RIP Margaret

I heard a snippet of news on the television this morning regarding a double, maybe multiple murder in my town but missed out on hearing much detail. I got the name of the street, Lonsdale Road and I immediately thought about a client of mine who lives there. I have done many jobs for this lady and I hoped she wasn’t the subject of the report. I went out to a job around noon and on my way back home I had to pass by this road, a cul-de-sac, on route. The road was closed off and there were many police cars about. Driving further toward home I noticed another road cordoned off. This road runs on the opposite side of the local cemetery the other side of which is Lonsdale road. Tonight I made a point of listening to the news again and discovered that there had been at least two murders one in Lonsdale road and the other in Birch Street which is located down the second road I’d passed that had been closed off. Then I saw a picture of Margaret’s house with policemen in the driveway and heard the shocking news that it was indeed Margaret who had been one of those murdered. I was only in her house a couple of weeks ago. If you will remember me mentioning in a post about some scaffolding at the front of her house leaning dangerously over because of the high winds we had been experiencing. I had gone to reinstate the supply to her freezer, (see Jan 25 The Weekend). I am so shocked to learn of her untimely death at the hands it seems of a 43-year-old taxi driver. She was a lovely woman, gentle and quite lonely. She wasn’t treated very well by her family as far as I can gather and she always loved having me come round to chat with her. I’d do a job and spent more time chatting. May she rest in peace.

Shirley Anne


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  1. I’m so sorry to hear that you were touched by something so sad. It’s horrible that something like this can happen and, as you said, I hope that your client, Margaret, rests in peace.

    Take care of yourself, Shirley Anne.



  2. Thank you Emily. I knew this lady very well. I took her out to lunch one day driving to a country pub I know. I have often spent time with her. I saw her three times this year, the first time to do a small job, the second was with my computer, showing her all the things that we use computers for as she was thinking about buying one. I searched the Internet for a poem that was special to her, printed it out and took it to her. The last time I went we had to sit in the bedroom upstairs as all her furniture has been taken there. The house was subject to subsidence and she was having the ground floors levelled. That was when I saw the scaffolding almost ready to collapse. I tried a few times to get in touch with the builder but as it was a Sunday I could get no reply. I warned her not to stand in the front garden in case it fell on her. That was 21st Jan. No doubt she would have telephoned me again soon. I didn’t get much sleep last night thinking about the whole affair. I cannot imagine what her family are going through right now if it affected me as it has done. The big question is why? Such a shame.

    Shirley Anne

  3. Hi Shirley Anne
    Sorry to hear this’ it is alwasy sad to hear of someone you know dying but murdered, thats horrible. Will you be talking to the police?
    Hugs Tina x

  4. Yes Tina you are right, the death of anyone is hard to bear for me but murder is something else. I cannot for the life of me think of any reason why someone should do this. This makes it more difficult to deal with I feel. No, I shan’t be speaking with the police unless of course they ask me to. I believe the guy who did it has given himself up to the police already so there will be little reason for them to chat with anyone else except perhaps her family and neighbours.

    Shirley Anne

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