Being happy

If I were to ask you if you were happy I would like to think that you could confidently answer positively. There will be things in your life perhaps that makes happiness for you not possible at this moment. If this is so I hope that it won’t last and that you will be happy soon. We all have different ideas on what makes us happy. For some it is having enough cash in the bank in order to make ends meet, for others it is having even more cash that they don’t know what to do with it. Some people are very poor financially speaking but are still happy. Some people have occupations that make them happy or friends and lovers to make them so but what is it in life that above all other things makes us really happy? To be able to say that you are happy in all circumstances is indeed a wonderful thing if we can achieve that state of mind. For most people complete happiness is unattainable but it need not be that way. Personally I can say that I am happy right now despite the many problems I have in life but it is hard to say whether that would be the case if I wasn’t so secure in a material way, not that I am wealthy in that respect! In fact I am not wealthy at all financially speaking but I don’t measure wealth in that way. Wealth isn’t about how much cash one has in the bank but how much happiness and contentment one has in the bank of life! I can say I am happy because I know God loves me and I Him. This kind of happiness is far better than any worldly happiness I could ever have. Happy people are easy to get along with, nothing seems to bother them much. Can you say that nothing really bothers you? I’d like to think so. What is it then in your life that makes you happy? To put it another way, what makes you unhappy and can you do anything about it? If you cannot, can you still be happy in yourself knowing that you are helpless to do anything about it? We may not be able to change things or change our circumstances but should these facts deny us the ability to be happy? Real happiness therefore does not depend on material things and the more you learn in life the more you realise that is the case. We should strive to be happy above all things, what is the point in leading a miserable existence?

What shall this life be likened to
With all it’s faults both old and new?
What shall compare with all it’s doubts
With all it’s fears and all it’s wants?
We dream of better things to come
Our hearts are lifted by the sun.
But still we moan in misery
Despite good fortune, you and me.
When rain and wind and icy roads
Do sometimes keep us on our toes,
We think our lot so burdensome
We long for better times to come.
But what is life if every day
Presents no hurdles in our way?
How boring would exsistence be
A faultless life for you and me.

Copyright Shirley Anne 12 Feb 03

Be happy!

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

Happy to be alive because of Jesus

2 thoughts on “Being happy”

  1. Hi Shirley Anne

    Interesting post…. thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    You say that “For most people complete happiness is unattainable but it need not be that way”.

    My feeling is that complete happiness is measured in the soul at an inner level, and that to be happy, it means you are happy with your life, happy with what you have achieved, happy with your “lot”. Well on my own definition, I am happy. I am happy to be alive and would change very little with my life if given free choice.

    Of course it would be nice to be completely healthy in every respect and have the same apply to my loved ones. But I am thankful that I have survived 2 back operations and still play golf!

    On the other hand, there is something about pain that reminds us we are alive and give us something to strive for. That is far important than wealth in the financial sense.

    Hugs Tina x

  2. ‘Oh the pain, the pain’. Do you remember that line from Space Family Robinson by the errant doctor who tried to sabotage the flight but ended up on the journey with them? Oh yes, the pain does remind me that I am just flesh and bone at the moment. It is nice to be able to say I am happy despite any ailments, lack of monetary wealth or any other factor. Love

    Shirley Anne xxx

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