Looking old

sexymodelOk so I am 63. To look at me you wouldn’t think so and very often and I do mean very often I am taken for a much younger person. When people try to guess my age I am told I look, 42, 46,48, 50 but never 63. When I tell them they look at me in disbelief. I had to show one lady my driver’s license to prove it! In the job I do, which is an electrician (Now you know David!), I am kept fairly active And people are amazed that somebody my age and doing what I do can actually do it. You are as old as you feel as the saying goes and I certainly don’t feel my age. Of course the hormones do help but I was always a ‘younger than my age’ looking person. I was just watching the television and there was a woman who must have only been in her late forties but she definitley looked older. Why? Well her forehead was full of frown lines, she had large ‘crows feet’ at the corner of her eyes and she looked so tired and weary. She was wearing some make-up but it wasn’t helping in any way. Her clothes were a little drab too. She needed help.
Many things can make us look and feel older than our years, smoking, bad diet, poor hygene, too much frowning which leaves permanent lines on the face, poor make-up, dowdy clothes, the list goes on.
It pays to look after yourself. If you don’t do it nobody else will.

Shirley Anne x