Nothing to do, yeah sure!

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Again on Wednesday I had no work scheduled and had an extra lie in bed missing out on a proper breakfast. The weather forecast was promising so I decided to do some work at home. When we had the roller door fitted a couple of weeks ago it still left a large gap over the door to be filled with timber. In Thursday’s post I mentioned the fact that E and I went shopping on Monday for the materials needed to  do that same job. It took a few hours to do but we finally succeeded and now all that is needed is to paint it. We had opted to use wood as opposed to plastic although at some point in the future plastic could be used to cover the wood if we wanted to do that. So far all we have done is to treat the wood with a preserver/wood worm repellent and we will paint it some time in the near future. E was keen to prune back some overgrown trees  that are growing in the border on the approach to the garage where we had been working so after that work was complete we set about the trees with a saw then cut the branches smaller to fit in the garden waste wheelie bins. I have to admit to being rather tired after the day’s work but then I had to go indoors to prepare a roast dinner! A much more enjoyable task and set aside a plate for our youngest son who occasionally asks if we can prepare a meal for him, usually because he has had a busy day and has little time left for himself. We obviously don’t mind doing that for him. The days go slowly when there is nothing to do but they can be rewarding when there is. I get complete satisfaction when I have achieved something and done something with my time rather than mulling about doing nothing. I like to rest too, it isn’t all about work but I do find that all rest and no work is just as bad as the other way round! Nothing to do? Yeah, sure but for me that doesn’t work.

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  1. I am thirty two years into our first five year plan and still have some way to go before finishing this preliminary stage of house restoration. I have been busy most of this time. The concept of nothing to do is one I would like to try…

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