Life’s Journeys

In my previous post I mentioned something about life, whether it is the journey through it or the final destination. We can only experience the journey until we take our final breath, which I suppose then is the destination. Some of my friends both present and past are taking or have taken an unusual journey in their lives. A journey which will most certainly change and has changed their lives for ever. These friends are transgendered and specifically transsexual. (You can read about Transsexualism in my pages and links). Their journey will be much like my own journey (see my pages) but with differing personal issues. The journey isn’t an easy one to make and it isn’t one that is taken lightly or on a whim as some people might think. It is difficult for many people to understand what it means to be transgendered and transsexual because they don’t have that experience themselves. What they lack is an education in these matters and it would be a good thing if they could take the time to read about the condition and perhaps in doing so gain a real understanding. Life is in itself a journey and we learn as we go along. Everthing we learn makes us more wise, more informed and more well balanced as a human being. Enjoy your own personal journey but consider others who’s journeys are not so easy to make.

Shirley Anne x


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