How things have changed

Once it was that me and you
Would one day be together,
Together on life’s road and sharing
Pleasant times in different places.
Oh the thoughts of youth, not knowing,
Not caring what might be, just hoping
For a time of peace and tranquility.
And then we grew and all things changed
Our lives re-arranged, we became estranged,
And now we look to fondest memories
Of childhood, dreams and aspirations,
Happy days of contemplations,
Now we see that life does not
Always fill our expectations.

Copyright Shirley Anne 8 Jan 04

The Youth Life Plan

Youth has many advantages aside from the obvious things we could mention but one of the best things young people have is hope and aspiration. The future is something to aim for, not to avoid. Well of course it is unavoidable. In our youth we can hope for great times ahead, sometimes they come and sometimes they don’t but we have no idea where our lives are headed or what circumstances we will find ourselves in. I had expectations and aspirations but not everything went to those early plans and dreams. My life took a sideways step from my original intentions and although that step proved a good one, at least for a number of years, things began to fall apart. I made a decision to fulfil an original dream and went ahead with it. Sometimes we find we have to alter course on a long journey. Life is a journey we all have to make and we can never really know what obstacles or detours we might have to take to reach the end of it. Certain things have happened in my life which have made me very happy but other things have left me feeling empty at times. I believe that all things happen for a reason and we simply have to deal with it.

Shirley Anne

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