Good food….most times

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When I was younger I didn’t much consider the consequences of eating the wrong kind of food and as far as watching my weight was concerned that wasn’t a problem. Being in such an active occupation I never gained weight and was always slim. Gradually over the years I gained weight but was never overweight at any time. As I grow older and less active I have to keep check on my eating habits but not only for keeping my weight down. Since my transition I have had to maintain a healthier attitude to what foods I put in my mouth for other reasons. It’s all about cholesterol levels and looking after my liver which now has a greater task to perform daily, the processing, the metabolizing of the hormone tablets I have to take put extra pressure on that organ. Not only that but it has to deal with the alcohol I drink too! That is one of the reasons I limit the frequency of my alcohol intake. Of course eating all the wrong food doesn’t help in keeping both my weight down and my body healthy so I make sure that I have the right kind of food in my meals. In my page above I list many of the foodstuffs I like to eat (see Healthier recipes for you). I am a little more relaxed these days when it comes to food and what I eat, not denying myself the occasional treat. When I was told that I had to only eat certain foods and cut down or eliminate many of the things I’d previously enjoyed, I took it all to heart and was for a few years very strict with my eating habits. I have stopped being so strict with myself and now I enjoy the occasional treat. I still have cut down on many things and some things I will no longer eat at all. Basically foods high in unsaturated fats and sugar I try to avoid completely. I prefer savoury food to the sweeter variety but I do eat plenty of fruit. The government health authorities encourage us all to eat our ‘five a day‘, that is fruit and/or vegetables and I often go far beyond that recommended amount sometimes reaching twice as much. So most of the time I eat good healthy food but occasionally I give myself a treat. I do exercise regularly too.

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  1. Hi Clare. I’ve always believed in having a well balanced and healthy diet but it only in more recent years, say twenty or so, that I have taken what I eat more seriously and even more so since my transition. I think a good diet is very beneficial in many ways. It is so easy to eat all the wrong stuff and end up with all sorts of resulting ailments I feel.

    Shirley Anne xxx

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