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A couple of weeks ago E and I were scratching around looking for things to do in the bathroom then suddenly over the last week or so we have had plenty of work to get stuck into, fitting the vanity unit, toilet, radiator, shower unit but at the time of writing this on Wednesday we still have the bath, the bath water supplies and the shower tray to install as well as the glass screen. We were waiting for the plumber who looked at the radiator problem (it wouldn’t heat up despite it being installed correctly) and Mick, the tiler to return to help with laying the tray so that he can finish some minor work which can only be done when the tray is fitted. This meant we could do as many of the small jobs that needed doing. One of the two window frames in the main part of the room required some beading fitted around its edges as that frame is slightly further back making the wall tiles flush with the wood whereas the other frame is slightly proud of the tiles as it should be. Fitting a thin beading around the frame will rectify that problem. Another similar problem was revealed when the tiled wall on which the shower is located resulted in the tiles being flush with the surrounding wood. A couple of lengths of architrave solves that problem. I set about measuring and cutting the necessary pieces of wood and took them all down into the cellar workroom so that E could apply an undercoat of paint prior to them being fitted a day or two later. E has done all the painting jobs except the ceilings which I did. Remember, she is slightly incapacitated. Whilst she was painting the wood I set about connecting the main cable for the shower in the distribution panel circuit breaker and the cable supplying the shaver unit circuit into an existing power circuit. I then went into the bathroom and tested the operation of the shower and shaver units, leaving the shower circuit isolated after testing in case anyone should accidentally switch it on before the tray and screens are fitted! There is only a dew days work left to do in the bathroom now but it may be a week or more before all the work is done. At the beginning of this project I did say that it would take months rather than weeks to bring it all together and it has worked out as I said. My thoughts have been focusing on the next project, the garden toilet! When that will start I am not sure but it won’t be this side of Easter.

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Update: I had another try at solving the radiator problem and was about to fit a temporary pipe to the radiator to see if supplying it from the top would make any difference. I had bled off some water to ensure there was no air in the system and I adjusted the lock-shield valves to see if there was an improvement. I had to turn up the heating controls as the central heating had just switched off. I waited a few minutes and hey presto, it worked! At last I could move on. This morning we received the replacement air bleed-off plug for the faulty one that had been supplied. I will fit that this afternoon. No need for the plumber. Funny thing is I was reading our local freebie newspaper, the one I advertise in, and there was a new girl plumber on the block advertising on the same page. I wonder if she is any good?

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