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Relative risk of an accident based on blood alcohol levels. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many years ago when I was young and stupid, yes I was once young and very stupid at times, I would drink and then drive without giving a thought about the consequences. I never realised the havoc I could have caused had I been involved in an accident due to my drinking or given a thought about somebody losing their life through my stupidity. When one imbibes alcohol it most certainly impairs judgement and capability and can result in mayhem if we take to the wheel after indulging. It has been many years since I deliberately drove a vehicle after taking a drink but when I visit my local pub, on foot I might add, I come across many people who still maintain that they can handle their drink and that it doesn’t affect their driving capability whatsoever. Today, Wednesday, I spent the afternoon at my local pub drinking red wine with diet cola on the side. I walked there and back as it is only a matter of 900 yards or so each way. If I lived further away I would go by taxi and would never consider using my vehicle for transport. Now I know a few people who frequent that pub who have no qualms about driving to and fro from the pub and today I met up with one of them. The discussion between us turned to driving under the influence for some reason. It wasn’t engineered that way but it just came up in conversation. I mentioned that I didn’t hold with the idea of people drinking and driving but I couldn’t easily express that as I was talked down. Eventually though I was able to speak my mind by saying that it wasn’t so much a problem that people do drink and drive but those that do have no control over anyone who might run into them too thereby revealing their involvement as drink-drivers and subsequently being prosecuted.  The person I was talking with was a middle-aged woman who, in my estimation should have known better but she drives to and from the pub at every visit, which is several times every week. One day she may be involved in an accident perhaps not through her own fault but it also might involve some innocent person losing their life because of that fact. To me it shows complete selfishness on her part and in the same way everybody who flaunts the law in this way. They are gambling with other people’s lives when they take to the wheel whist inebriated. When I left the pub to go home I had drunk a bottle of red wine and some diet cola but I walked, I didn’t drive. She had consumed two pints of lager and three glasses of white wine spritzers and was still drinking when I left. I know she will have driven the mile and a half to her house afterward but in that distance somebody could lose their life. I hope that doesn’t happen but the risk is too great for me.

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Author: Shirley Anne

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