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Following on from yesterday, I had concentrated on getting the plumbing sorted for the cold water supplies in the bathroom. There were other small tasks to do also to enable that work to be carried out. E had gone out with her mum for the afternoon as she usually does on a Thursday for the weekly food shopping. By the time she had returned I had finished that work and had tidied up the room. I purposely left diverting the one hot water pipe until Friday morning thinking it would be an easy job which would leave me more free time to perhaps do some work on the drain pipes. As it happened diverting that one pipe didn’t turn out as easy as I had thought it would be. It was all to do with the arrangement of the timbers beneath the floor, getting the pipe into position and bending it around the obstacles took time. Finally I was able to re-instate the hot water and test for leaks of which there were thankfully none. I started to cut some floorboards to lay them temporarily in the spaces where we had lifted damaged ones a week or so ago. These were some of the old floorboards we had lifted when we laid new boards to replace them. These old pieces of board were used to fill in the gaps in the half of the room where the original boards still lie. By now it was approaching one o’clock and I asked E if she would like to dine out somewhere as I had had about enough as far as working in the bathroom was concerned, I wanted a break! She didn’t need convincing so we drove northward out of town to a place 12 miles away and took the well-earned lunch break in a restaurant we have often visited in the past. Today is Christmas Eve and I am doing nothing at all. I had done an electrical job for one of my regular clients yesterday morning but I was surprised to get any work at all as I had cancelled my advert for three weeks until 6th January. It will probably be a couple of weeks before we dine out again too. I tend to become a bit of a recluse at this time of year, not venturing out from about a week before Christmas until well into the New Year. I dislike the Christmas and New Year celebrations which for me are just a sham and quite frankly I would prefer to be doing something else.

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6 thoughts on “Just for a change”

  1. Thankfully the three months of christmas is nearly over.

    Just wondering when I shall see the first easter eggs in the shops, it was at new year this january…

  2. So stupid isn’t it Caroline? Whatever you are doing these next few days be happy and enjoy it. I have just been sawing wood for a frame on which our shower tray will fit. E has gone to her sisters for the evening, she lives just over half a mile away. I don’t get invited. She will be at her mum’s house tomorrow from about noon and will be there for the rest of the day. She lives about two miles away. Our two sons will probably be there too. I don’t get invited there either. As I don’t now do anything special at Christmas I am not really bothered. It has been about twelve years since I got invited anywhere! Not sure what I will be doing tomorrow. I may continue with the bathroom project just to relieve the boredom. Lots of love

    Shirley Anne x

  3. Family often do seem to have the worst reactions… Says a lot about them…

    I enjoy social occasions more since my change though I would happily forego the madness surrounding a christmas meal.

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