Lovely birthday card

Yesterday E and I went out to a restaurant some miles away. Before we left I took a quick glance at my mail. I had three envelopes, one was obviously a bank statement, two was a circular and letter from UCB (Christian broadcasting group) and the third was a special letter from a friend. It had an American stamp and her address on the front. It was the only one I opened at that time because it was getting late and we wanted to eat. I was delighted to find a lovely message inside a birthday card and had a quick read there and then. When I eventually returned home from the pub later (E had dropped me there after our meal) I re-read the card and my eyes began to fill with tears at the joy of what I’d seen. It isn’t often that someone very special comes into our lives and I for one lack many close friends but this girl is very special. We met in Thailand eight years ago and have only seen each other once since then. That was last year in June when E and I visited New York. We got to see her for a few hours only and although she had changed a lot since she moved to America some six years ago (I think) she is still the same girl to me. She was born in the Philippines but now lives happily in New Jersey. We do communicate through Email so we are in touch but it is nice to receive real mail, especially a birthday card from her. By the way my birthday is next Sunday 21st.

Shirley Anne


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  1. I know how you feel, Shirley Anne. Special friends are to be treasured. I have one very special friend who came into my life quite unexpectedly and has helped me enormously. I believe I have enriched her life too.


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