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Over the past week or so I, together with many others who use the WordPress platform have been experiencing difficulties with our blogs in various areas such as previewing our own posts unless they are published, not being able to see our front pages after we log in unless it is the sign-in page and some have not even been able to log in at all. I also hear of folk not being able to comment on my posts but that seems to be as random as the other issues. I am presently sharing my thoughts on a forum with other folk from around the world who are experiencing these and other difficulties. Fortunately I am able to run this site as usual for I still have access to my dashboard. I am led to believe that WordPress staff are investigating this anomaly. I am sorry if my readers are experiencing difficulties in posting comments, it is totally out of my hands. If you wish to make a genuine contribution you can always email me at the address shown and I will transfer genuine comments to the relevant post.


Shirley Anne


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