2 Samuel 5:10

David and Goliath, a colour lithograph by Osma...
David and Goliath, a colour lithograph by Osmar Schindler (c. 1888) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2 Samuel 5:10

10 And he became more and more powerful,  because the Lord God Almighty  was with him.

A brief account…………

David had become king over Israel and went on to conquer Jerusalem and onward to defeat the Philistines. David had been a mere shepherd boy years before but the Lord had plans for him. David wasn’t particularly attractive in looks and had nothing that would make him standout in a crowd. He had potential though and God saw this in him. After defeating Goliath when others could not, even the strongest and experienced soldiers in Saul’s army found the thought of challenging Goliath terrifying, David became popular with the people. He hadn’t defeated Goliath with his strength but with his cunning. He approached the problem in a fresh way, in a way others hadn’t seen. Because God was with him David went from strength to strength. David realised this and gave praise and thanks to God as often as he could, even to the point of looking foolish in the sight of others. Nothing was going to stop him from praising God. Michal daughter of Saul had been given to David as his wife but Saul gave Michal to Paltiel and this grieved David. Michal loved David deeply but despised him in her heart when she saw him dancing and praising God in the sight of the common people. She spent the rest of her life childless.

The LORD is with you when you are with him. If you seek him, he will be found by you, but if you forsake him, he will forsake you (2 Chronicles 15:2 … in context 2 Chronicles 15:1-3).

Those whom the Lord God loves He looks after and He loves those who love Him. God wants to lavish His gifts upon us but there are those who cannot see that fact. We cannot out-give God, whatever we give Him He returns to us much more. I know this happens in life because I have experienced it. There have been times when I have struggled financially yet I didn’t fail to present a gift to the Lord’s work no matter how small that might have been. What happened each time? I found I was given more opportunities for work! (This still happens where my work is concerned). The principle is this, you give to God and He gives back more in one way or another! It is often the little things we might normally overlook but God sees everything. If we are with God He is faithful and will never desert us. Nothing and no-one should get in the way of our praise for God and our praise isn’t just a matter of verbal worship but our praise is everything we are, how we live and how we treat others. You don’t have to be the wealthiest, most handsome and popular person in society when God loves you, He sees your potential and if you are on His side nothing can stop you in your service to Him. It isn’t about personal gain but you will gain far more in the Kingdom of God and great will be your reward. You will go from strength to strength with God and will always be a conquerer.

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Author: Shirley Anne

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  1. Great stuff Shirley Anne. I love the strength to strength you talk about. David not only was cunning, but had enormous faith in God. I think the lion and bear David faced were far worst than Goliath.

  2. How many ‘Goliaths’ have we faced in life and backed away from them because of fear? Before I turned to God I had many experiences like that. We have to be careful though not to step into situations knowing them to be dangerous if The Spirit is not with us. He won’t lead us into danger so always wait for His prompts. God didn’t supply us with common sense for nothing.

    Shirley Anne x

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