Swap them around?

lol on a candy heart
lol on a candy heart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have no idea how many of my readers here pop over to Minkyweasel’s Musings but I wonder what would happen if I swapped content by moving all the posts from one site to the other? I’ve no intentions of doing that by the way just in case you got a bit worried (LOL) but I do wonder how many of my readers would still follow this blog. I fancy they wouldn’t. The reason I say this is because the two sites are completely different. Whereas this site covers all sorts of subjects, mostly about the things I do with snippets of other things like my faith and such, the other one is totally about God and Jesus Christ and doesn’t get a fraction of the visits this one enjoys but I persevere with it. I post there but once a week or so but here I post every day. I suppose the subject material on my other site holds less interest except to those who are of the Christian faith which kind of misses the whole point of the site because it is there as a witness for anyone who is not a Christian. So all you non-Christians pop over there and have fun! LOL. Seriously, the material is dedicated to the unbeliever so if you are such a person you will know what to expect but I hope that isn’t a deterrent but a challenge. I would hope though that all my readers (of whichever persuasion) would still follow this site’s posts wherever they may be located. It makes it all worthwhile knowing that you call in each day and I thank you all for doing so. I don’t follow many of your sites, mostly because I don’t have the time to follow them all but I try to make time for most of them, as many as I am able and I find many of them interesting too. So worry not that I will be moving material elsewhere as I value each and every one of you.

Shirley Anne