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The other day my friend and I dined out together in a pub/inn/restaurant that E and I often visit. When visiting these places it isn’t obligatory to dress in one’s finest but I always make an effort when dining out. The dress code is almost always smart and casual and that is how I generally dress when out. Occasionally I see people in these places who either haven’t any decent clothes to wear, can’t be bothered to wear them if they have them or are simply slobs! Most people however are dressed in an appropriate manner. Yesterday found me on the roof of my garage dressed in a summer skirt and top and wearing make-up too, although I never go out without my make-up on! I was re-routing a rainwater drain pipe to permanently drain onto the garage roof instead of it draining on to what will be a raised paved area at the front of the house. Essentially I was incorrectly dressed to do that work and to carry out the other jobs I ended up doing like fixing other pipework, repairing a minor break in the roof seal and digging out weeds with E. I hadn’t intended to do some of that work but did so anyway. When I am out at work people often ask about my mode of dress but really speaking I seldom get myself too dirty to make what I am wearing a problem. In any case I do have overalls (coveralls) should I desperately need them! Once upon a time people used to have outer garments, coats and such when going out on a Saturday night in winter. These days men are seen wearing just a shirt and women a flimsy dress with much bare skin exposed to the cold night air.  Many places don’t have a manned cloakroom nowadays so any outer garment has to be carried all night long. In life many of us go ill prepared for the situations in which we might find ourselves but it is a physical thing, we don’t take care of ourselves as we should. Despite our lack of self-care in the physical realm we do not usually neglect our spiritual well-being, how we treat ourselves spiritually, or do we? We can do many things to ensure we are spiritually happy whilst we are alive but after death then what?
When we die we have only our spirit to worry about. The flesh has stopped working, it has decayed or is going to unless it gets incinerated. Either way we leave it behind. Now we are in the spiritual realm and we are in a position whereby we can do nothing about our spiritual well-being. The fact is we can look after our spiritual well-being for when we are dead but it has to be done whilst we are alive! Our spirit wasn’t made when we were born as if it had to be composed of a material substance, no, it was made or created without substance! It has no substance. However it exists and will always do so unless it’s maker decides otherwise! That being the case don’t you suppose that it is important to ensure that your spirit is properly ‘dressed’ for the place to which it returns? That place is in the presence of our Creator God. The decision to take care of your spiritual well-being has to be made now for when you die it is too late. Get properly dressed for the occasion!

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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