The footy season

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I like watching the occasional football match as long as the game is entertaining. Some games are one-sided affairs, others are played defensively, either of which are boring to watch. For a few weeks now we have been once again in the football season which stretches roughly speaking from July through to April. Many games are broadcast on television and of course pubs and clubs take advantage of that because it attracts more custom. My own pub shows games on Wednesday evenings, Saturday and Sunday afternoons and occasionally on other days if special games are being played such as International matches for instance. As much as I like football though it keeps me out of the pub during the times it is being shown. Last Saturday I did visit the pub in the early evening but the place was still full of supporters, many of whom were obviously drunk and until they left the place wasn’t quiet. I am not complaining about that but I guess I should have known better! When I want to visit the pub I generally try to go on days that are footy-free! I prefer to watch the games at home where it is nice and quiet and there aren’t people screaming and shouting at every goal or near-miss! Supporters will be supporters though so I give them a wide berth.

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