No more work!

January 2010 Snow Scene

Not strictly true. It is no more work for me until after the first week in January. I cancelled my advertisement for a few weeks. The current week (for the advert) which starts today, the twelfth will be the last before the Christmas break. The advert will again be published on the ninth of January but whether I will get any work is debatable although in years past I have found the first two months of the year to be a very busy time for me. The problem with spending too much time away from work is the reluctance to resume but I need the break, we all do. What I shall be doing over the three weeks or so is anyone’s guess. There is always the possibility of a call from one of my regular clients or from someone I’ve worked for previously as I give everyone my card. I am not expecting that to happen but you never know. I got a call on Christmas day one year! Naturally I went as it was an emergency, the turkey was in the oven but they had lost their electrical supply! I corrected that by fitting a temporary fuse at the supply point. Later of course it was replaced with a more suitable one. I made no charge, I was just happy to help. It is one thing to take time off from work for a vacation, a holiday, but another when there is nothing planned. I’ll have to make sure I don’t eat too much or sit around on my backside all day, I’ll have to think of something. One day I will be forced to stop work, then what will I do?

Shirley Anne