Success and easier than we thought

The Roman Baths (Thermae) of Bath Spa, England...
The Roman Baths (Thermae) of Bath Spa, England. This is a 6 segment panorama taken by myself with a Canon 5D and 24-105mm f/4L IS lens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know why I hesitated in getting the new radiator pipes connected in our bathroom, it was far easier than we had envisaged. On Wednesday we set about finally doing just that. As it turned out the drain-cock that is fitted to the boiler was adequately sized and we drained the system down to the point we needed in a very short time. As soon as we had done that I connected the pipes as planned and the whole system was back up and running within a half-hour. Why I had any doubts about my capability is unusual for me for the work was nothing worse than anything I had previously encountered. I was happy that we went ahead and got it out-of-the-way. This meant that we could continue with some of the other work that needs to be done. I have had a rethink about raising the bath onto a platform and have decided against that idea for a few reasons, time, money and now I think it is unnecessary and would only create more problems like not being able to fit lighting directly above the bath. The main problem we thought we had with the bath was gaining access to its drainpipe at some later date should a leak develop. The base of the bath sits directly to the floor but there is a hollow space beneath it which allows that access by lifting the bath from the floor. Of course in normal use we don’t want the bath to move at all so I had to think of a way of doing that and I came up with an idea whereby the adjustable feet sit inside a wooden frame. This would only allow vertical movement whilst preventing lateral movement at the same time, just what is required. As long as the frame allows the feet to sit deeply inside there will be no problem and none of it will be visible once the bath is seated in place for the bath will cover it completely. Once these ‘awkward’ jobs are done the rest is plain-sailing. All we need now is the available time at our disposal.

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  1. I have to say, I admire your skills and inventiveness, Shirley Anne! That house of yours seems to present challenges at every turn, and is an ongoing story that for some strange reason (I’m definitely no DIYer) I find fascinating. And I don’t suppose you will ever run out of jobs to do on it.


  2. You are too kind Lucy. I am only as skillful and inventive as I am through experience, but aren’t we all that way? The main thing is I enjoy the challenges and is in fact by way of a hobby if you like that I take on such DIY tasks. Of course I only do it because I am interested in doing it and as you say, not everyone is. Excluding all the cellar rooms with hallway (7), the kitchen, bathrooms, wet room and hallways (7), there are 11 habitable rooms, 7 of which are bedrooms and that’s not counting 2 small areas of loft space! On top of all that there are 2 large garages. Rather a large place I admit and big enough to keep me occupied in one way or another, if I wish to be. Now you know why we call it Hassle Castle!

    Shirley Anne x

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