Don’t you just love computers?

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Well after a few problems with my computer on Wednesday something else cropped up whilst I was browsing my own blog. Those who use WordPress will know about the notification bar at the top of the screen and it was there that I discovered another potential problem. This time it was to do with the browser I have been using which is Internet Explorer 9, the 64-bit version. WordPress was telling me that I had to upgrade my browser else the site may not work in the near future. I didn’t respond immediately but came back to the problem again on Saturday. I downloaded IE 9 again even though there seemed nothing wrong with my version. The message disappeared but re-appeared again later. WordPress say that the preferred browsers for their platform are Firefox and Google Chrome. As I had Google Chrome on my computer anyhow I started arranging things on the computer to try it out. There were some niggling problems such for instance not all of my ‘favourites’ had been imported to the new browser and I had to transfer them manually. Also Zemanta, which I use to furnish my blog with pictures had to be downloaded to the Google browser. Admittedly that last process took a mere three seconds or so but still it was something that needed doing! I am not used to Google Chrome and I had difficulty finding out how to include or exclude toolbars and other operations but after a while I got the hang of it. One problem still exists with using Google Chrome is that when I am on my blog’s dashboard I can no longer see the notification bar that was instrumental in my switching browsers! Now that to me seems a little silly, especially as WordPress insist it is one of the two best browsers to use with their platform. If I switch back to Internet Explorer I can see the notification bar. Maybe the problem lies within my computer settings but I haven’t a clue where that may be. It’s as though the visual screen needs dropping down a touch but I don’t know if that is the problem nor how to fix it, yet anyway. I can get round the problem by switching to a another tab and using that to display the site whilst I am signed in (the notification bar is only there whilst you are logged in) but that is rather tiresome.Oh the joys of working with computers!
I have three browsers on my computer, the third one being Safari, which I downloaded some time ago as it might have been of benefit when using Apple applications and programs as suggested by Apple themselves. It seems different companies have preferences when it comes to browsers. I have used Safari, not extensively, and I found it reasonably good but I have no idea of its true capabilities. I will stick with Google Chrome because it is excellent and fast too! I will keep Internet Explorer in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen for emergency use or for speedy switching of items from one to the other.

Update………….the problem I had with not being able to see the notification bar has resolved itself! I give up! So hopefully that will be an end to my problems……………………………….maybe…LOL

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11 thoughts on “Don’t you just love computers?”

  1. Doncha love ’em, computers?

    Honestly anyone from 1970, 1980 or 1990 magically transported forward in time to 2012 would be aghast at the way computers have become so important in our lives, and our reliance on them. And at the time and mental energy we regularly have to give them, to keep them functioning properly. And they would be right.

    I like what computers – desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones – can do. In some good ways, they have added to the modern way of life. They are a boon to isolated people, and can aid creative writing. But they can all get in the way of basic life experiences, for which they are most emphatically not a substitute.


  2. Computers have a lot to answer for eh! I’m ok with them while everything is working fine.. But haven’t got a clue when things go wrong!
    Jilly x

  3. Or anyone from 1945! LOL. They are clever little blighters (and some of them are very small….you’ve got one!). They certainly are not a substitute for many things as you rightly point out Lucy.

    Shirley Anne x

  4. Hello Jilly lovely to see you here. Poor English that isn’t it? I can’t actually see you! I would wager computers have been a boon to your career as they are much easier to cart around than sheaves of paper! Do you use the computer a lot when writing?

    Shirley Anne x

  5. Yes I use a lap top and sometimes a small netbook if I’m traveling. Don’t know what we’d do without them now! Better than clicking away on my little Smith Corona typewriter all those years ago! Lol x

  6. Technology is fine when it works! Since these amazing machines only come with instructions as to where the on button is and no more we are paying a fortune for our own machines of torture.

    My pretty iMac came with safari and no matter how many times it is reloaded it remains faulty. Loading your blog it froze, if I had $100 for every time I have had to force quit it I could buy Apple and force them to write a decent program!!

    GC is faster but something about it is not loveable and feels clumsy especially saving pages which safari does really well.

    The mac and the net saved my life but now that I feel I have reached the other side as have many I met on the way, there are fewer left to contact and less desire to be mixed in with the angst often expressed by those still in the struggle.

    I still write on my blog and store too many digital images but find that it is being used less and less. It is not a thing which brings me joy like it once did.

    No doubt there are plans to bring out a new model which will leave mine unable to work with some programs and peripherals, strange how the faster and greater capacity new machines are newer clever enough to run older simpler programs!


  7. Hi Teresa. I’m not sure what you mean by that. When we buy computers we hope that they work properly and we rely upon the programs which run them. Unless we are computer buffs, programmers, technicians or experienced using them we can find solving problems difficult and anticipating them impossible. Lay persons have to find things out for themselves and the various ‘help’ pages there are don’t really help sometimes. I remember years ago having a computer and not knowing what I could do with it except run games or other useless programs so I taught myself how to program it and wrote my own. Those programs and computers are dinosaurs now and have been superceded by our new and wonderful hard-drive machines which are far easier to use and don’t need programming by the user. They can and do present problems because of the amounts of programs they run and the conflicts these programs sometimes have with each other. Future problems? You can be sure they will happen but forecasting them will be hard for the lay-person.

    Shirley Anne x

  8. Hi Caroline. Totally agree (see above comment). I haven’t found any problems with GC and I like the ‘feel’ of it. It took me a little while to get used to but that’s the same with any new thing isn’t it? I don’t own a tablet so I cannot pass comment but I imagine they have problems all of their own. Many folk buy into the latest gizmos and gadgets as soon as they are available…….not a wise thing in my estimation, It’s a bit like buying a new model of car with all it’s niggling snags that only present themselves after a few months on the road. I never did buy my cars as brand-new models, I waited twelve months first. I do the same with computers. The one I am using now is an Acer 8943G an excellent machine which had been around long before I bought one. Unfortunately most computers come with pre-loaded programs which may or may not have been around long enough to iron out potential problems and we get stuck with them. Things are improving all the time of course and are far better than they used to be.
    You mention your blog. I’d love to see it but can’t get to it through your avatar. Is it a private one?

    Shirley Anne x

  9. Why didn’t I know that site was yours? I have commented there quite a few times Caroline. To be fair (on me) usually what happens clicking on an avatar takes you to the person’s profile and hence any links they may put there but in your case it isn’t possible. Whether that is by choice on your part I don’t know. Consequently I thought I might be in contact with another Caroline. See what I mean? There was no obvious way to connect you to the comments you have been making.on here. Sorry about that. I saw a pie chart recently (on Wikipedia I think) that showed Google Chrome overtaking Internet Explorer as the browser of choice for the first time. Other browsers were listed in order of popularity below those two. It showed Firefox, Safari and then Linux in that order. Make of that what you will. Safari is supposed to the the best for Apple applications but it seems from what you say that isn’t necessarily the case. I would try and stick with Chrome if I were you but what do I know?…LOL

    Shirley Anne x

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