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Today, Monday, I had an appointment with my dentist. My dentist’s surgery is over twenty miles from my home. It is in Liverpool. I really must try harder to find one closer to home but in the past that has proved difficult, all local practices have not been able to accommodate me because they had too many patients on their books. Anyway for the past week or more I have been suffering with toothache which also resulted in aches and pains elsewhere, headaches, pain behind my left eye etc. My original appointment was for Thursday last week but my dentist was unable to leave Egypt where she had been on vacation. I consequently had to put back my appointment to Monday. I could have been attended to by another dentist in the practice but my dentist is a good dentist and I decided to wait. When she examined me she took an x-ray picture to see what the problem was. The tooth had been filled several times over the last few years but unfortunately this time it was beyond repair. I have a few fillings and by and large they have been alright. This tooth needed extracting and she suggested I make another appointment. When I told her that I lived more than twenty miles away and asked why she couldn’t extract the tooth there and then she said it was a matter of time. Well how long does it take to extract a tooth? About two minutes! She agreed to do it and gave me an injection to numb the area. Whilst that was taking effect I waited outside and another patient went in. After ten minutes I was back inside and the tooth was duly removed. I was given post-op instructions for after-care. The main problem was stopping the wound from bleeding. It actually took about four hours to cease bleeding but by that time I had arrived back home, had my lunch and was now in the pub! I deliberately bought a couple of glasses of neat whisky and used them to keep the wound clean by sipping every few minutes. Well nothing cleans like an alcoholic spirit and it tastes nice! My other drinks were cider. Most people would have told me to keep off the alcohol after having a tooth extracted but I know different! As I sit here in the early evening my wound has healed completely and there is no pain whatsoever! So who is right? Because the appointment was 11.30 it meant that I couldn’t take on any work for the day but around 9.00 I received a request to do a very small job for someone I have worked for many times. She lives less than a mile from my house and I had enough time to pop over and accommodate her. I wasn’t however dressed for work as you can imagine but the job didn’t entail getting dirty in the least and my fee helped pay for my dental treatment! It’s funny how things work out. In case you were wondering, I don’t mind going to the dentist in the least.

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