Designers from hell

English: Now, what type of light fitting were ...
English: Now, what type of light fitting were you looking for? Travellers passing this long established lighting shop on the A3400 may notice the owner’s penchant for colour coding their lampshade display. In readiness for the festive season a distinctly berried choice has been made. 

It isn’t often I post about my work………………….Lie number 1
It isn’t often I post about those I am working for…….Lie number 2
It isn’t often I post about things that I install……..Lie number 3

Well of course I do post about my work, quite often and occasionally I might mention the people I am working for but I can’t remember when I wrote about equipment and fittings I have installed. I am now more or less semi-retired in that I tend to select the type of work I will take on and generally limit the number of hours I work each day. There is also the fact that I don’t get enough requests to be able to work every day sometimes which all means that I get a lot of free time to myself. Anyway much of the work I do these days is replacing light fittings but it is not just restricted to that. Since it became fashionable to have ornate and fancy lights around the home many people need electricians to fit them and over the last ten years I have been employed more and more doing just that. It isn’t that I hadn’t been employed fitting lights before of course but I now seem to be getting more of this kind of work. There are many good light fitting designs but there are also many that just don’t fit the bill. I don’t know who designs some of these lights but they sure make things awkward sometimes. Some of the things I come across are lack of space behind the fixing plate or main body to accommodate the wiring, no allowance for the presence of more than one cable, which is often the case as modern ways of wiring can put anything up to four three-core cables at the lighting point! Poor methods of fixing the light to the ceiling or wall are sometimes a problem as too are the extremely short or tiny screws often supplied which make fitting them very awkward. Then there are poorly positioned fixing holes for mounting the unit to the wall or ceiling, inadequate space to keep wiring away from heat generated by the lamps, poor connecting blocks and other design faults all contributing to an annoying time for the electrician! Many of the design faults I see in light fittings are so unnecessary and would be very easy to avoid for anyone with experience in actually fitting them but I suppose that is the problem, they probably haven’t any! I call them the designers from hell but only when I get annoyed trying to get round the problems. Having said all of that there hasn’t been a light fitting yet that I have been unable to fit, despite some of the problems I get fitting them!

Shirley Anne