Thin end of the wedge?

Toady I am sitting on my butt again, not because I want to but I am forced to. I have noticed a sharp drop in job requests recently so it appears the ‘crunch’ is finally filtering down to me. Why should I get away with it? Anyhow it gives me a chance to see what full retirement would be like. I don’t like it! I don’t think I am the type who likes to do nothing all day so if I did retire voluntarily or not I am sure I would try to find some sort of interesting things to do. Maybe visit far off friends and spend some time with them. Maybe get involved in community issues, trans issues(? Perhaps), something at any rate. I think most people do not give consideration to what they might do if they had to retire and when it actually happens they are taken by surprise. I am hoping however that my short journey into doing nothing will indeed be a short one.

Shirley Anne x


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  1. One has to keep busy in retirement, or go nuts. If I ever get to retire, which is unlikely, I think I would do a lot of writing

    Here’s hoping your workload picks up soon, sweetie.


  2. Thank you girls for responding to my posts. By the way Keri I looked back into your archives and had a really good read. I have replied to ‘Party over’ (Jan).
    I think that after a lifetime of working it is difficult to just sit and do nothing. We are by nature inquisitive creatures and we like to be involved. I will probably pass away with a screwdriver in my hand! Come on get real….not that kind of screwdriver….I mean the liquid variety!

    Shirley Anne

  3. Shirley,

    After a week like I just had, I am relishing in the fact that all I am doing today is reading blogs and posting comments. Since getting up, I still sit here in my nightgown refusing to get dressed. Oh, I did answer the door when the delivery came. Dang I am going to have to stop doing that, wasn’t wearing any makeup and there I stand with the front door open with the delivery guy giving me a wierd look. But it is all good, and the flowers I recieved smell lovely. I guess I will be doing something after all, enjoying dinner with my date tonight.

    But tommorrow, yep that will be the day that I do nothing!!

    I hope you find something to occupy your time, try and enjoy a Shirley Day, pamper yourself, treat yourself, you deserve it.

    Love Joanna

  4. Gosh Joanna unfortunately I was at work. I had to, well I offered to do a couple of jobs today for two different people who live a distance away from me and each other because they couldn’t find the time during the week to accomodate me. In case you’d forgotten, I’m an electrician. Consequently I returned home late this afternoon rather frayed around the edges! To put it bluntly, I was absolutely knackered but financially better off! After a short rest I prepared my evening meal, chilli con carne. Later and after the meal I had a long soak in the bath. I do so like to soak in the bath after a hard day’s work. It is so relaxing isn’t it? Needless to say I shall be retiring early tonight, well early for me that is, for a good night’s sleep. I dined out yesterday and later went to the pub. Tomorrow will be similar but today? No way Hosea! Apart from all that I don’t pay any attention to St. Valentine’s Day, it holds no special interest and never has. So if you like, I did find something to occupy myself after all! Unfortunately no pampering though. I hope you had a nice day. Love

    Shirley Anne x

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