Another pretty boring weekend?

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I have been gainfully employed this past week, not a lot but just enough. On Friday evening I went to bed and did not sleep a wink all night. Obviously not tired enough. Saturday I spent some time in the bedroom before trotting downstairs for breakfast at 10.15. I spent much of the afternoon fending off admirers! I sat at my computer for hours writing emails and comments, checking my bank accounts and doing some searching on the Internet. E had gone to her monthly meeting with her friends and fellow compers and I felt somewhat at a loose end and had I not been on the computer I should have gone bonkers! I went to the pub on Friday afternoon for a late lunch but being a good girl didn’t stay too long this time. I was back home around 7pm I think. I had a very small job to do in the morning and then I went to the supplier to buy some electrical goods for my van stock. I was sorting it all out in my garage back home when I received a call on my mobile. It was a woman police officer who asked if I wouldn’t mind answering a few questions about Margaret, one of the women here who were murdered a month or so ago. I knew her quite well and she had been a customer of mine. We often sat and chatted together. I told the police officer that I was at home and she could call anytime in the afternoon. It was around 12.30 then I think. She dropped by a half hour later and we chatted. She took a five-page statement from me which I duly signed and she asked if I would object to being present at court should the need arise. Well you know me and courtrooms having spent the first two weeks in January as a juror, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I said I would make myself available if necessary. I was a little surprised that the police hadn’t seen me earlier but I guess they’ve plenty to do. This meant a late lunch and I decided I didn’t want to cook it, hence the pub. Believe that and you’ll believe anything! Sunday was an average day with nothing going on to speak of except that I went to the pub in the evening. Today, Monday, well I’ve a little job or two to keep me occupied. I should retire and then go completely bonkers trying to fill my days.

Shirley Anne


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5 thoughts on “Another pretty boring weekend?”

  1. Hi Shirley Anne
    What’s this about fending off admirers? Not that you don’t deserve them!!
    I was womdering about that murder case. I rememeber reading about it and thinking you might be ‘able to help them with their enquiries’. I guess they aren’t doing so well. Keep us posted.
    Hugs TinaCortina x

  2. ‘Fending off admirers’ was just a fanciful quip Tina but thanks for the comment. I remember you saying something about the police asking me questions at the time but I guess they’d been too busy to get around to me earlier. It isn’t that they aren’t doing so well but they need to collect as much information before the trial. All she wanted from me was background stuff really, how I knew her, when I visited and why and to give them an idea of her personality as revealed to me. I am not sure when the trial will commence or even if I will indeed be asked to attend when it does. I think I heard it might start in June sometime. but I will keep you posted.

    Shirley Anne xxx

  3. Shirley Anne, we are so different about we fill our time – or can’t! I have never dreaded retirement – although I’ve met plenty who have – and finding something pleasant and interesting to do at any given moment presents me with not the slightest problem. I’m claiming no special talent for never being bored either.

    You must be a pretty high-energy person. You do a daily blog, keep a business going, socialise, and all the rest. I’m not high-energy at all, and so maybe this is a clue to how I can fend off ennui. Little tasks and meetups can fill my life…! Plus, I’m not an insomniac.


  4. Hi Lucy, yes we are all different in that respect. I have no fear of retirement as it would only be a retirement from something that pays. There is much I can do at home should I want something to work at so I would never really get bored I suppose. At the moment I have mixed feelings about it all. I would have to remain active no matter what. I am as you say a high-energy person but I do have my lazy moments like right now as I write this after lunch. Today I had a couple of jobs to do for people which I finished by one o’clock, went shopping for a spell, came home and cooked lunch and now I feel a bit tired. It is gloriously sunny here and has been all day so far. That makes a difference. About sleep? I got three and a half hours before I had to visit the little girl’s room but got a couple more hours after that. I was especially tired yesterday evening.

    Shirley Anne xxx

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