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Dual carriageway
Dual carriageway (Photo credit: JohnSeb)

Do you ever think where your life is headed, what lies on the horizon? When I am alone I think on these things a lot but when I am actively doing something I don’t think about my future. We all have a future don’t we? I was reading some local news on Sunday and I learned that a young girl, a seventeen year-old was hit by a car on a local bye-pass at 2.30 in the morning that day. The road in question is a dual carriageway and during the day is very busy with traffic but even at that early hour there are still plenty of vehicles about. One stretch of the road is unlit where it runs alongside the RAF training airfield and it is possibly where the accident happened but I’m not sure. Sadly the young lady died from her injuries. She had a life to look forward to but it has been taken away from her. This is why it is important to live your life, we never know when it our time to go. So what’s next on your agenda? Will things remain as they are, will anything have changed twelve months hence? Life is precious and time does not stand still for anyone. We need to make the most of what we’ve got or improve it if we can. One minute you are here and the next…you’re gone. It upsets me to learn of tragic accidents such as that of this young woman especially when I learn of other people wasting their lives through crime, drugs and bad living.

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