Computer Pain

They are great tools when they work correctly but when they’ve a mind to go astray………….they are a complete pain in the butt! After my recent ‘fun’ in changing network provider everything was going smoothly until I switched off my computer and re-started it the following day. I lost the wireless connection and despite all attempts to re-instate it I have failed. Hopefully my friend is coming along today to sort it out for me. It is obviously a software problem, probably incorrect passwords or similar. Anyhow it won’t stop me getting online as I am using an ethernet connection just now. Only problem with that is I need to be near the router which needs to be near the main phone connection. That means I have to sit in the hallway to connect! LOL. Life is great innit?

Shirley Anne x


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One thought on “Computer Pain”

  1. This is an imposter impersonating Shirley Anne, as you can tell from the lingo. Computer problem fixed :o)
    John, (Jane Ann)

    Shirley Anne says thanks very much Jane xx

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