My health (and maybe yours too?)

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Preparation of serum cups for a lipids panel designed to test cholesterol levels in a patient’s blood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being as I am under medication I must have my health or status of my health checked every so often. The medication I refer to is not for any ailment I have I hasten to add but it is for my well-being nevertheless, they are simply the female hormones I have to take now I have transitioned. I have been taking the prescribed dosage now for 11 years and will need to carry on taking them for the remainder of my life. It’s all part of the transitioning process of course and quite normal in this respect. I have to take the hormones because my own body does not make its own. Unfortunately and for some reason I cannot remember just now, taking hormones has an effect on the body’s cholesterol levels. Just how they do that I have no idea and to be honest I am not interested, it is sufficient to know they do so I can keep my cholesterol levels in check. Now this is the crunch, I have to carefully watch what I am supposed to be eating and by and large I do that (see my page on healthy foods above) but occasionally I have lapses and let my diet go astray. This means I have had a little difficulty in lowering my cholesterol levels. I am within acceptable limits and they have remained constant but it would be better if those levels were a little lower. I can achieve that by eating the right foods and avoiding the not so beneficial and of course by increasing my exercise regime, which I have been doing recently. If you remember I had an accident in September causing an injury to my head which needed stitching and which prevented me from doing any strenuous exercise for over four months. That resulted in my having to lead a more sedentary life for a while, not a good thing if one wishes to remain fit. Resuming my exercise regime a few  weeks ago was a blessing but it has taken me a while to get back into my stride and I am not fully there yet. So, lack of exercise, sitting down too much and letting my eating habits go astray all contributed to my not being able to reduce my cholesterol levels. As I said they didn’t go higher but they didn’t go lower either! On Friday I had an appointment with the doctor to have my blood pressure checked and to discuss the results of my recent blood tests. All was well but it was agreed that I should make more of an effort with my eating habits and my exercise regime, the very things I am in the process of doing.

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  1. My compost bin fills faster than anyone else’s because junk is not on the menu in this house but I do take a statin pill…

  2. Aha! The statin pill, that will do it every time. I told the doctor that I refuse to take such things as I heard they are not good for you in other ways but then again I refuse any medication unless it is absolutely necessary, for instance I won’t take a pill if I’ve got a headache, preferring to find the root cause of that headache and eliminate it naturally. I would rather do the same thing with my cholesterol if I am able and it can be done. i look at the amount of pills E takes each day and I shudder. She takes something like a dozen and I personally think she doesn’t really need that many. They are to control pain and inflammation for her affliction.
    How come your bin fills so quickly? All you need to do is not buy junk! Very little food gets wasted in our house because we only buy things we know we will eat.

    Shirley Anne x

  3. In this house hardly a morsel ever gets wasted, the compost bin fills with peelings and excess leaves etc. from all the fresh vegetables which make up most of our diet. Much of it does not come neatly plastic wrapped and prepared by the supermarkets but arrives in the kitchen still brown with earth.

    Not everyone reacts to statins in a good way and I know many who just gave up but they seem to work for me. Long ago I could not bring myself to swallow an aspirin even but have got used to taking medication to sort my blood pressure and my favourite is the sticky patch high up on my leg…

  4. We are pretty much the same with our food, buying fresh and preparing it ourselves but even so E likes to buy pies and pre-packaged desserts which I am not into. plenty of fruit and veg is what I like. Statins would probably be ok for me but I want to stick with the natural methods if I can. I do take an aspirin once every three days, the small ones designed for blood and arteries just as a precaution and of course the hormone tablets twice daily

    Shirley Anne x

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