What else can go wrong?

Boy scouts, paddling
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They say misfortunes never come singly and ‘they’ are probably right! As I write this we have a faulty roller-shutter door and a cracked window. The roller door repair is in hand, that is we are expecting the guy who installed it to return to put it all back into place. It isn’t electrically faulty and there are no broken mechanical parts either, it’s just that everything has worked itself loose and needs to be put back. As I wrote earlier I investigated the problem but was unable to fix it myself. The cracked window will have to be replaced of course. It is a double-glazed unit and is still under its guarantee. We sail along through life almost never expecting things to go wrong but of course they do. Anything that moves is subject to wear and tear and will break down eventually. Some things last a lifetime without breaking down but eventually even they will break down. It is just a matter of time. I have no idea why the window is cracked as it is the inner pane of glass but I am assuming it must have been under a little pressure indicating that it might have been too large for the frame in which it sits or there may have been a hidden flaw in the glass itself when it was manufactured or cut. It seems that if it isn’t one thing that goes wrong it’s another and isn’t it often the case that things happen when we least expect it? I remember driving home in the early hours of the morning after a night out in another town and just before entering the motorway I became aware that there was a problem with the steering so I diverted to a local route to park the vehicle and investigate. It was only a flat tyre but I was dressed in my best gear and wearing high heels! Not only that but it was raining hard and windy with it! As it happened I had a pair of old boots and a waterproof jacket with me so I got down to changing the wheel. Fortunately it didn’t take long to do it but my hands were left quite dirty. I found an old rag and dipped it into a puddle and was able to clean most of the dirt off. It pays to be flexible, resourceful and inventive when the need arises doesn’t it? As for the many things in life that can stop us in our tracks or set us back financially when we least expect it, well as the Boy Scouts motto says, Be Prepared!

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