Time for yourself

In the hustle and bustle of life, the seemingly endless merry-go-round we ride each day, do you take time out? What have you done for just yourself today? For many people work is their whole life, everything revolves around it. Others have a more hedonistic lifestyle but whatever kind of life you lead do you ever just take time for yourself or indulge in something you would not normally indulge in? Perhaps it is some quiet moments of meditation, maybe a favourite book or magazine. Perhaps it is listening to your favourite music or going for a walk . Whatever it might be do you do it alone and enjoy the lack of interference from others for a spell? I think many people, at least in the Western World, sometimes push themselves too hard. It is good to relax and get away from it all for a short time. It serves to recharge the batteries so to speak and makes you ready to take on the World again.
Be kind to yourself……………

Shirley Anne x


Author: Shirley Anne

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  1. Shirley Anne,

    I made it a New Years resolution to do just that this year. Once a month to take a vacation day for just me. On that day to spend time at a local spa being panpered and such. Not every trip will be to the extent of the one at the end of January, but each trip will include at the very least:
    Facial, Full Massage, Suana, Manicure and pedicure.
    Hopefully it will not empty the checking account, cause I feel like a new renewed person after a full day at the spa. In Jan, in addition to the above it included a detoxing foot soak, Arms, legs, chest, underarms, back, and even eye brow waxing. Worst part for me was letting the hair grow long enough to have all these areas done (felt like a grizzly bear), but the after feeling was wonderful. It is such a relaxing day, having someone else pamper you all day, eating lunch in a relaxing enviroment, then continuing the day of relaxation.


  2. Wow that’s more than I do! Go girl! Whatever is right for you do it! I try to incorporate ‘time alone’ periods in my day/week where I just wander off and have no contact with anybody or maybe indulge in a favourite pastime. This is my way of utilising time for myself. I have never considered the sort of pamoering that you are having but I may now consider it!

    Shirley Anne x

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