Can I sing? I wouldn’t say so, not now but….

youtube (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

It’s only my opinion of course but I do not rate myself as a singer. Once I could sing and once I was in a choir but time and circumstances have taken control of what used to be a reasonable voice. The circumstances to which I refer are one, my gender switch and two my age. My female singing voice is one that I struggle with but I did make some recordings last year and even posted one of my songs on YouTube featuring my voice. I write songs, Christian songs and have penned something like 50 to 60 of them. Over 40 of them are also on YouTube but only the one has me singing. I should perhaps make an attempt at singing more often and perhaps dub my voice over existing recordings, if not record them again but when it comes to it I am often lazy over such matters. I have to be in the mood to record anything as it is such an effort trying to get things right when all I have is some software on my computer to use in recording my songs. A professional studio would be the better option, a lounge at home doesn’t quite cut it, especially if subject to outside noise. Fortunately that hasn’t been a problem so far. Although the software is good it takes some time to get everything just right to produce something reasonable. Last year I recorded many songs, some good, some not so good in their quality but I made the attempt and then uploaded them all to YouTube. Since I am now able to connect to the Internet more freely with my new phone too I am able to show others my efforts when out and about. Such was the case on Tuesday morning. I had dined out with E the previous afternoon and whilst at the restaurant I received a request for an electrical job. I arranged to do it the following morning, Tuesday and arrived there early. it was a simple job but it had the poor guy confused when he had made the attempt at sorting it out. I had it done in a few minutes and then chatted to his wife whilst he was elsewhere looking for some cash with which to pay me. It turned out that she had the same model of phone as I but she was experiencing some difficulty in using it. I explained to her what she needed to do and she was happy about that. She wanted to be able to ‘surf the net‘ so I demonstrated that on my phone and connected to my YouTube account. I played the first song on the list, the one on which I sing and she was amazed that it was me in the recording. I explained to her that I had written the song along with many others that were on YouTube and she was impressed. What she did say was that my singing was good but of course I couldn’t agree as I don’t think my singing voice is good at all! I suppose others are less critical than I am or perhaps they are tone-deaf!

Shirley Anne