A treat

A no work day that turned out fine. My van had to go for it’s first service today after twelve months! I have only travelled 4 thousand miles in it though. Anyhow I took it to the service station and my ex. followed a few minutes behind me so she could bring me back home. Well we came home via town and I had a pair of shoes re-heeled there. Work was in progress on a new driveway we are having done and all was ok. After an hour or two the van was ready to collect so my ex. took me back to pick it up. Next door to the service depot is a store that sells satnavs, hands-free kits for cellphones and all sorts of goodies for the motorist. We called in to have a peek and I ended up buying for myself a new satnav and a hands-free kit for my phone. These are items I had in my previous vehicle and come in very handy for my line of work, especially the phone but when that van got wrecked in an accident late ’07 I never got around to putting new ones in my new van. So I treated myself and indulged. To top it all I have had a couple of job requests today so things are looking ok. and I’m back to work tomorrow!

Shirley Anne x


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  1. In my line of work it is like that at times Jillian, ups and downs you know but it is usually when I am in a ‘down’ spell that things turn the other way in personal issues! It seems that when I’ve no work I want to go on a spending spree! Probably the opposite to any normal person eh? That’s me! LOL

    Shirley Anne x

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