Danger-high heels!

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A pair of high heeled shoe with 12cm stiletto heels. Category:Shoes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The new-found friend I met on Thursday last week met with an accident on Saturday night. I’d telephoned her earlier in the day to thank her and her fiancé for their hospitality on Thursday night. I hadn’t phoned on Friday as I was out of the game and not feeling well myself. It transpires that she treated her fiancé to an evening meal and dance to celebrate his birthday which was actually on Monday. On returning home in the early hours of Sunday she decided to fix them both a drink of coffee and whilst doing so trip over the cat! She admitted that she had been wearing high heels and was probably feeling a bit ‘tipsy’ so blamed herself for the accident for not removing her shoes when at home. Unfortunately she hurt her arm so much she visited the hospital emergency outpatients department to see what was wrong. She had X-rays taken and was told she had broken her arm in three places and might need surgery. However, as she told me on Sunday evening, she has problems with her liver and she says the doctors consider it too risky to operate. I took some flowers and a card to her house on Monday morning but got no answer. I assumed she was still in bed, although is was after ten o’clock, so I left them inside her porch. Now she didn’t tell me how high the heels were that she was wearing but it does tell me that wearing any heel that is high, especially if it is slim like a stiletto, can be dangerous. I like wearing high heels myself but don’t do so very often but it only takes a little slip or stumble and anything can happen. My friend broke her arm but she could well have easily broken her ankle too, probably a much more serious accident. I know a couple of women who wear high heels very often and without any problems so it isn’t simply that high heels are dangerous, they are far more dangerous when the person wearing them is a little under the influence of alcohol! I have worn high heels many times and I have stumbled once or twice whilst wearing them but those incidents were more to do with the pathways I was walking upon rather than my drinking habits! I actually find it easier to dance in heels than to simply walk in them. I feel sorry for my friend and perhaps she wasn’t totally to blame for her accident but that is the nature of accidents isn’t it? We never know when they might happen, one moment’s lapse in concentration or one pussy cat wandering beneath your feet unawares and hey-presto another mishap.

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