It never ends

An NHS dentist performing an examination
An NHS dentist performing an examination (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a dental appointment with my new dentist on Wednesday. In former years my dental practitioners were in Liverpool, some 21 miles from my home. A couple of weeks ago I had a filling come out and it needed replacing so I set about finding a dental surgery nearer to home with whom I could register. I found one located about three miles from home and was able to register with them. My first appointment was on Wednesday but other than having an assessment I had no treatment. The dentist will carry out some remedial work on my next two appointments which will be 19 November and 3 December and I was advised the cost would be £214. My registry fee had been £18 but that amount will be deducted from the £214. I shudder to think what the cost would be if I were a private patient. As it is my dentistry is covered by the NHS (National Health Service). After my first brief check-up I returned to the reception to confirm my next appointments and the young woman at the desk remarked ‘He’s dishy isn’t he’? I had to agree, he was! The practice supports five dental surgeons, four male and one female. I guess I drew the longest straw! When I left I had to visit an old lady who wanted me to check out a small electrical problem and make an assessment of another. The first problem I sorted out in ten minutes but I had to inform the old lady that the second request would not be a simple nor inexpensive job to carry out and might not indeed be possible given the nature of the present installation. I don’t think she will pursue with her request. From there I went to look at another job to assess what was required. I did that work yesterday, Friday. I should have done more work in our new wet room but deferred that work until today, Saturday. Instead I decided to replace one of the floodlights at the front of our house which had become faulty. I replaced five of the same at the rear of the house earlier in the year but decided to only replace the three at the front as they became faulty. One of the two remaining floodlights has been working for about 24 years and the other is relatively new having been installed about eighteen months ago. I might buy replacement units and keep them to one side for installation when it becomes necessary. These floodlights cost £45 each because they are LED units but they are guaranteed for three years and are far cheaper in cost to run. They use a mere 15 watts of power but give the equivalent light output of a 300 watt halogen lamp! That’s what I call progress.

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4 thoughts on “It never ends”

  1. Glad that you found a dishy dentist even if you are personally paying for his next exotic cruise…

    Do they not offer a monthly payment scheme which covers all necessary work? I hate to think what I would do if my lovely dentist ever decided that she was going to retire… I think finding a dentist you can trust is harder than finding a life partner.

  2. I am just happy I don’t have to travel all the way to Liverpool to see a dentist Caroline. I didn’t ask about paying monthly, I just pay it all at once.

    Shirley Anne x

  3. Our monthly payment gets us two regular check ups and four dental hygienist appointments per year and any work which needs doing. Just pay for lab work which never adds much even for things like crowns.

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