Did I mention I don’t like plumbing?

E had a day out over in Manchester on Saturday with a friend who lives up in Preston. They go scrounging for freebies that can be raffled for the various charities their group support. They do competitions and win prizes. I have lost count of the prizes E has won over the last few years ranging from small gifts on up to holidays for four people. Anyway she was out early in the morning returning early evening. That left me alone and free to do what I like which at the moment is working on the bathroom project. However, I received a call to do an electrical job in the morning and I had no idea how long I would be away. When I arrived at the job I found that my services were not really required as they could do it themselves. I gave the two guys doing the job a little advice and returned home. I didn’t mind the journey as it was only a three-mile round trip. I was back home just after ten. What was I going to do? Well bathroom projects require much plumbing don’t they? On Friday I spent most of the day fitting the vanity unit as you can see from the previous post so I decided the toilet would be next to install. Here is the finished job except for blanking off the visible plumbing with a cover and filling everything around with grout…..Bathroom 78

Did I mention I don’t much like plumbing? LOL. Plumbing has come a long way since the early days and fittings are easier, well to fix! However access can be somewhat of a problem. The soil-pipe which takes the waste away and connects to the rear of the basin is almost completely hidden on the unit above and an accurate measurement has to be made of the distance between the pipe in the wall and the spout on the toilet basin else everything doesn’t fit. The connecting pipes and fittings also have to be exactly the same height off the floor, something which must be planned well in advance, even before the floor coverings are laid. Fortunately those things were done and everything lined-up. It is a little unnerving having to push everything together from the front in the hope it all fits first time and doesn’t leak. The water supply pipe is located on the left but I decided to connect to the inlet on the right which made it easier for fitting the flexible pipe. There was one minor leak on one of the supply pipe compression joints but that was due to fiddling about with it whilst connecting it all together. Normally the seat is fitted last of all but in this case it was supposed to be fitted before the toilet was screwed to the wall and floor. I had to undo them after realising I’d done it the other way. Ten minutes later it was all done. It was now three o’clock.

Shirley Anne

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