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The IMP Log: The Very First Message Sent on the Internet (Photo credit: FastLizard4)

There are many people out there in Internet Land who would have the rest of us believe they know everything there is to know about their favourite subject. Much of what is written is opinion or misguided information. I suppose by now all of my readers will know that I am a Christian for on occasion I promote Jesus in this blog, as I did yesterday. I try not to post on the subject too often for obvious reasons but feel it right to do so sometimes. At the moment that is about once a week. What I write is based on the fundamental teachings of The Holy Bible without any self interpretation on my part, sticking only to the facts contained therein. The point of the exercise is to point people to God, to Jesus Christ and it is up to them if they respond. It’s a little like commercial advertising where a presentation is made to encourage further investigation or a possible purchase. That is all as a Christian I am supposed to be doing. It is part of being a Christian. However there are those who like to preach about the many things concerning the faith. Some of those do it with authority because they are scholars or men of the cloth as they say but many are simply lay-preachers and their presentations and arguments quite frankly leave me somewhat puzzled at times. I am no expert but I know enough to see errors in their interpretations and presentations, in fact as Christians we are specifically told to search the Scriptures for ourselves to verify what we are being told, The Holy Spirit being our guide. Many of these people are out there writing articles for posting on the Internet but the reality is, most of their readership is already Christian so unless their purpose is to edify the Church outreach is pointless. There is the danger of misleading those who have little or no understanding about the subject and in many cases they do more harm than good. It is the Churches responsibility to teach newcomers to the faith, all we are called to do as individuals is to proclaim The Gospel Message. I have used this subject as an example of course but there are many other subjects where self-interpretation is prominent over the actual facts,

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