace which I have never yet been able to truly explain or convey. It was an experience that had to be experienced at a personal level. I was born again. For each person who comes to God, to Jesus, it is different. When someone is living in a dark room and the light is switched on they begin to see things they never knew or saw before. So it is with those who come to believe. They receive forgiveness of sins if they repent, they receive a gift like no other gift they have ever received, they receive the gift of salvation and everlasting life because they believed in God the Father and in the One He sent, His only begotten Son Jesus Christ who actually died for all their wrongdoing. As John 3:16 says

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

And that is it! The message is simple, the gift is free and all you have to do is reach out and take it………

Shirley Anne

Feet in both camps?


In a day or two many people will be celebrating Halloween and many of those people confess themselves to be Christian. As Halloween is based upon ancient pagan and other rituals those who call themselves Christian should consider into which camp they are placing their feet for we cannot worship both God and the things of Satan. This article explains the history surrounding the festival known as Halloween and is taken from this site…





The history of Halloween


Torn between fun and scary traditions, between religious celebration and pagan superstition, Halloween has long surpassed the boundaries of the English speaking countries. The holiday marked by costumed parties, bonfires, carved pumpkins, wandering souls and creepy house decorations made its triumphal entry in different cultures all over the world, demolishing religious barriers and quenching people’s thirst for spooky fun. However, Halloween has passed through numerous stages and has been constantly “refined” by religious beliefs and historical conditions until it reached its current version. Its history has been marked by witchcraft, strange beliefs, pagan rituals and Christian vanities, culminating with a tribute paid to the Holly Marketing which managed to make Halloween a profitable business all over the world.




During Samhain people dressed up in animal skins to chase away the spirits and the wild animals which may get close to the celebrating crowd. There was also the habit for women to endorse manly clothing and men to dress up in women’s clothing to deceive the spirits. This is probably the first trace of the Halloween costume tradition, a tradition that will be successfully perpetuated along time.


Another Halloween tradition that it’s supposed to have its origins in this 2,000 years old festival is the pumpkin carving. The Celts took parts of the bonfire to their homes to protect their belongings from the avenging spirits, so they carved turnips, rutabagas and gourds to safely transport the fire. However, other traditions, legends and myths, including the well-known Stingy Jack’s story, are also associated with the pumpkin carving tradition.



Halloween and the Roman Conquest


In 43 A.D., the territories inhabited by Celtic population were conquered by the Romans, who brought with them their own culture civilization and beliefs. The Romans celebrated the dead on Feralia, a holiday which took place in late October, so the Celtic traditions were successfully combined with the Roman ones, bringing Halloween one step closer to the holiday we all know today. In addition to Feralia, there was another Roman holiday which impacted Halloween – Pomona. Pomona was the goddess of trees and was symbolized by an apple, therefore there are signs that the tradition of bobbing apples was a Roman ritual taken over by the Celts and incorporated in the traditional Samhain.


Halloween and Christianity


Samhain was a celebration which survived in time and the Celtic beliefs, although altered by the passing of time, continued to have a great impact on the British Islands inhabitants. Their Christianization has not affected their faith in wandering spirits, in the purifying power of bonfires and in Druidic prophecies. However, the Christian authorities were not fond of the idea that a festival reminiscent from a pagan religion was still practiced in Christian communities. Therefore the efforts of abolishing the Samhain were more intense in the 7th and 8th century, culminating with a “Christianization” of the original celebration.


In 609 A.D. Pope Boniface IV established May 13th as Day of the Dead in an attempt to erase old Celtic rituals and beliefs. However, the bonfires and costumes specific to Samhain were still seen in the last day of October, sign that the pagan celebration was held in parallel with the Christian holiday. This determined Pope Gregory III to overlap the Christian holiday with the pagan ritual, in an attempt to transform the old celebration in a religious holiday that will commemorate the dead as well as the Christian martyrs and saints. The holiday was renamed “All Saints Day” or “All Hollows Day” (or Hallowmas which in Old English stands for “All Saints Day”) and was celebrated on November 1st. Yet, the ghost of Samhain continued to hunt the Christian authorities as the English communities did not want to give up the ancient festival. Because it preceded All Hollows Day, the celebration was known as “All Hollows Eve” (which has later on evolved into “Halloween”).


Alongside the religious celebration, another Halloween tradition was born. Instead of leaving food at the doors for the wandering spirits, people were encouraged to share parts of their meals or specially baked “soul cookies” with the poor in exchange of prayers for dead’s souls. Christians believed that the dead will not step in the other world unless the living prayed intensely for their soul. In exchange of a “soul cookie” (sweet pastry) poor people promised to pray for the dead, ensuring their smooth passage in the other world. The process was called “go a-souling” and it rapidly grew popular among children too, preceding what we now know as “trick-or-treat”.


Halloween and Guy Fawkes


Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes


The introduction of the Protestant religion left people without one of their favorite holidays: the All Hollow’s Eve. The Protestants did not recognize the saints and their importance in the mediation between person and God, therefore a holiday that would celebrate the saints was unnecessary. However, the holiday was reincarnated in Guy Fawkes Day in 1606, when Fawkes was executed for his attempt of removing King James from the throne on November, 5th. Bonfires (known as “bone fires”) were lit again, this time to symbolically burn Pope’s bones, while children roamed from door to door asking for money to build their own effigies. While the phrase “a penny for Guy” was popular at the time, the Guy Fawkes Day was soon left in oblivion.


Halloween is a complex holiday which has grown, evolved and refined along with the times and societies in which it has been practiced. Yet, its core always remained the same: there is a time when boundaries are blurred, social barriers are crossed and reality mingles with fantasy in a one of a kind moment. That time is called Halloween!


Christian, come out from among those who worship not the things of God……..

Shirley Anne

God does what He says He will do

The Greatest Promise of God

The Greatest Promise of God (Photo credit: MikeVC)

Isaiah 9 v 2-7

2 The people walking in darkness
have seen a great light;
on those living in the land of deep darkness
a light has dawned.
3 You have enlarged the nation
and increased their joy;
they rejoice before you
as people rejoice at the harvest,
as warriors rejoice
when dividing the plunder.
4 For as in the day of Midian’s defeat,
you have shattered
the yoke that burdens them,
the bar across their shoulders,
the rod of their oppressor.
5 Every warrior’s boot used in battle
and every garment rolled in blood
will be destined for burning,
will be fuel for the fire.
6 For to us a child is born,
to us a son is given,
and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
7 Of the greatness of his government and peace
there will be no end.
He will reign on David’s throne
and over his kingdom,
establishing and upholding it
with justice and righteousness
from that time on and for ever.
The zeal of the Lord Almighty
will accomplish this.

In a couple of month’s time, yes it isn’t that far off, Christians and non-Christians alike will be celebrating Christmas. Those who believe will be celebrating the birth of their Saviour and the rest will be celebrating for other reasons. Those other reasons may well be for good things such as being with family and friends and enjoying pleasant times together but they will not be celebrating the birth of a saviour, yet a saviour is exactly what they need. They don’t see that because their eyes are blind to the truth, their backs are turned away from the light and they are held captive by the things of the flesh. Their hearts are cold. God foretold the birth of a saviour, the Saviour of the world, His only begotten Son our Lord Jesus the Christ, the Messiah some six hundred years or more before it happened. Not only His birth but how it was to come about! His birth was therefore expected and yet when Jesus came and died for mankind many rejected Him. Even today they still reject Him, yet they need Him. The problem is they do not realize their need nor recognize it. Why did God give His Son? Why did Jesus suffer on a cross? Because we are all sinners and that alone keeps us from God, separates us from Him but God demonstrates His love for us in this…………

Romans 5:8
But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

He died that we, if we repent and believe in our hearts that He died for us we will be saved. Saved from what? Saved from eternal damnation and separation from God. God is just and will judge our hearts but He is merciful not wanting that anyone should perish. He offers us a way out, a free gift, Jesus. Would you really not accept such a gift? Why remain stubborn and condemned? Do something about it today, come to Jesus. Remember, God is true to His word, He will do what He promises to do……..

Shirley Anne

Nice comments


It isn’t that often I receive nice comments and compliments from my readers, or anyone else for that matter, so it is lovely to receive one when it happens. This is especially so when it is received from a complete stranger. Brandye, as she is known had read one or two of my posts and pages and decided to follow my blog, which was very nice of her to do. As always when somebody follows my blog I write back and thank them. Unfortunately not all those who do leave contact information and I am unable to respond but I thank them anyway. Here is the thread on her blog in connection to Brandye’s ‘follow’ of my site,

Shirley Anne says:

July 17, 2013 at 3:49 pm

Thanks for the follow at Minkyweasel World

Shirley Anne x


Brandye Dague says:

July 19, 2013 at 4:52 am

Has anyone told u lately that you’re awesome! I love your about me page! I can feel a love flowing from you just from the words you wrote! Wow, so you were an atheist – what was that like? When did u accept Yeshua & how did it happen? I think this comment stuck out the most when reading your page: In all that I do I try to be fair with people and will not shy away from those I meet who are in need.

You are awesome! Father, I pray that your wisdom & guidance be upon Shirley. I thank you for her heart. Fill her with ALL of you Yah, a burning fire w/in her heart that cannot be snuffed out by anything or anyone. I bless her w/ peace, abundance & perfect self-expression in Your name – amen.


Shirley Anne says:

July 19, 2013 at 10:02 am

Thank you for your nice comments, I don’t deserve them. What you want to know is on another page, ‘My Faith’. However, I became a Christian on 6th February 1989 at the age of 43. I began searching for God the year before through the poems and songs I’d written at that time. I began to read the Bible and I did that from beginning to end. I wanted to learn and God was teaching me. I have since read The Bible 30 more times and continue to do so. The whole story can be found in the other pages at Minkyweasel World if you are interested.  That fire in my heart continues to burn and it shall not be snuffed out, it is guarded by The Holy Spirit within me.

Shirley Anne x

If anyone wants to know more about me the information is all there in the above pages but more especially and importantly the information on how to receive forgiveness for sins and eternal life through and in the name of Jesus is there too. You only have to seek God with all sincerity of heart and He shall be found. It is something you should not ignore for tomorrow may be too late.

Shirley Anne


A bit of a milestone perhaps?

English: "Selkirk reading his Bible"

“Selkirk reading his Bible” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Wednesday last week I reached a bit of a milestone. Since becoming a Christian I set my mind to reading though The Bible as many times as I could, simply to gain more understanding as to the reasons I came to believe and what it all actually means. During the previous seven months to my conversion, my deliverance, my accepting Jesus as my Saviour, call it what you will, I had read through The Bible from cover to cover in my search for God and to gain understanding. I was determined to read through its pages again for I realised there was much more to learn than just from reading it through once or by selecting abstract passages alone. The whole set of its books must be read because they are inextricably linked. I have honoured that promise I made to myself and throughout my 24 years as a Christian I have read through The Bible now 30 times having just finished reading through from cover to cover again on Wednesday. That is on average more than once a year. Of course I read many of its books and pages in isolation as well as making reference frequently to confirm what other Christians are saying or just for self-edification and reassurance but mostly to learn and to gain understanding. People who make reference to certain passages to perhaps justify their unbelief or their attitude and lifestyles and who have probably not read through The Bible even once do not realise that The Bible cannot be used in this way. The Bible and the messages it contains need to be studied in-depth and that takes time. Although I have read it more than 30 times I am still learning and I am the first to admit that I have much to learn yet. A milestone may have been reached but there are many more of them along the road yet! After a short break I will probably return again to The Book of Genesis and start over.

Shirley Anne

Illogical Atheists?

Atheists, Reconsider

Atheists, Reconsider

First of all I must state that as a Christian I have no problem with those who are atheist for I was one once. It isn’t a disease just as much as being a Christian isn’t. Conflict arises where there are social issues and concerns to consider. Christians are people who believe in a deity, a creator who made all things, everything we can and cannot see even ourselves whereas atheists do not believe in a deity and therefore must believe everything we see including ourselves came about by other means. That is simple logic. Christians are under attack when they try to influence how everyone else is supposed to live and which laws we should have to govern our societies. In the case of the UK, Christianity has been the influencing power, whether for the good or in some cases unfortunately for the bad over most of the last two millenia. Our laws are based upon those written in Scripture and from a Christian’s point of view, God-given. At this point I think many, if not all atheists would agree with the basic laws we have but not necessarily all of the others, the ones written in Scripture concerning certain moral and behavioural lifestyles. The Christian believes and agrees with the whole tenet of the law whereas the atheist agrees only in part. As an example, atheists who happen to be homosexual would not agree with what Scripture says about it but may be perfectly in agreement over the law which says, we should not kill (murder). There are many other examples. People will pick and choose from Scripture as it suits their belief system or non-belief system. Either the Bible is wholly true or none of it is. It cannot be both, at least to the believer. Atheism is also a belief system, though many atheists would immediately disagree and this is where they are illogical. Everybody believes in something, including atheists. Ask an atheist what they believe and it will probably be different from another who is an atheist. The real problem starts with Creation. Just how did we get here? This is a question that has been asked since the birth of mankind and there are only two fundamental possibilities. One is that everything was created and the other is that all things have eternally existed and only one of those can be right. When the latter possibility is studied and examined it becomes impossible to believe but when we study Creation as having been created by God everything falls into place quite easily. The more we delve into the Universe and how it came about the more the Creation model appears to be the truth. Unless we consider how the Universe was made we cannot make the decision that God doesn’t exist. If only the atheist would see that. Christians have the faith to believe He does.

Shirley Anne

That’s ridiculous isn’t it?


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People just do not want to admit that God exists even when there is much evidence. I mean it’s ridiculous isn’t it that there should be a God who wants us to know about Him. Those who take the time to watch this short video may turn and say things like ‘There are unseen forces that we know nothing about yet’, or ‘We have much to learn about the human body and its capabilities to heal’. They will make up any story other than face the fact that God really does exist. The Bible says as much. There is a veil which blinds them to the truth and their hearts are hardened. They see with their eyes yet they cannot understand. I know these things for I was in that state before the veil was lifted from my eyes. I always chose not to believe until that one day I began to seek God out and months later it all finally dawned upon me. I became a Christian and if you’d have known the previous version of me you would swear it was impossible. Since that glorious day when I saw and understood I have come into contact with more and more evidence of things like miraculous healing and  activity in the spirit realm. You see, if you are not actively following God you are doing something else which keeps you from seeing these things because they are of no interest to you. Here is a remarkable story about God’s angels and the subsequent miraculous healing that followed one man’s rescue from certain death.  Take the time to watch this short video.



Jesus Heals ... Cancer??

Jesus Heals … Cancer?? (Photo credit: Better Than Bacon)

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  1. politbike(62 months ago)

    Why is it sad? There are well documented cases of The Lord Jesus healing people of cancer (for instance, see: www.godhealscancer.com/ ) – the evidence is there if we open our eyes & look, but some people still choose not to believe the evidence, because of the word “God”. Atheism & Secularism are belief systems, not the antithesis of belief. It was G K Chesterton who said: “When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing — they believe in anything.”

  2. Better Than Bacon (59 months ago)

    Well, you know why I think it’s sad.

    Am I supposed to go buy that book now? I’ll trust double-blind studies over anecdotal “cases,” no matter how ‘documented’ they are. One of the only studies cited in support of prayer is by R. C. Byrd, and I think the most he could claim is that Jesus Power gives you +6% chance of surviving a specific ailment, or something, which is fishy first of all and hilarious even if it’s true.

    You don’t understand what constitutes evidence. You just don’t understand how it works, and how easy it is to delude yourself with anecdotes. That’s sad, too.

  3. politbike(59 months ago)

    My comment was a question, yours is a judgmental statement. What makes you think I “don’t understand what constitutes evidence”, especially as you neither know me, or my background?

    If somebody has what the doctors diagnose as inoperable cancer and then as a direct result of prayer and laying on of hands has no sign of the disease, I would call that evidence of a miracle, as would any intelligent person.

    Please do not accuse me of being “deluded with anecdotes”, simply because of your own unbelief. I have first hand experience of healing miracles. If you choose not to believe, that is your choice, but please do not insult the intelligence of those who have seen, beyond doubt, the healing power of prayer.

    You must remember that Bible believing Christians are NOT some sort of uneducated, gullible sub-culture. Many Christians were once hard hearted atheists. What makes you so sure that you will never change?

  4. Better Than Bacon (59 months ago)

    “If somebody has what the doctors diagnose as inoperable cancer and then, a few days later has no sign of the disease, I would call that evidence of a miracle, as would any intelligent person.”

    Yeesh. Turns out I was right to be judgemental.

    There are plenty of intelligent, educated Christians, for sure. I was arguing with a friend one time about the effects of his prayers, and how he could ‘see’ that it worked and that it couldn’t be tested. Twenty minutes later, the conversation drifted, and we ended up both sharing a bewildered laugh at how stupid people were for doing rain dances, for centuries, because they could ‘see’ that it worked but never bothered to really check. Despite being an intelligent guy (more so than I), the irony was lost on him.

  5. politbike(59 months ago)

    People doubt because they have preconceived opinions as to what does and does not constitute truth. It is pride which prevents people from acknowledging the work of God when they see it; pride in thinking that just perhaps the prejudices they have against God’s word are wrong. Also, many non-believers ideas of Christianity are totally deluded, but they refuse to be educated, thinking that they know best.

    There are some healings I have seen which go beyond doubt, where even the most atheistic doctors are lost for words. It is these which I would say are the true miracles. Unfortunately, even then, the skeptics will claim that the illness would have got better on its own. Some people refuse to see the evidence of God working, even when it is obvious.

  6. Better Than Bacon (59 months ago)

    I know this is condescending but, to give a feeling for how you sound to someone like me, I’ll translate your reply:

    However, there are some rain storms I have seen which go beyond doubt, where even the most atheistic meteorologists are lost for words. It is these which I would say are the true miracles. Unfortunately, even then, the skeptics will claim that the rain would have come on its own. Some people refuse to see the evidence of the rain dance working, even when it is obvious.

    Or, if that seems too far removed (it doesn’t to me), think of analogous ‘translations’ for Islam, Scientology, or the IPU. Like it or not, you’re lumped with them because your explanation is equally unjustified, superficial, and unsatisfying.

  7. politbike(59 months ago)

    You disappoint me, my friend. Just when you were beginning to look at the subject with an open mind, your humanistic fear of anything which cannot be scientifically rationalised begins to rear its ugly head again.

    Do you have first hand experience of atomic science, brain surgery, Radio Astronomy, etc. No? But you trust the teachings of those who do. However, when it comes to Christian healing, you have no first hand experience or knowledge of the subject, but you claim to be an expert, able to dismiss out of hand the knowledge of those who do!

    It was you, not me who first mooted the strange idea of linking Christian healing with native American rain dances. For someone who eschews “superstition”, you seem to have a fixation with this particular tradition. Your analogy is very tenuous, so let me offer another “translation”…

    “Or, if that seems too far removed (it doesn’t to me, because I’m open to any discussion except on the subject of Christianity, because I’m an expert on it), think of analogous ‘translations’ for Islam, Scientology, Humanism, Secularism, Atheism, or the IPU. Like it or not, I’m lumped with them because my explanation is equally unjustified, superficial, and unsatisfying”.


    You can’t have a balanced, open discussion if you are not open to listening to all explanations. There are many testimonies to the fact that Jesus DOES heal. Your argument relies on providing evidence that Jesus does NOT heal. If you cannot provide this evidence, your comments stand on shaky ground. In other words, either put up, or shut up. Your preconceived prejudices on the subject of Christian healing, together with your arrogant assumption that all Christian views are “wrong” are serious blockages to your supposed search for rational enlightenment.

  8. Better Than Bacon (59 months ago)

    Do you have first hand experience of atomic science, brain surgery, Radio Astronomy, etc. No? But you trust the teachings of those who do.

    If there were Hindu astronomy, Christian astronomy, Secular astronomy etc, and they all arrived at different conclusions via the same means, we’d both be sceptical about those means. That situation would suggest that the methodology doesn’t separate what is true from what is false.

    The fact that we don’t have Christian astronomy versus Islamic astronomy bodes well for the methodology of science; it factors out the human bias as much as possible, and humans can be pretty biased depending on what culture/era they’re born in. If you were transported to India as an infant and raised there, you’d have a totally different set of beliefs incompatible with Christianity. Would you be saved? If not, who’s ‘fault’ is it then?

    The question of whether prayer increases one’s chances of surviving cancer is a scientific question, because you’re positing both an observable cause and an observable effect. People have done these intercessory prayer studies for all kinds of illnesses, and the double-blind studies invariably find no relationship. This doesn’t rule out Jesus healing people, it just means that whenever scientists are watching ol’ J.C is content letting people (and their families) suffer horribly drawn out deaths.

    However, when it comes to Christian healing, you have no first hand experience or knowledge of the subject, but you claim to be an expert

    I am most certainly not an expert, and don’t ever intend to be, for the same reason I’m not an expert in Scientology. You’re not an expert in Scientology, so how can you discount the power of their Tech? Maybe because you think they’re a cult espousing totally retarded nonsense made up by a second-rate sci-fi writer? (okay, now I’m speaking for you, sorry…). Again, you trust what people have to say if you trust their methodology, and that’s why I trust what scientists have to say, and not what Scientologists or Christians think happened.

    Anyway, you said the analogy between rain dancing and prayer was tenuous, but I don’t understand what distinguishes one “cause->effect” hypothesis from the other.

    There are many testimonies to the fact that Jesus DOES heal.

    Don’t conflate testimonials with evidence. Double-blind studies are evidence, and they speak volumes. Someone who just goes around witnessing ‘miracle healing’ doesn’t have any perspective on all the times healing didn’t occur, because they’re not paying attention.

    Your argument relies on providing evidence that Jesus does NOT heal. If you cannot provide this evidence, your comments stand on shaky ground. In other words, either put up, or shut up.

    I tried to bypass this kind of silliness with the IPU link. Maybe you can put up or shut up about the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Ugh, these replies are getting longer and rehashing standard arguments. Go do some reading. I have to work.

  9. politbike(59 months ago)

    Your comments on the IPU and the Flying Spaghetti Monster are totally spurious. Atheists do not actually believe in these things, they are just a childish “insult” thrown at people whose faith they do not, cannot, or will not share. That is their choice. Atheism is NOT “anti belief”, it is simply another belief system. I can tell that you are getting nervous, when you throw casual “insults” like “do some reading”. I have read much more on the subject that you have, otherwise I wouldn’t take the stand I now do. As I have said, you do not know me, my background or qualifications, so you should think before you speak/type.

    In the paraphrased words of St. Paul; “If we [Christians] are wrong, we are to be pitied, but in the end, have lost nothing. If You [non-believers] are wrong, you will have lost everything. The choice is yours, but are you prepared to take that chance?

    I too have a life outside YouTube and it appears we’re not going to convince each other. I will pray for you.

  10. Better Than Bacon (59 months ago)

    The point of IPU and FSM is to show you what it’s like to argue with a believer. I could go on and on pretending to believe in strict Pastafarianism—challenging you to prove me wrong, “Pasta has spread all over the world, where’s the evidence that FSM doesn’t exist?” and so forth—all to show you what it’s like to face a ridiculous statement like “YOU must provide evidence that Jesus does NOT heal.” Don’t dismiss the comparison—use it to gain perspective and to avoid sounding similarly ridiculous yourself.

    I’m sure you’ve read a lot on the subject of religion, but I’m suggesting you read on the subject of refuting religious arguments. If you want to convince a sceptic to reflect on his or her biases, you’ve got to do better than parroting standard nonsense like Pascal’s wager and “atheism is just another belief system” (you know the quote “atheism is a religion like ‘not collecting stamps’ is a hobby”).

    Besides, atheism is a conclusion, not a ‘system’. Anyway, except for its effects on politics all of this is just philosophical, so no sense getting too upset about it. Have a nice life.

  11. politbike(59 months ago)

    Who’s getting upset? All I am saying is you cannot be conclusive. Like most Christians, I have made the transition from non-belief to belief. You may do the same one day. In the meantime, your use of insults and claimed “conclusions” is unnecessary, unhelpful and uneducated. God bless.


    How stubborn are the hearts who refuse to claim the truth, who refuse the free gift of everlasting life through Jesus Christ who took upon himself the sins of the world, even your sins, so that all who believe in him and the One who sent him shall be saved and have that everlasting life! If it was a free gift of £10,000 you’d take it………this free gift is for eternity!

    Shirley Anne

She told me that I was good…..

It Ain't My Fault

It ain’t good and it ain’t my fault 

On Thursday last week I was asked to try to sort out an electrical problem with someone’s shower circuit. The fault was discovered by a newly qualified electrician, an acquaintance of mine, who had installed a new distribution board but he couldn’t trace the fault. I found the fault in a section of the wiring and replaced that section that afternoon and finished the job the following morning. The woman was extremely grateful for my work considering what I had to do to put things right. She had received poor service from many people who had worked for her over the last couple of years and was overjoyed to find somebody who not only could do the job but do it well and for a reasonable price. She placed myself and my electrical colleague in that category. Now I am not one to blow my own trumpet but it is nice to know that what I do is appreciated, I know only too well that some people are never satisfied even when they get good service, it’s in their nature to moan and groan. As I had done a good job for this woman she asked if I could lay a supply to her garden shed, fit a power point and a light inside and a small floodlight outside. I arranged to do it on the Thursday just past at her request. I had it all done inside four hours and again she was full of praise when I had finished. She told me that I was good at my work but she also told me that I was a good person. I suppose she was looking from two different aspects, one, the work met with her approval and according to her needs and two, she must have taken note of my attitude and response to her and my nature and personality as we spoke during the days I have been there. I do try to be accommodating to those I work for but that is my nature. When she told me that I was a good person I replied that no-one is good, all of us fail at some point, we are all sinners in this world, it is just that some are more sinful than others! I was witnessing to her as I know she isn’t a Christian. She understood what I was saying though. There is no one person on this planet who is good, who is perfectly good but there are those whose sins are forgiven and paid for through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. No, I am not good at all, just forgiven…………

Shirley Anne

Monday blues?

Stormy Monday Blues

Stormy Monday Blues

Well Monday began as many of my Mondays seem to be doing lately, with nothing to do. Nobody had called for my services on Sunday, the day I receive most of the work I get for Monday and so there was no real reason to get up early if I didn’t wish to. As it happened I woke up around 8.20 and got up anyway. I got dressed ready for work should there be any but nobody had called by noon and I began to think I might get changed and go to the pub for lunch, a late lunch that is. I wasn’t particularly hungry when I got up so I just had a banana, a pear and a drink. By 2 o’clock I was feeling peckish so I changed into more decent attire and arrived at the pub around 3 o’clock. There were few people in at that time so I was served immediately I got to the bar. I ordered a meal and took some soft drinks to the table. Jill, the landlady, asked if I wanted to open a tab so I accepted as it saves having to pay at each visit to the bar. I hadn’t been sitting down very long when my meal arrived. Evidently somebody had ordered the same but either they were not ready to eat that course else it was made in error. In any event it was delicious even though I’d have preferred it to arrive a little later. Normally the waiting time is twenty minutes or thereabouts as everything is cooked to order. After I’d finished eating a regular customer arrived with her mum and a friend of the family and they occupied a table in the corner. Soon they were surrounded by others until the whole area was filled. It seems they had all been to a funeral. Why do people only get to see each other when there is a death in the family? One lady, probably around 70 years of age, came in with a man friend and was soon making her presence known. She was very lively and out-going, the kind of person who is the life and soul of any gathering, it was simply who she was. She kept glancing in my direction as I was sitting alone. I knew that inevitably she would come over for a chat, I just had that feeling. Sure enough she came over and explained who she was, which was the sister of the elder of the two women who had first arrived, the aunt of the other woman and she invited me over but I declined. She even offered to buy me a drink but again I declined. Whilst she was talking with me she took hold of my hand and was caressing it as though I was an old friend she hadn’t seen for a long time and she kept hugging and kissing me, apologising in case I was offended by her presence. Far from it! I wish there were more people like her around. They all seemed to be enjoying each other’s company whilst even more guests arrived. One of these guests kept running here and there moving chairs and tables trying to accommodate everyone. It was obvious to me there was something special about her, a feeling I had which was verified when she and I spoke. She was the one who told me that they were all there because of the funeral earlier and she told me who had died. Naturally, for me that is, I asked if the deceased had been a Christian to which she replied that he hadn’t but that his wife was. We chatted together about our faith before she returned to the others. It’s funny that Christians always seem to know when they are talking with their brothers and sisters in Christ but not really surprising I suppose. About an half-hour after she had arrived, the life-and-soul of the party, the older lady, came over to speak with me again and gave me more hugs and kisses. She then bade me farewell but sang it! The whole pub went quiet whist she sang. What a voice she had and so surprising for someone her age but as I learned later, she had been a professional singer all her life. After she had finished singing I led the folk in the pub in applause. When she finally left the building her absence was very noticeable…..for all the right reasons. My Monday afternoon had been pleasantly changed by the appearance of one person. Maybe I was guided to the pub just to meet her for she certainly seemed to convey a message of love to me that she hadn’t expressed even to those around her. Wouldn’t the world be a better place with more people like her in it? For a while longer I sat alone until more people came in and chatted with me but I didn’t stay too long and was back home just after 6 o’clock.

Shirley Anne