More than I thought

I had a couple of small jobs to do on Monday but had nothing planned after that until Thursday, which will be today as you read this. I had another sleep-in on Tuesday, something I am finding I do often these days, either it’s because I work hard or am just getting old, probably both theories are correct! So there I was sitting at home when I got a call for help. Someone I had done work for in the past and for her daughter and friend too called to say that she needed my services as she had lost all power in her house. I told her I would be there within a half hour as she only lives about ten miles away. It had been raining rather hard for the previous couple of days and was still raining hard when I left home. I took the road which cuts across country rather than the main trunk route which I know is undergoing resurfacing at the moment with all the unavoidable delays that result. The roads I took to however were severely flooded in parts and I might have been better off using a canoe! I got to her house and soon discovered which circuit was causing the problem and I isolated it. Unfortunately it was the circuit supplying all the power points. Splitting the circuit into two halves quickly pointed to which area the fault lay and further analysis pointed to a junction box up in the loft area. I discovered the faulty cable and disconnected it. I had to locate where it was going but it wasn’t connected to any of the power points I could see. At that moment the lady told me that she had a power point behind the fireplace that she had forgotten about! I removed the fire to find a single socket that appeared wet. I removed it and tested the cable which I found to be alright. It was the same cable I’d disconnected in the loft. I tested the socket, now removed, and found it to be faulty, this was due to the fact that water had gotten inside. It was then that she told me that the chimney stack had been leaking water and that someone was waiting for the weather to change so that it could be repaired! Had I been given that information in the first place I could have solved the problem much sooner and it wouldn’t have cost her half the amount I was obliged to charge her.
E had been waiting for her car to be repaired but by the time I returned home around three o’clock they had not called her to say it was done. I needed to visit my wholesaler for the materials I needed for today’s little job so I asked E if she would come along with me and afterwards visit the repair depot which is only a half-mile from the wholesaler. We saw her car on the forecourt meaning that it had been repaired but they still hadn’t phoned her to let her know! They had repaired the fault but said that there was another issue that needed investigating but would cost more money for it to be done. We couldn’t understand why, when testing for the other fault on the same diagnostic computer they couldn’t have checked for this new one at the same time but they made some excuse why they couldn’t do that. We were told that this ‘new fault’ would not cause the car to break down but it was more of an irritation rather than a serious problem. We were shown the invoice and found they had added an extra £18 to their original quote and for no apparent reason so we questioned that and had the bill reduced to the original quotation. However, it wasn’t the £800 I had originally thought it was. Although E had told me how much I had misunderstood, the cost amounted to £894 approximately! Definitely more than I’d thought

.Credit Card

I used my credit card to pay, at least I will be credited with a small refund as my card operator offers ‘cash back’ on all purchases. I pay off my credit card by Direct Debit from one of my current accounts so I only have to ensure the money is available. I do not run up credit card debts but always pay them off in full when they are due. You can now see why continuing in work is still a good idea so it is a good thing that actually like work!

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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