A weekend away for a change

Euston station, London, UK
Euston station, London, UK

I was at home on Monday afternoon and had a little chat with E. Neither of us has had a real holiday since we went to New York for two weeks followed six weeks later by another two weeks in Montreal back in 2009. Prior to then I had a week in Rome in 2004. The days of flitting around the world have more or less gone from my wish list now. When once I liked going to different countries every year I find I am not that bothered whether I do or not any more. That’s not to say I am a closed book to the suggestion of a holiday but I’ve reached that point in life were I can take them or leave them. However, I was talking with E and I suggested we might pay a visit to see Jane, whom I’ve known since 1999 but who now lives down in Brighton. Whilst Jane and I were chatting on the phone, E began to sort out the travel arrangements and accommodation for a long weekend stay in Brighton. E has been very good at getting the right deal for any trips we have taken in the past so I tend to leave her to do those things whenever we go away together but nevertheless she was having some difficulty at first in finding a reasonably priced hotel in what is a very popular place for a break at any time of year. She persevered though and found something suitable. We could drive the distance but that is so tiring and not that comfortable for E as she has a back condition. Travelling by train is the obvious choice. Now any trip to Brighton from where we live in Southport (north of Liverpool) is an awkward journey for it involves changing trains four  times, once in Liverpool, once at Crewe, once at Euston and once at Victoria. Normally the journey from Liverpool to Euston is a direct one with no changes along the way but for this trip we have to change at Crewe, the other parts of the journey are by direct local, or underground lines. There is no direct connection between Southport and Brighton but that’s the way it is for most places we journey between isn’t it? So for one weekend in the not too distant future E and I will be having a long weekend away for a change and it will be nice to see Jane and her friend and spend some time with them.

Shirley Anne

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