The wind blows

When the Wind Blows (1930 film)
When the Wind Blows (1930 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The wind blew cool as the day grew old
The sun was shining, so I’m told
But outside I was not to stray
For inside I was meant to stay
And the old wind still blows come what may.


Saturday was spent totally indoors as E and I did more work on the wet room. E managed to escape for a while as she had to visit the main Post Office in town but she soon returned. While she was out I lifted a floorboard on the landing above the wet room and installed another cable alongside the cable I’d installed for the shower in the family bathroom if and when we start its refurbishment. The final pieces of plasterboard went up on the ceiling then we measured the position of the six lights. With a hole saw in the drill I soon had the six holes cut and the wiring coming out of them. While I was doing that E unpacked the light units and partly dismantled them for me to fit into the ceiling. In less than an hour the lights were working. These lights are each 4 watt LED, a total of 24 watts but the actual light output is far in excess of the 60 watt tungsten light that was originally fitted. The actual amount of light from a tungsten lamp represents only about 7% of the 60 watts of power consumed, the remaining 93% is heat! The LED output is about the reverse, 93% light and 7% heat! Similarly, fluorescent lamps give out far more light than heat and that is why ‘economy’ lamps can be lower in power to give out the same light as the tungsten equivalent though they are not as efficient as LEDs. The downside is their cost but the upside is their lifespan. Anyway, that’s why we chose the LED fittings. Now the walls in this room have seen many changes in the lifetime of the house and the patchwork plaster is proof of that. I had added to it. Most of the plaster that needed patching up was where we had removed the wooden skirting boards so I used mortar instead of plaster and similarly I used mortar for filling holes in the brickwork that had been exposed. As the walls will be tiled top to bottom it doesn’t matter that mortar was used instead of plaster. One of the things we needed to buy was a vanity unit for the hand basin to sit upon and E had found a supplier of bathroom furniture who were far less expensive with their prices. When we priced the unit at Homebase it would cost a minimum of £104 without a top, doors or legs and with them supplied it would cost more like £340. This supplier had a similar unit for less than £80! We bought on online and went to collect it on Sunday morning. The store was in another town but it was worth the journey to go there. I also got to leave the house!

Shirley Anne


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  1. Good morning Caroline. My legs are waterproof but the vanity unit doesn’t have legs, it sits directly on the floor. It is designed that way and is waterproof.

    Shirley Anne x

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