Funny old day

Got up this morning to go to work. The job turned out to be very simple to complete. Back home and mulling about, decided I was going to dine out and have the afternoon off. Ok I was at work again tomorrow so I thought I’d make the most of it. My ex. and I drove out of town to a nice restaurant twenty miles away. We just got seated and my cellphone rang. Dang! Somebody wanted me to do an emergency call out as they had lost all electrical power. I explained that I wasn’t in a position to help and gave the reason, I was out of town at lunch. No matter they said, when can you come? Sigh! I said four o’clock and resigned myself to just a little alcohol with my meal. The meal was fantastic and we enjoyed ourselves until it was time to return home. I drove to the house and investigated the fault………..Sheesh,,,,,,,,,it turned out to be a simple ‘trip switch’ that only needed switching back on! Why me? LOL….To top it up, the job I am supposed to do tomorrow has been deferred until next week…..That’s life isn’t it?

Shirley Anne x


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