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English: Churchtown, a suburb of Southport in Merseyside, England. On the left is the Bold Arms Pub on Botanic Road, looking towards the Hesketh Arms pub and village green. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A couple of days ago I mentioned something about not knowing if I might get some electrical work during the week or any week for that matter. Not knowing if anyone is going to call can be a bit awkward when trying to schedule my own work at home and quite often people will call on the spur of the moment asking if I can do this or that for them and if I don’t take on the work it is a loss of prospective earnings. I do wish people would call me in the evenings so that I can arrange and manage my time better. A guy called me, I think it was on Monday, asking if I could do some electrical work and he gave me the details and the address. I didn’t know at the time that I had done work for him in his own house in recent times because he didn’t reveal that to me and of course I would never have remembered his name. The house I was to work in was an old cottage. There are quite a few of those in that part of Southport (Churchtown) which once belonged to ‘cocklers’, that is people who trawl for cockles just off the shore. They are small houses with low roofs, most have slate roofs but some still retain the original straw thatch. A lot depends on when they were built. Anyway, the house was rented and he was calling on behalf of the owner, a lady who incidentally lives quite close to me. He and she are friends so when she wanted some electrical work doing he must have told her that he knew a good electrician, me! I went to do the work on Wednesday morning but discovered that the work involved circuits in an outbuilding remote from the cottage which had not been wired correctly. The building would need a complete rewire with a new sub-main run underground from the cottage. Added to that a new distribution board in the cottage was required in addition to the one that was needed in the outbuildings. All this work would take time and would be fairly expensive to do. I was not prepared to take on that much work, I only undertake smaller electrical jobs these days. To be fair he didn’t know what was involved and the owner even less so. I secured a couple of loose switches and power points inside the cottage as I had been asked but I explained to the tenant of the property that I would have to speak with the owner about the other work. I drove back home but on the way I called in to speak in person to the lady owner and explain in more detail what was required and why I wasn’t prepared to take on the work. I had spoken to her over the phone whilst at the cottage. She paid me for what I had done and asked how much I thought the rewiring of the outbuildings and sub-main might cost. When I told her she was taken by surprise. I think that work will be shelved for a while until she gathers enough cash to have it done. I returned home and carried on cement-rendering the bathroom walls with E.

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