Here’s to the rain!

English: Long-term average precipitation by mo...
English: Long-term average precipitation by month (mm/day and in/day), based on 1961-1990 data. Animated GIF. Mollweide projection. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well last month proved to be a wash-out and quite literally in some places in this country. Many people had their homes flooded because the rivers and streams or the drains couldn’t cope with the excess rainfall. Now we are in a new month and guess what? It is raining yet again! Whilst I feel sorry for those who are suffering the effects of too much rain I quite like it when it rains. I suppose I must be a duck! I was chatting to someone a few days ago about the rain and she was telling me how much she loved the sunshine and how it made her feel better whenever the sun shone. I thought to myself ‘why doesn’t she therefore go and live in a warmer and sunnier climate‘? I knew the answer to that one. She wouldn’t get all the benefits she now enjoys if she moved to another country and added to that she admitted she wouldn’t like it sunny all of the time. I’ll wager if she had been born and raised in a hot climate she would be used to it but then I wonder why she isn’t used to the rain and cooler climate we have here. People just like moaning about the weather I suppose. Rain can be an inconvenience and a problem at times of course but we live around and with problems throughout our lives. Rain poses no problem for me unless I am working outside, all other activities I undertake are not affected by the rain. In some ways rain is a blessing, it waters the plants, supplies our reservoirs with water, keeps insect pests down, lowers the amount of pollen in the air, cleans the air from excessive pollution, limits anti-social behaviour, washes away dirt from the streets and probably in many more ways a blessing too. I enjoy sunshine too but I don’t mind when it is raining. I wonder though how much of either we will get this summer? Looking at the world map above we can see that the average rainfall for Europe doesn’t change much throughout the year but in some places in the world it comes and goes quite dramatically or not at all!

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