Another one’s gone

It’s Monday again and yet another week is over. I was just thinking about my life, your life, everybody’s life and where we are all heading. Nothing deep here so don’t worry that I’m going to start preaching. I don’t do that anyway. No, I was thinking about life and the way we all strive to meet our own goals, whatever they might be. Nothing wrong in that of course, we all have ambitions of one sort or another. We set our minds to achieving something and work at it until it is completed, then we move on to the next goal. Each day we go through the motions of life almost without thinking about it. We are happy if things are going our way or as we would like it and we moan if it doesn’t. Such is life, but what is life all about? Is it just a compilation of all our daily struggles or is it something more than that? Is there a purpose in what we do and if we did something completely different would it matter at all? After all, we none of us do exactly the same things and yet we all run the same course and arrive at pretty much the same destination as everyone else. So is life just a measure of our daily struggles, accomplishments and experiences or is it a celebration of something more noble? Is it the journey or the destination?
There goes another weekend………..but where?

Shirley Anne x


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Happy to be alive because of Jesus

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  1. From one of my favourite Theosophical writers:

    “We are not brought into existence by chance nor thrown up into earth-life like wreckage cast along the shore, but are here for infinitely noble purposes.” — Katherine Tingley

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