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English: Raspberry and cream sponge cake, Down...
English: Raspberry and cream sponge cake, Downpatrick, County Down, Northern Ireland, April 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My youngest son C, went out on Saturday evening/night with his friends to bid a farewell to one of them who was about to move permanently to Australia. A good excuse to imbibe alcohol and in this case probably too much of it. He had paid us a visit earlier in the day on his way home from work to assist me in loading my van with the bed and other things but by the time he’d arrived I had it all done myself with just a tiny bit of help from E. He did however help me bring the mattress downstairs from the floor above and when I’d discovered where I had stored a plastic bag helped me to fit it over the mattress. Ideally it would have been prudent to place it on top of the van ready for us to take it the following day. Naturally I put the van in the garage overnight so it would be safe and out of the bad weather we had been forecast. That rain certainly came but by the morning light it had stopped. However it was forecast to rain later in the day on Sunday.  As always C was in a rush to do other things and told me he would help me put it on the van the next day. I expected him sometime after lunch for I knew he would be sleeping in after a heavy night with his friends. However I was aware of the pending rain. It was such a lovely morning and early afternoon on Sunday. I decided to give him a wake-up call soon after 11.30 and true to my expectations he was still in bed! I asked when I could expect him and he told me about two hours. Well I didn’t mind but I was more concerned that the weather would change before we could deliver the bed for him. Two hours passed and he hadn’t arrived so I called him again only to be told it would be another two hours before he could come. Some hangover! Eventually and rather late in the afternoon he arrived and we got the mattress on top of the van. I lashed it down whilst he went indoors to collect an item or two and to chat with E. Now E had been busy baking a large sponge cake, as a gift for C and his girlfriend, which she then filled with a generous amount of vanilla-flavoured butter cream and fresh strawberries and then covered it with more of the same. It was along the lines of the one shown in the picture on the right. She placed in a plastic container specially designed for carrying, storing and displaying such gateaux and cakes then placed herself on the passenger seat of the van with it perched on her lap. It appeared she had invited herself along. Now I hadn’t made such an invitation for two reasons, one, I was intending to take the bed and return home immediately for I had things in mind to do and two, well she and I haven’t been on speaking terms for reasons explained in a recent post. Naturally I didn’t object and in fact was rather amused at her audacity but I love her so it didn’t matter. We all set off to Manchester and soon were separated on the road but I had my sat-nav. giving me directions so it wasn’t a problem. Unfortunately I had placed the wrong instructions in the device and we were sent to another road of the same name but in a different district. We were almost twelve miles off-course but a phone call giving us the post code soon found us at the apartment. Along the journey we had  intermittent torrential rain but the plastic bag had provided enough protection keeping the mattress completely dry. The rain though had cooled things down and it was so refreshing after the recent hot and humid two weeks we’ve experienced. I enjoy driving and was glad to go a little distance for a change. We spent an hour with C and his girlfriend before driving back homeward. The motorway slip-road we had expected to take was closed off and we were forced to drive through the city to get back on track. It was getting late and neither of us had eaten much since breakfast though E had eaten some of her cake at the apartment, I hadn’t for I am trying to steer clear of such sugary sweetness. I asked E if she would like to get something on the way home and I think she thought I meant some take-away fish and chips but I had other ideas. We stopped at a restaurant we’ve visited before and sat down to a proper meal before continuing the fourteen miles home.

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