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English: The approach of autumn, Tardree fores...
English: The approach of autumn, Tardree forest See 456553. With the approach of autumn some deciduous trees are shedding their leaves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is the season of mists and damp mornings and the temperature is gradually dropping day by day. Already I am forced to wear a coat if out doing anything except work, like going shopping for example. No more summer skirts and tops but still I wear the heavier version of them now it is cooler. I have resumed wearing my beloved stockings and suspender belt, things I don’t usually wear in the warmer months of the year except on special occasions. I even wear them to work. So it is fast approaching my favourite time of year, Autumn, not ‘Fall’, Autumn. Fall is when the leaves fall from the trees in Autumn but it is only the deciduous trees which lose their leaves, not all the trees and those in warmer climates don’t lose their leaves because it is Autumn. I like Autumn, its colours, its coolness, its mists and fogs, damp mornings and all the things we associate with the time of year. It is raining more now and I will be hard-pressed to find a day that is dry enough to mow the lawn for the final one or two times this year. I still didn’t buy that hover mower yet! It’s at this time of year I get more requests to fit security lighting too! Why that isn’t considered while it is warm and sunny I don’t know but of course those asking don’t have to work in the cool. damp and sometimes windy conditions  do they? Their thoughts are elsewhere in Summer. My work has often had a seasonal dependency but it isn’t always predictable. When I expect little work I get plenty instead and vice-versa. The summer holidays are over and the children are back in school. Daytime traffic is quiet and there is a feeling of emptiness everywhere except in the centre of town. The daily rush-hour is back and the daily routines in life have changed with the season for those who are employed. Just like me.

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