Four years

It was four years ago when I started this blog or 1674 posts ago (now 1675)! To be honest I didn’t think I was going to keep it up but here I am. I guess it was a novelty which just grew and became an interest but the best part of the blogging scene is being able to connect with other people, some I will probably never meet in the flesh. I will continue with my blog as long as it remains an interesting thing to do and I hope it will be but that depends on my readers and followers and there are 134 followers at this point. Thank you all for that. My other blog will have been running three years tomorrow and has but 74 posts. I write there approximately once a week. It is a dedicated blog so probably won’t attract as many visitors as this one but I do get them nevertheless. You might want to pop over one day. Shirley Anne x 


Reaching out

come to me
come to me (Photo credit: nicolas federico)

Since I became a Christian 24 years ago I have had a passion for those who do not believe. All I can ever do though is pray for them and be a witness. I can do nothing to persuade them, only The Holy Spirit can do that. Have you ever been so overjoyed by something in your life you want to let everybody know about it, a windfall, a great relationship, an inheritance, a better job? Well becoming a believer in God gives you that feeling but it lasts where all the other things don’t! Coming to God is a come as you are invitation. You don’t need special references or qualifications, there is no fee of any kind, just an open heart filled with hope.

Come and feel the love of Jesus,
Lose your sin and foolish pride,
Let his arms gently enfold you,
Sense his presence at your side,
Sense his presence
Sense his presence
Sense his presence at your side.

Come to me you sick and weary,
Lay your head upon my knee,
I am Jesus, I am healer,
Put your trust and faith in me,
Put your trust
Put your trust
Put your trust and faith in me.

Come to me downcast and lonely,
Lay your burden at my feet,
You’re the one that I have died for,
I have come to set you free,
I have come
I have come
I have come to set you free.

Copyright Shirley Anne 24 Aug 1995

So why not come to Jesus and see how much he loves you?

Shirley Anne