At last, we are getting some sunshine

Aesculus hippocastanum English: Leaves and tru...
Aesculus hippocastanum English: Leaves and trunk of Horse chestnut. Estrela Garden, Lisbon Português: Folhas e tronco de um Castanheiro-da-Índia. Jardim da Estrela, Lisboa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now don’t get me wrong about this for although I am not too particular about the weather it is still nevertheless nice to have sunshine on a regular basis. In one of my front rooms, which faces SSW, I follow the sun throughout the seasons as and when it shines through the window. During the winter months when it happens to be sunny, the sun shines directly upon the opposite wall unless it has remained behind the house opposite around the winter solstice when it doesn’t rise high enough. As the seasons progress the wall gets less direct sunshine and the floor more until at the height of summer the sunshine barely lights up the floor beneath the window. By then of course the sun is very high in the sky. We have had a very mixed bag of weather over the last month and although we have had lots of sun it hasn’t, apart from that one unusual week when it was hot and sunny most of the time, been all that warm. These last few days has seen a change to more regular warmth and sunshine normally associated with this time of year. Spring is now firmly established. As I have been driving around the countryside one of the things that strike me is the amount of new greenery in the trees and hedgerows, especially the Hawthorne which is now densely covered in leaves. There are still many trees without their new leaves of course as they burst into life next month. From my front room window I can see a couple of huge Horse Chestnut trees in full leaf and of course some Holly trees. I like to see some greenery during the colder months and the holly trees fill that spot. We have a few evergreen plants in our front garden so it is never too bleak looking. It is that season whereby I am never sure whether to wear a coat or not but I always have one with me anyway and a brolly too if there is the likelihood of rain. Well it is England!

Shirley Anne