Gently does it

So Gently We Go

So Gently We Go (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

….or as my dad used to say ‘Gently Bently’. Not sure where ‘Bently’  came into it unless he had aspirations of owning the car of the same name. Just a saying I guess. I hadn’t any electrical work for over a week then two jobs came my way on Thursday and Friday. I write this on Thursday morning having returned home after completing the first one. An elderly gentleman of 85 years together with his wife of 82 years had lost power to some of the outlets in the kitchen. Evidently they had employed another electrician whom the gentleman kept referring to as ‘a cowboy’ for he apparently had caused the problem. I wasn’t quite sure the story was true but there was no other explanation. He had been called out to trace the fault but in the process left it in the same condition. I discovered two problems, a disconnected wire in one of the outlets and several loose connections in a box downstairs in the cellar. I corrected the faults and all returned to normal. The work was easy and it had to be as muscles in my legs were still aching. Whilst I was at the house someone called to ask if I could do some installation work. I have recently stopped doing installation work unless it is easy because it can be hard going. In any event I doubt the constant bending down and getting up again would be of much benefit to my legs at the moment. I have decided to take things easy, do far less of the more strenuous work (I have enough of that at home) and when I do work approach it in a ‘Gently Bently’ manner. The work I was to do on Friday morning would be done atop a ladder, exchanging floodlights with new LED ones. I don’t mind working up a ladder as long as it isn’t too high. I find I get nervous now if I climb too high up a ladder. Working on scaffolding isn’t a problem, no matter what the height. As for the garden work I would be forced to leave that alone for the weekend because of the forecast poor weather. At least my muscles would be able to take time out for a while.

Shirley Anne

What is the point?


I was at home all day today and during the afternoon watched television for a brief time, However that turned out to be longer as news came in of a suspected terror attack in Westminster around the Palace of Westminster and on Westminster Bridge nearby. As I write this I have just learned that a policeman on duty there who had earlier been reported as stabbed has just died. I had already heard about a group of French students having been mowed down by a motor vehicle and a woman had also been killed in the same incident. Many of the students sustained horrific injuries during the incident. The police reaction was swift and we are told that the man who had stabbed the officer was shot dead at the scene.

English: Westminster Palace in London, The Gre...

Westminster Palace in London, The Great Westminster Clock; The bell within the clock tower is named ‘Big Ben.’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is a worrying sign of the times. There have always been people who for some reason are willing to commit offences like these and there is only a limited amount of precautions that can be made to prevent them. What can be done is being done as far as it is possible. Fortunately these incidences are few but even so they cause much suffering by those directly involved as well as the friends and families of those killed or seriously injured.

I pray for all those who have been affected by this horrible incident.

Whatever some people might say this world is in a sorry state and it is going to get worse despite our attempts to prevent it. It is the very fact that we are all different that we have people bent on anti-social activity for whatever reason that may be. People talk about what can be done but in real terms it is down to every individual to look at their own heart and see there is something missing, love. We are all sinners, it is just that some sins affect others besides ourselves. Judgement will come for all those who sin…………..

Shirley Anne

All stop


Wednesday turned out to be a gloriously sunny day, a little breezy but definitely a day for lounging about on the patio. Alas I couldn’t indulge until after my lunch and that’s what I did for an hour or so. On Tuesday evening I began to feel the effects of all my hard work on my upper leg muscles which made it difficult to get up if I was either sitting down or lying down. Once I was on my feet it wasn’t too bad and walking wasn’t a great problem as long as I took my time. So I made the decision on Tuesday night to stop the work I was doing in the garden for at least one day to allow my muscles to recover. Being on my knees (on a garden kneeling stool) digging and manipulating the large stones to make an edging for the long flowerbed meant I was stretching and that must have put too much of a strain on my leg muscles. I am still trying to figure out why only my legs when most of the work was being done by my arms! I had an idea it might be associated with the nerve in my neck being compressed because of the unavoidable position of my head whilst doing the work. Essentially it would be the same as if I were bending my head backward and looking upward for long periods. Whatever the reason a few neck exercises helped and during Wednesday morning things improved. I was glad about that for although I had stopped working with the stones for the day there was a couple of other things I could do without putting any strain on my legs. For some time now I have thought about putting more soil in the largest flowerbed on the patio as the level in there has dropped due to settling. There is plenty of spare soil in the corner plot at the end of the long flowerbed but there might still be bluebell seedlings in it so to make sure I filled some plant pots and left them standing…

If there are any bluebells in there they will appear soon enough, either way I will be able to use the soil in a few weeks, removing anything else that might have grown in there too. I may fill more pots to ensure I have enough. I did that just before lunch but after lunch I gave the lawn its first cut….

Even though I waited until the afternoon the grass was still very damp so it took much longer than it would otherwise do. If I attempted to cut using the whole width of the mower it refused so I used only half the width with each pass. At that time the patio was in full sunshine (just left in the picture) and you can see it is that bright for the edge of the patio at bottom left is hidden in the glare. My day was done as far as work went and I got the chance to sit in the sun. My electrical work till then had dried-up but someone called to put an end to that. I would be doing that work on Friday weather permitting because it is outdoor work and the forecast didn’t look too promising.

Click on pictures to magnify

Shirley Anne

Hard on the thighs


Yesterday’s post was entitled ‘Hard going’ and indeed the work I am doing in the garden is exactly that. Yes I am older now but even for someone much younger it is still hard work. I think I do very well for my age. I meet many people, both genders and of a similar age to myself and to be honest have all but resigned themselves to old age. Anyway I do what I am able to do whilst I can. I continued with the edging to the long flowerbed and thus far I have completed about two-thirds of it, that is placing the slabs and stones.

Of course I have to seal the joints yet, though I have done a little bit of that (right-hand part in the picture). I have thieved some large slabs we had in The Mound to make up the numbers and in the process have been digging out the bluebells that were growing beneath them. That part is a job all by itself. I will be placing some of the large stones I hope will be left over from the collection I have where the slabs once lay in The Mound. If there are any more bluebells in The Mound, and that is most likely the way things have gone, it will be easier lifting the stones and less disruptive to the surrounding plants. Constantly having to move some of the small plants and bulbs to get at the bluebells has been a nuisance. As I write this late on Tuesday my upper leg posterior muscles need a rest as they are aching. I am not sure why those particular muscles alone are aching but I suspect they are because I have been kneeling and stretching in the course of the work. If they are still aching on Wednesday I will most probably leave off any further work on the project for a while. As it stands I might mow the lawn for the first time in the year as it needs cutting. I may have to wait until later in the day however to allow the dew to dry up. Rain is forecast at the weekend and all work will have to stop then. Perhaps that is just as well.

Shirley Anne

Hard going


I might as well retire from electrical work for again on Monday I hadn’t any. I shouldn’t speak too soon though because that can change in an instant. As it happened Monday was a fine day and it enabled me to get out in the garden once more. Now it was that once my electrical work was hard-going at times but now the only hard work, that is physically hard work I do is either in the house or in the gardens. My current project has definitely been hard-going. Digging out bluebells so deep beneath the surface is very tiring especially as I have spent hours at a time doing it! On Monday my main aim was to concentrate on installing a stone edging to the long flowerbed and I got this far with it…..(as always, click on pictures to magnify).

What slowed me down, apart from heaving the stones into position was the fact that I had also been digging out bluebells in the bed behind it. I see one and dig deep to get at it but it isn’t alone and I ended up digging lots of them. What is heartbreaking is that as I think I’ve finished digging them out I notice another and so on. These are sprouting up in ground I had already filtered! It proves they are elusive but I leave them till they appear at the surface. It’s all I can do. Anyway it looked as though I might not have enough slabs to finish the edging so I decided to use the ones in the Mound and elsewhere, replacing them with large stones instead. When I went to The Mound to see what I could use I saw more bluebells around the slabs so digging them out became my task for an hour or so. It is unbelievable how many times I have revisited The Mound to dig out bluebells….This time I began just on the other side of the dwarf conifer in the foreground and ended up at the back of the Mound as I saw more of them to dig out. I also removed the stone slabs which were surrounding the Phoenix Canariensis  in the west wall flowerbed and tidied up the area…

The Phoenix Canariensis is almost dead centre in the picture. Whilst working in the area I put more soil in the bed where I had been working a day or two earlier removing some large slabs of stone. As I am the only one working in the garden the work is taking a lot of time to do. In all I spent about five and a half hours in the garden. Monday was the day the green waste was collected and our two wheelie bins are no longer full of bluebells! However, I do have to empty out the builders bag which is full of them too! That can be done at any time though, there is no hurry, there is too much else to do in the meantime.

Shirley Anne

What a sad world


Revelation 13:16-18 (NIV)

16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.

18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.

The Beast Inside

The Beast Inside (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I happened to have seen an advertisement on the television during a program I had been watching and it was in regard to a new model of mobile phone by manufacturer ‘Samsung‘. Like most adverts use of subtleties, suggestions and general assumptions were used to convey the idea that we, the public, wanted what was advertised. Throughout the advert a song was being played, the words of which suggested we did, ‘Give them what they want’……Well maybe I am the odd one out here but that suggestion is a subtle way of attempting us to believe that we want the latest product because everyone else wants one and I am not taking the bait. In fact I don’t like the kind of technology that one day threatens to run our lives. If you don’t believe that then just look around and see how many people are joined at the hip to their ‘smart’ phones. No-one takes any notice of their surroundings anymore, their eyes are glued to their little (or big) screens and their ears are being pumped whatever sounds they are tuned into. This is only the beginning, technology is only in its infancy despite what has been achieved so far. You can be sure more is to come. In relation to the Bible verses above one day technology will dispense with the need to carry cash, cards (even those with RFID chips) or smart phones to make purchases. The technology will be inside us! Those who allow it that is. However, as the verses state, nothing will be purchasable without it! We will be under the control of others………….Okay it might not happen during our own lifetime but there again the technology is already here and in some countries people really do have RFID chips implanted. Imagine what the world would be and will be like when everyone has implanted technology………

Read the Book of Revelation. It is the last book in The Bible for a reason……

Shirley Anne


No big thing………


just lots of little ones! A few weeks ago I went on a mini shopping spree, mainly to buy toiletries and some underwear. Part of those purchases were three bras all in black but differing slightly in design. On Saturday I took the only one at that time I hadn’t worn since its purchase to wear that day and discovered one of the straps was twisted and no matter how I tried to correct it stayed twisted. It had been stitched that way in manufacture. It either meant a trip to the store to have it exchanged or unpick it and stitch it back as it should have been. I put the bra to one side and wore another instead. It would be Monday before I could get to the store. On Sunday I had decided to rest, my Sabbath rest if you like but with me I seldom have a complete rest. It is more that I don’t work at my profession or do any major work at home, except the small things. While getting dressed on Sunday morning I remembered the bra. I took it downstairs with a view to altering the strap myself after breakfast. It took ten minutes and it was as good as new, it was new but this time the strap wasn’t twisted! I have to say I had never come across such a thing in a new garment before. I had brought down my soiled bed linen on Saturday evening and placed it in the washing machine hanging it all in the cellar boiler room before treating myself to a soak in the bath tub. It was so much nicer than having a shower after the hard work of the day. I don’t use the bath too often but it is nice when I do. On Sunday morning I folded up the now dry linen in order to hang up the towels I had put in the machine before breakfast. It was then that I remembered the grease-band kit I had purchased on my visit to Dobbies Garden Centre earlier. I cut and fitted a band around the two fruiting apple trees to prevent insects from crawling up the trunk. There are two reasonably large apple trees and one very small apple tree though they were all planted at the same time in 1989! The small tree’s trunk has never grown wider than a couple of centimetres and it is less than two metres in height. We have no idea why. In this picture taken a few years ago before we had the large greenhouse installed, you might be able to see the trees on the left of the greenhouse. They stand in a row with the small one nearest (just left of the green watering can)..

I came indoors to prepare another vegetable and chicken stew and another rock cake. It rained all afternoon so I remained indoors apart from a short visit to my next-door neighbour who wanted to see if I could help with a technical problem concerning their television and extension speaker unit. They had purchased the wrong connecting lead! On my return home I placed the two green wheelie bins in the street ready for emptying on Monday. I am so ready for them to be emptied of all those bluebells! Trouble is, one of them will get filled again almost immediately when I empty out the builder’s bag of its bluebell contents………..

Shirley Anne

A bit of rain


The weather forecast for Saturday looked promising, no rain until evening though a few isolated spells of rain might be possible during the day. I was happy with that as I wanted to do some more work in the rear garden. The main project I have at the moment is to install a stone edging along the length of the long flowerbed. The bluebell removal project is ongoing though the bulk of the work you could say is done. It will take a long time to dig out the new ones as they appear and at this moment in time work on that small task is frequent. During the other work I was doing on Saturday I noticed quite a number of bluebells in different places which I dug out immediately. It would appear that I may not need to purchase any stone to install the edging as we had some stored and I planned to dig out some more from the west wall flowerbed. This was how that spot looked on Friday…..  Now it looks like this as I had dug out five large slabs and also some large stones as you can see…….

Those stones and slabs I moved here…….

The slabs count three from the left then a stone then two more slabs. The other slabs and stones I put there on Friday. I emptied the soil that we had stored in the white builder’s bag to fill the space that resulted from digging out the slabs. This picture was taken sometime last year I think. More work has gone on in the area since then….

Like this for instance……..

We will need more soil to top it off but though we have plenty of soil over the other side of the garden in the Corner Plot there could be some bluebell seedlings in it. In that part of the Plot it is more likely there are montbretia bulbs in it. One thing I noticed when working in that spot was the lack of any plant life below a few centimetres, not like I found in the main flowerbed. I will probably use the soil therefore which is nearest the back wall in the Corner Plot…….

Notice something missing? The yellow builder’s bag I was using to dump the bluebells because the two wheelie bins were full to the brim. I dragged the bag to the spot the white bag had occupied. When the wheelie bins are emptied I will be able to empty the contents of the bag into them…

….and these are the smaller stones I have removed from the ground during the work and there are still more to pick up and no doubt still to dig out yet….

It was one-thirty when I decided to stop for the day and as I did the rain began to fall but it was only very light and soon stopped. Our regular delivery girl brought yet another parcel for E. We chatted about work. She told me she was feeling a little tired to which I replied the same. I invited her to step into the house and on into the kitchen to have a look at the rear garden where I have been working. I think she was surprised at what she saw. As we moved back to the front garden for her to resume her deliveries she pointed to a couple of bluebells in one of the flowerbeds. That was it! When she’d gone I set about digging them out before finally returning indoors for a belated lunch.

Shirley Anne

Just a little


After a hard day in the garden I slept well Thursday night and no aches and pains on Friday morning, at least at first. I had no electrical work except offers I turned down so the day was mine. After breakfast I drove to the garden centre (Dobbies) where I am now a member. I purchased a couple of things, two pairs of gardening gloves, one pair for use when messing about in the soil and the other pair for use when pruning and doing other things. I also purchased some grease band to put around the apple trees to keep ants and certain caterpillars from climbing up them and a few ant-control blocks filled with ‘Nippon’ designed to destroy the ant nests we have in some places. Last of all I bought another evergreen shrub called Crinodendron/Hookerianum  or Lantern Tree which produces bright red flowers in Spring through Summer. When I returned home it was the first thing I did in planting it. It is the centre shrub in this picture…

It grows to a height of 2.5 metres with a spread of 1.2 metres. The other two shrubs shown in the picture I planted on Thursday. This corner has come a long way since February when I was clearing it out……

So it was down to shifting some large stones/slabs and distributing them along the edge of the long flowerbed ready for me to construct an edging. I placed the first one in position but didn’t get further as I had again noticed a few bluebells at the other end of the same flowerbed and dug them out along with some of the large stones we had there as a temporary measure. Most of the bluebells on this occasion were beneath those now removed stones. The stones will be used in constructing the edging……

The shrub second from the left I had to dig out in order to get at a couple of large bluebells. I replanted it slightly to the right of its original position. During the construction of the Mound a couple of years ago we moved some of the natural stones we had discovered beneath the ground and put then at the end of the flowerbed on the right of the patio. I’ll refer to that bed as the west wall flowerbed…

In the space immediately right of the large bright green shrub I removed a few of those large stones and moved them using a truck to the long flowerbed for use in constructing the edging there. I may at some point dig out the stone slabs immediately beneath the large shrub but they are very large and were used to hold back the weeds and everything else that was growing in the wild corner before the Mound project got underway. You can see in the bottom right corner a small part of the new Mound. The area shown in the above picture is just left of centre in the picture below (taken a couple of years ago) and the area in the preceding picture at the end of the long flowerbed is shown right of centre next to the rear wall…

I mention again that all the large stones and paving slabs (to the rear of the Mound) dotted around the rear garden and some in the front garden were all found beneath the corner where the new Mound is now. The Mound is the island surrounded by a path in the above picture for those new to my blog. To see older posts regarding the Mound use the search box on the right. Anyway to get back to Friday, I cut short my time in the garden to a couple of hours because I didn’t wish to overdo things, after all there is no hurry and I’d only wear myself out!

Shirley Anne

Six and a half


One might think by now I would have very few bluebells to dig out of the flowerbeds and by and large I have but no. If I calculate the percentage of bulbs I have removed I would estimate more than 95% and if I say I have removed well over eight thousand and probably over nine thousand there must be at least a thousand hiding from me! I work in bucketfuls and on Thursday I dug out another bucketful of them which would be three or four hundred. I suspect my calculations are inaccurate though and I’ve only dug out 90%. They just keep appearing in the areas I have been over two or three times. The strange thing is this, that the area which held the majority of them has far fewer appearing than elsewhere. I suppose that is due to the fact that it is an open border and I was able to systematically move along easier. Even so there were a few I dug out on Thursday. The plan for the day was to first of all check for bluebells and then perhaps start putting in some natural stone edging along the long flowerbed………

….but I only got as far as dumping a few stones on the soil at the far end in the picture. What I ended up doing was digging out bluebells in the flowerbed from one end to the other and then I moved to the Mound again for the fourth time and spent most of the day digging them out there too…….

The Mound was heavily populated with bluebells so I expected I would spend much time there but I never thought there would be quite so many. Imagine a hole, say 700 mm deep and around 150 mm across. That is about the size I dig when I discover a bluebell or two. They are often that deep and when I scrape with the hand fork I am amazed how many bulbs I loosen, thirty, forty all from the same hole! Well that’s fine for one hole but I’ve dug many of them in the Mound. It’s got so bad I find I’m having to constantly move the small plants there to get at the bulbs. If you don’t want a flower to take over your garden don’t plant bluebells! Whilst digging in the Mound I also removed a large quantity of small stones, well over two standard buckets full! There are more in there. As I was about to pack everything away I noticed  several bluebells close together in the flowerbed in front of the small greenhouse so had to dig them out too. Each time I thought I’d finished for the day I spotted more here and there too so dug them out as well. It was five-thirty in the afternoon by the time I got indoors. I had been working since ten o’clock with a one hour break for lunch, six and a half hours. Who thinks gardening is easy? Before I went indoors though I found a large bluebell growing here beneath the large stones on the left in the picture below,

I had removed some of the stones for use in the long flowerbed edging if I ever get to do it! You might just be able to see the top of the bluebell in the centre of the three large stones. I nearly forgot, I also planted two shrubs near to the large greenhouse in the corner plot. One I had placed there in it’s pot until I could plant it and the other I had dug out whilst digging out the bluebells beneath the large bush shown dead-centre in the top picture. In fact it was an off-shoot of the bush with it’s own root system.

Shirley Anne



Procrastination wasn’t the theme for the day on Wednesday, I had made up my mind and was determined to follow it through. Nothing spectacular in case you were wondering, it was simply me deciding that I wanted the day off…from everything! On Tuesday I had spent the morning doing electrical work and during the afternoon following my lunch I actually nodded off for a short time. By evening I felt really tired but I couldn’t put it down to just the work I had been doing during the day. More likely it was a build-up of my activities over the previous week which made me feel so tired. I resisted the urge to go to bed too early for that would only lead to me waking up early too as a few hours sleep is usually enough for me. Nevertheless I went to bed at nine-thirty and dropped off to sleep around ten-thirty. Apart from a toilet visit at one o’clock I slept through to almost five o’clock giving me about an hour’s extra sleep than normal. I had made up my mind to take Wednesday off from all manner of work and nothing was going to stop me. I was downstairs before seven. After a breakfast of solely fruit I had to wait a couple of hours before I could take the walk into town to deposit some cash in the bank. I was there and back within the hour and a short time after I drove to the pub for lunch. I could have walked there too but for the fact that I was wearing heels. It wasn’t the distance, it was more the fact that I didn’t want to wear down the heels that I chose to drive. The return trip is a little more than a mile or so. I see no point in wearing down my heels so I usually do my walking in flat soled shoes. Coincidentally when I drove to work the previous morning I saw a girl wearing very high heels walking along toward our ‘village’. She must never be out of the cobblers having them repaired! I digress. So I enjoyed a lovely meal and later spent some time out on the patio back at home for the day had turned out quite sunny.

Shirley Anne


English: Hurdle Suomi: Estejuoksija ja este

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are times when you just want to give in and give up and there have been many such times during my life. Sometimes things go very well, even better than expected so when things go wrong it irritates. How we deal with such events is more important. Many would give up at the first hurdle because they haven’t the resilience and will-power to ride the storm as it were. In my occupation as an electrician and for many years as a maintenance engineer it pays to be resilient, it also pays to be inventive and adaptable for sometimes the correct materials are not available to effect a repair or installation. Sometimes it is the equipment itself, poor design is often the case with new equipment and it all makes the execution of the work difficult, in some cases impossible! I went to a house on Tuesday morning to replace four ceiling lights with new ones. In reality there wasn’t anything wrong with the ones already installed though one had the remains of a blown bulb in it. When I arrived I was informed that there were now five to replace accordingly. The new lights were simple enough to install but one of them really tested my patience because it, like all but one of the others, were poorly designed in the part that mattered, the connections to the lamp holder. The terminals had tiny screws to secure the wires and I mean tiny, very tiny, a mere four millimetres in length at most, probably three and that was the thing that spoiled what was otherwise a good lighting unit. The one which gave me the most problems had one of its tiny screws miss-aligned and I had to remove the holder to fix it. The screws required the use of a jeweller’s screwdriver because they were so tiny. These are mains connected fittings so tiny screws were so out-of-place in the design and only served to make connection very difficult. Why oh why design something so difficult to fit when larger screws would have been more appropriate and just as easy to use? This sort of problem should never arise in such a simple thing as a light fitting, it is so unnecessary and ridiculous. Jeweller’s screwdrivers are meant to be used in fine, delicate mechanisms, not electrical light fittings! The fifth unit was of a completely different design and was so easy to install, why? It had been designed properly with large terminals for easy connection of the wiring. That problem with the other lights made the work take much longer than it ought to have done had the design been better.

Shirley Anne

Too busy?


I had ordered a long LED lighting unit on Friday for a customer in whose house I had been working. My supplier told me it would be delivered to them on Monday morning so I arranged with the customer to install it as soon as it was available. I knew the delivery to the supplier would probably be mid to late morning so in the meantime I continued to work in the ‘Mound’ removing more bluebells. My readers might remember I had done some of the work on Sunday but heavy rain put a stop to it. Monday was a fine and sunny day throughout, ideal for working outside. I had a two-hour slot before I would collect the light unit and install it. Before I could return to the spot where I had left-off digging I saw more bluebells a short distance away which I decided to remove first. Eventually I returned to where I had left-off and removed those I hadn’t been able to on Sunday but in the process I dug out a large amount of stones too, including this slab of natural stone buried deep beneath the surface…

The longest side measures something like half a metre. No doubt there are more like it buried in the Mound. A couple of years ago we removed many large slabs of natural stone, some of which are in the picture above. At that time we dug out enough to make a pathway with stone edging as you can see above (enter ‘Mound’ in the search box to see more pictures). I collected the light unit and went to install it but was asked if I could fit two replacement switches too. Whilst there I received two calls from other customers and did those jobs too. One was for an elderly lady of 97 whose doorbell wasn’t working. She was very sprightly for someone of that age, very independent and insisting she remained living in her own house rather than in a rest home. What a lady! It was three-thirty in the afternoon before I could eat lunch so it was a case of visiting the pub and eating there. I was in no mood for cooking at home. At that hour there were plenty of vacant tables and I was spoilt for choice. I spoke with a couple of guys I know who were standing at the bar before seating myself for lunch, well dinner really as it wasn’t just a snack. I arrived back home around five-thirty satiated but tired…….Tuesday would find me at work again.

Shirley Anne

Boots let in

A pair of New Rock boots

A pair of New Rock boots (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a popular saying here in the UK and probably elsewhere too, well at least it is where I come from. The saying is, ‘What can you do when your boots let in?’ meaning letting in water through the soles. It is often said when there seems to be few alternatives or choices that can be made in any given situation. For instance we might say it after returning indoors after a downpour of rain and thoroughly soaked-through because we had to do something but didn’t have suitable rain wear. It would be that we didn’t have a choice because the work was necessary. We might use the phrase when we carry out a makeshift repair because we either didn’t have the correct materials or the time to do the work properly or maybe we weren’t competent enough! It is a tongue-in-cheek saying. I had an occasion on Sunday where I got soaking wet whilst in the garden. From my bedroom window whilst getting dressed for the day I had noticed two places where I could see the tips of bluebells. After breakfast and while it was still dry I got out the equipment and dug out the first bluebell, which actually turned out to be a few. I moved over to the other spot and began digging out the one there but again that one turned out to be many. However whilst doing that work I began to see more dotted about here and there so I set about digging them out too. It was beginning to rain a little but I pressed on thinking I would finish the work before the rain became too heavy. At the base of a tree I had dug a deep hole and had removed many bluebells together with many stones which made the digging harder but the rain became too much to work in so I abandoned it and went indoors hoping the rain would ease-off later and I could return to finish the work. The forecast indicated it would be several hours before the rain would stop. I was rather wet when I went inside thinking to myself ‘What can I do when my boots let in?’ the work needed doing even if it was raining. I chose not to get any wetter and instead prepared and baked another slab of rock cake. It was just after twelve o’clock when a local woman phoned and asked if I could sort out an electrical problem. She had lost her electrical supply and couldn’t reinstate it. I drove there and discovered eventually that she had an old fridge/freezer which was causing the power to trip. For some reason she hadn’t much in the freezer though the fridge section was full. I had to leave it switched off so that the supply could remain on. She’d had the unit for over twenty years and it was looking its age but electrically and mechanically it should have lasted far longer. They don’t make them to last these days. I drove home and saw another bluebell in the front flowerbed yet again so I returned to the garage for the spade and dug deep to remove it. It was now lunchtime so I prepared it and waited for the rain to stop. It was late in the afternoon before the rain eased off enough for me to get back in the garden to finish what I had started. It was too late in the day so I left the work half-done until Monday when it would be dry. If I don’t keep up this maintenance all my previous work will have been in vain……What can I do when my boots let in?

Shirley Anne

In the blink of an eye

Then God said, ‘Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.’

We are mortal beings created in the image of God but one day we will pass away, we will return to the dust (elements) from which we were made, that is our flesh will experience that death. Everyone dies this way there are no exceptions, though some have not experienced death

Genesis 5
24 Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.
By faith Enoch was taken from this life, so that he did not experience death: ‘He could not be found, because God had taken him away.’ For before he was taken, he was commended as one who pleased God.
The life you have was given by God and He takes it away….

Job 1:21
and said: ‘Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I shall depart. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.’

There is a purpose for life regardless of what many might say. God has a purpose in everything He does. Many argue against there being a God forwarding excuses such as ‘why is there evil in the world, why does God allow sickness and suffering?’ and many other things. Answers to these questions and many more can be found here for those who want to reason with an open mind.

All About Evil

All About Evil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So it will be that our flesh decays but our spirit will not. So why did God make us? No-one can say with certainty for who knows the mind of God? However, those He made He wants a relationship with. Because God is pure and holy there can be no evil in His presence, in fact ‘evil’ is the absence of God. He made the angels but some  turned away from God, they became vain and in the absence of God they ‘became’ evil. In the same way God made humans and in the same way some rebel and reject Him and in the doing so become evil, sin is the evidence. Because humankind cannot rectify that we remain in our sin and are accordingly separated from God. God however provided the solution, Jesus died that we might be saved. He took upon himself our sins and if we believe we are cleansed and pure in the eyes of God. That means that although our flesh dies our spirit will dwell with God. If we refuse that wonderful gift we remain outside of God’s presence forever!

One day in the future Jesus will return but no-one knows the day, it could be tomorrow, next month, next year, no-one knows. There will come a time when it will be too late to accept God’s gift…..

Matthew 24:40
Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left.

Matthew 24:41 Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left.

Luke 17:34
I tell you, on that night two people will be in one bed; one will be taken and the other left.

Luke 17:35
Two women will be grinding corn together; one will be taken and the other left.’

Why will this happen?

Isaiah 57:1
The righteous perish, and no one takes it to heart; the devout are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil.

At that time there will be great suffering and despair, it will be the time of the end

Daniel 12

[ The end times ] ‘At that time Michael, the great prince who protects your people, will arise. There will be a time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations until then. But at that time your people – everyone whose name is found written in the book – will be delivered. Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt. Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever. …
What will it be, a promised everlasting life or condemnation forever? The choice is yours, no-one else’s and all you have to do is believe in Jesus, repent of your sins and invite him to be your Saviour. After all there is no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.
Shirley Anne