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At the end of next month or perhaps the beginning of December I will curtail my visits to the pub, not returning again until after the first week in January, God permitting of course. I call this time the ‘silly season‘ when the world gets all wrapped up in the Christmas festivities and shallow well-wishing toward one another. It is the season for struggling in the shopping areas of town worrying about what presents to buy for those in our lives, a pointless ritual that people feel obliged to be a part of. That belief is rooted in a lack of self-confidence to make a stand against tradition, mostly because they enjoy the experience of it all. It matters not to the majority that what they do doesn’t honour God, if they had any belief in Him at all. What is more important to them is that they are enjoying it all. It is a time to get merry, to give and receive gifts, to eat too much food and to generally make pigs of themselves. The run-up to it all is probably more enjoyable than the holiday itself and when it is all over it is back to the normal routine again. What benefit is there in all of that I ask? Well once upon a time I indulged in the same way and then I became a Christian and the festivities had meaning but since those days I have realised that all I had been doing was based upon tradition and what I was getting out of it all. God doesn’t want us to fall into the trap of traditionalism, man-made festivities and seasonal hedonism. He would rather we lived our lives honouring Him and not just for a season but throughout our lives. Loving and pleasing God is a lifestyle, far better than any Christmas party or any of the trappings surrounding it. I no longer wish to be a part of it and for the last few years I have isolated myself from this tradition. I enjoy the company of people, that is why I go to the pub in the first place and I can do that all year round but something happens to people at Christmas and there is a sense of ignorance in their hearts regarding Christmas itself and why it was originally ordained. That subject I will not go into again for I have expounded upon it many times before. As they say these days ‘Google it’, or you could look into my archives at posts I have made around this time of year more recently. Key in the word ‘Christmas’ in the search box on the right. No, I shall not be going to the pub when they start their silly season in a few weeks time.

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  1. “Christmas” has become an absurdity, a wasteful shopping extravaganza where all sense and prudence is abandoned. People drive themselves into debt for this one event and make many parts of life unbearable for an age before the day. Watching a little TV the other night I foolishly did it live instead of my usual recording and was driven demented by advertisements for rubbish which nobody in their right mind would ever want!

    You can call me a hypocrite because as you know santa gave me my first paying job driving his sleigh ride to his grotto but I was made to pay with mental torture because for the role run up to the day of gluttony we were only provided with one 7 inch single record which was worn flat. Once the final ride was made and the last customers ushered out the record was changed and santa had a wild party with his bunny girls,. I collected my money and quietly left…

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